Addicted To Azeroth Episode #7

Hey folks just wanted to throw this post up and let you guys know that there is a brand new episode of Addicted to Azeroth for you to listen to. I will also be using this post to discuss some things about the JMTC Weekly Meetings.

A2A:E07 - I Just Stuck A Dime In My Belly Button And Can’t Get It Out!
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  • Adam Doll - Sinku
  • Chris Imme - Azoly
  • Jaime Smith - Ari
  • Rich Fisher - Armada
On this episode we talked about the upcoming patch. Also we talked gear, gems, add-ons and lots of other interesting things. we also introduce another one of our new members to the show Arhi!

Thank you for checking out the show!

Reagarding the JMTC Weekly meetings- as some of you have noticed We've hald them for the past two weeks but the attendance simply isn't there. I need you guys to attend in order to produce a decent quality meeting. I'm putting my effort into these meetings but I can't do it without you. I'm not doing the meetings to help myself, the meetings are there to help you guys, get your questions answered by pros who make thousands of gold every day. With that being said I'm going to change one of the main problems - the way the meeting is announced. From now on I will announce the meeting every Monday morning at 11am EST, I will also follow up with another post every Friday at 11am EST as a "reminder". Hopefully by doing this I can get you guys involved.

I hope to see you guys at the next meeting, this Friday June 24 at 9PM EST. Enjoy The Addicted To Azeroth Episode posted above in the meantime!

13 comments: on "Addicted To Azeroth Episode #7"

  1. i wish i could attend your meetings, I raid on friday nights. I enjoy listening to the the recordings however.

  2. What, attendance dropping after a major hate-post in the midst of a severe quality-drop? Say it isn't so.

  3. Think as you wish anon #2 but I do believe the timing is just bad for everyone, Friday night is typically raid night for raiders and Europeans have to stay up until 3-4 in the morning to attend.

  4. I particularly enjoyed the line about being "as hardcore a raider as you can be, 3-4 nights a week".

  5. Makes me pine for the old Call to Auction podcast with Markco / Euripides / Big Jim. Rumor has it that Euripides has actually had a child recently so congratulations are probably in order :)

    Anyway really good episode guys, looking forward to the next one!

  6. Twizzler3294 said... June 23, 2011 at 5:19 AM

    Hahaha thanks for the shoutout:P :D
    Got all excited when I heard it! And it's true! Gimp wins! They agree! Really loving the podcasts

    I will be attending the q&a's soon just been super busy recently

  7. It's a shame the attendance isn't there it's the highlight of my week in terms of podcasts, apart from the instance ofcourse. I wish I was able to attend but being in the UK it's hard.

  8. Anonymous #2

    Momma never teach you "if you don't have something nice to say....."

    In episode #5 of Addicted To Azeroth we even spoke about you! Check it out!

  9. From what I've seen/heard the quality of the meetings has been declining in the past month or two, I think you'll find a change is needed to keep the attendance up.. Just a thought.

  10. @dicci any suggestions?

  11. Fresh meat, innovative ideas, stop repeating the same questions every week? It's easier to say than do.. it just needs some more creativity

  12. Alrightly I'll see what I can do - Im thinking of moving next weeks meeting so the EU'ers can come. I'm more worried about attendance right now but it will be interesting to see what EU has to bring.

  13. If you can move the meeting time I'd be super excited. My husband, Catharsis, always gets to attend, but as we're currently in different time zones I can't! At the moment, your meetings run at about midday on my Saturdays which means I'm working.
    I'll keep an eye out for any announcement for time changes! :D

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