Cataclysm Gem Market Too Crowded?

Why not try the other gem markets? *Scratches head* Other gem markets? What are you talking about Mageshadow... Why not try selling the Wrath Of The Lich King and Outland gems instead of those heavily camped and undercut Cataclysm gems?

I've had my jewelcrafter around since Wrath so he has most of the major wrath gem cuts. I still have truckloads of saronite ore that I kept from stockpiling pre-Cataclysm's release. I've been prospecting the Saronite ore & I've been making a killing selling cut rare gems at 75-100g per! The gold to be made here is simply insane!

I'll explain why these gems are a gold mine, you'd think that people would buy the cataclysm gems for their leveling alts but the fact is that they can't! Cataclysm gems have a ilvl 285 requirement thus they cannot be put on anything below Cataclysm gear! Isn't that simply beautiful? Blizzard created an excellent gold making opportunity and you better be taking advantage of it!

What I've found is that the straight stat gems are selling the best, Agility, Intellect, Strength, Etc & I've also found that the occasional Haste and Spirit and other cuts sell once in a blue moon. One of the great things when selling wrath/bc gems is that the market is all yours to take! In the 5 weeks that I've done this I've encountered little to no competition. Another great thing is that the gems go in batches of 2's and 3's as most gear have either two or three slots

You'd be surprised how much people are willing to pay to get their toons decked out so they can go smash other people in battlegrounds. Is your Cataclysm gem market too over camped? heavily undercut? Try the Wrath and Outland Gem market and you'll be amazed how much gold there is to be made here!

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  1. On my server, the wrath epic gems go for the same, if not MORE than cata gems at the moment :) I found that i was able to sell some of my old left over gems for great gold! :)

  2. Don't forget prismatic gems for the special helmet crowd...

  3. Bloodstones yarrr! Bloodstones i'd say...

  4. There goes another good market :(

  5. come on, this article is totally stolen from wow insider (gold capped column by Basil Berntsen. you even took his screenshot, even though you don't mention the icy prism as source for blue wotlk gems... how cheap is that? at least give credit :-p

  6. SHHHHH! At the moment I'm the only one on my server doing this and the profits are unbelievable, so I hope no one reads this. Haha

  7. Kaorin, I didn't steal anything from wow insider. I came up with this idea long ago ( check my twitter ) and just now decided to write about it - as far as the image goes, I simply googled wrath gems or something of that nature and pulled the best looking image I could find. I'll give credit to the image, for sure.

  8. Silverthorn said... July 1, 2011 at 9:51 AM

    OK, so the secret is out. No surprise if you've been reading the comments on earlier posts. I'm seeing 2-3 competitors in this niche-- not bad, but not as good as it was. Still, it's nothing like the glyph or cata gem markets.

    I'm still making gold. The secret is to be consistent. Keep doing that Dal JC daily for the Dragon's Eyes. Keep making and stocking your auction alt with all the profitable cuts.

    And keep an eye out during the day and undercut as soon as you can when you get undercut first. The remote AH works great for this.

    If you can't be bothered to check to see if you've been undercut a zillion times a day, just set up a Undermine Journal watch on the item to see if the market price goes down from your posting price!

  9. The problem with this, like most old content markets, is that it will only result in a limited number of sales each day (I typically only get single digits sales from this market). So while it can generate quite good money for one person who can set their own prices, as soon as there is any competition those prices quickly plummet as the market can't support many entrants.

  10. I had actually been doing this for awhile when I did my transfer. The gems sold very easily (with of course people sending me some hate over pricing them higher then my cata cuts) and they will still be purchased.

    The downside to get many of the gems besides prospecting and random raw finds are to find those frozen orbs at a good deal. Currently the only way I can think of is by those who have nothing better to do with justice points that may wish to purchase them from a vendor in dalaran.

    The other is just running the wrath heroics.

  11. @ sendekyo, You're so right! There are way too many people out there who think "it says prismatic on my relic, so i need a nightmares tear!"

    @ Anon 1, the worst part about blogging is that you open up these niche markets to the world and all of a sudden they're not as profitable. But a blogger has to do what a blogger has to do!

  12. I believe you're the 999th person to advise selling WotLK gems. So, qould you try getting something new here or you're gonna chew over old stuff all the time?

  13. Hi there, I was anon 1,

    The issue isn't that the markets aren't as profitable, it is that they get utterly trashed!

    Volatile stockpiles mentioned? Volatiles get ridiculous for a few weeks.

    Tailoring is profitable? enjoy getting undercut down to cost price.

  14. Wrath gems sell just fine, although not as popular as Cata gems at this time (for me). Most items I've read state patience is the virtue, but I follow the persistence rule. If you are looking for the quick kill, you are in the wrong game. The continual cancel/repost/craft wins (and no I am not referring to babbysitting those campers). What I mean by continual is maybe 1-2 times per day on cancel/repost. Personally I have no less than 5 campers in my JC market yet I pull in 3-4k per day due to demand. One thing that I haven't seen mentioned (although it may have been) is the current type of investor you are. Your view changes when dealing with a bankroll of 5k as opposed to 180k (I am the latter now).

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