Holy Patch 4.2 Stockpiling Batman!

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For those who aren't aware, Patch 4.2 is upon us. While the exact date is still unknown, it's all but locked in for June 28th. Since it's all so close, I'm going to let you guys take a break today. I've done all the hard work and calculated everything you're going to need to craft the new items coming in 4.2. Let me tell you now, prepare to be dumbfounded. This list includes all the mats to craft one (1) of each new profession recipe/plan. I did not include the gold or mat cost to purchase the recipes themselves because......well hey I did everything else, quit being so lazy :P!

Now I don't know about you guys, but I consider myself a true crafter in WoW. I'm sure you're all thinking, hmmm Nick, what does it mean to be a true crafter. Simply stated, when I look at a material needed for a crafting recipe, I see the base mats needed to craft the item. I've got too much Goblin in my blood to pay the marked up price for anything I can make myself (cooldown mats excluded, but only when I don't already have a nice stockpile of them). Basically, when I see a recipe call for 8 Truegold, I see 48 Pyrite Ore, 80 Volatile Fire, 80 Volatile Water, and 80 Volatile Air. Well that's exactly what I did with these new recipes, I broke them down into their base mats and have listed them all for you here. So let's get started!

The first profession I'm going to cover is Blacksmithing. Let me tell ya now, there's a ton to cover here. There are, according to several different sources, 8 new weapon plans, 6 new armor plans, and also all 16 of the craftable PVP gear plans are being updated. If you didn't know already, the PVP gear will be upgraded in 4.2 and will now be ilvl 358. If you have the old gear already, it will not be converted, only the plans will change. Currently the weapon plans will be rewards for the appropriate rep level with the Guardians of Hyjal, the new Firelands faction. The armor plans are going to be drops from Firelands raid bosses and trash, which will assumably be BoE, but that remains to be seen. I know you're all tired of reading by now, and are screaming at me to get on with it, so here we go.

The mats needed for the new BS plans (including the updated PVP gear plans) are Hardened Elementium Bars, Truegold, Elementium Bars, Chaos Orbs (confirmed to go BoE soon, I'm expecting this patch with the sheer number needed), Volatiles, a few rare gems, some Heavy Savage Leather, and Living Embers (the new Primordial Saronite type drop from raid bosses). Now to the numbers.

  • Hardened Elementium Bars - 79 needed (or 1580 Elementium Ore and 316 Volatile Earth)
  • Truegold - 64 needed (or 384 Pyrite Ore, 640 Volatile Fire, 640 Volatile Air, and 640 Volatile Water)
  • Elementium Bars - 194 needed (or 388 Elementium Ore)
  • Chaos Orbs - 58 needed (see why I think they'll go BoE this patch?)
  • Inferno Ruby - 2 needed
  • Ocean Sapphire - 3 needed
  • Ember Topaz - 1 needed
  • Jasper - 2 needed
  • Volatile Fire - 318 needed (aside from the 640 for the Truegold)
  • Volatile Water - 110 needed (aside from the 640 for the Truegold)
  • Heavy Savage Leather - 8 needed (or 40 Savage Leather)
  • Living Embers - 24 needed

And there you have it folks. The numbers are staggering as I said, and I look for the first few days of 4.2 to be insane for Volatile prices. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on one of the raid patterns early, go ahead and learn it, because you'll be one of the few who are prepared to craft it. Why? Because you've listened to my advice (seriously this whole wall of text was my advice telling you to save save save) and stockpiled your mats. I'll be continuing this series with the rest of the professions in several more posts over the next few days, but this is a good start for now. So tune in tomorrow for more.....same Bat time, same Bat channel!


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16 comments: on "Holy Patch 4.2 Stockpiling Batman!"

  1. I'm sorry, but this article should not have been posted after the last one! Do you not read the comments? The last article submitted was reamed for giving yet another 4.2 stockpile blog, and then BAM!! another 4.2 stockpile article right after it! Sure, this writer lists items unlike the last guy, but so has everyone else. The blogging community is full of unoriginal posters, and it drives us all crazy to read the same thing over and over.
    I understand that when we do find a new market to expand into, we sometimes don't like to share (don't want to ruin our own profits!), but find something new! Like Kuja with his pearls, or faid going on about large brilliant shards- it's the little things that people overlook that make gold making interesting and versatile!

  2. It was nice I guess, but he honestly couldn't hold my attention since this has been discussed on every other blog (including this one).

  3. I'm not really sure what this post told me.
    Was it a calculation of the mats you need to craft one of each BS item?
    'Cause that would be a pretty pointless list, seing as it doesn't in any way include speculation on what item will sell most, thus what item we should focus on. Not to mention the fact that few ppl have 58 chaos orbs, meaning that focusing your crafts will be even more important. As for the speculation on these orbs, the patch is finished and they ain't going BOE this patch. End of story. So what was the acutal point of the list? What items should I specifically stockpile for my proffession? I guess I should just go wowhead for that, but that'll mean this list was pointless, wouldn't it?

    Or, did the list focus on the items I should stockpile to later on sell for profit? 'Cause if that was the case, I'm pretty sure I've seen it mentioned several times that volatiles and truegold are pertty good to have stockpiled by now.

    All in all, a confusing post that didn't really tell me anything useful at all. It was only obtrusive language speckled with random calculations.
    So please Batboy, don't give me another post tomorrow with more of the same.

  4. Weren't the PVP recipes automatically updated with no additional purchase?

  5. It is a wonder that anyone post on here anymore with all the negative feedback. I learned a lot from this post and liked it. I found it very informative about a profession I really don't do anything with. The Black Smith profession really just seems pointless to me, so this post was a big help.

  6. What gets posted on this site is always deliberate and based on what people are looking for at the current time. With such a diverse audience, there are always going to be people who want to read whatever is posted and those who do not.

    Sometimes the dry, boring information is exactly what someone needs to read, not everyone is at the point where they are looking for a few dozen unique gold making methods.

    We try to mix it up here at JMTC. Thanks for the feedback.

  7. As a blacksmith i guess it is good to see the info as it backs up what i have been stockpiling however I would like to see where is source is that confirmed the chaos orbs going boe this patch.

  8. I never said it was confirmed that the Chaos Orbs are going BoE this patch, only that they are confirmed to be going BoE in the future. My personal thoughts are that they will be BoE this patch due to the sheer amount you need to craft things. Actually if they don't make them BoE, tanks will be able to make a killing selling heroic runs for Orbs for those trying to make/sell items. If they stay BoP then the markup on the items on the AH will be insane, but that's where a goblin makes his/her gold I guess. Yes this has been said and resaid these past few weeks, but the fact is these posts were all given to Markco in advance and he had to sort them out and post them in the order he got them. If you don't want to see the same information then I suggest you stop looking at gold blogs, as really everything in the game has/will be covered by every site out there within a short period of it being discovered.

  9. In summary. You don't get the job.

  10. This post was better than yesterday's, but I will agree with Anonymous #2 in questioning why the list of materials was set up the way it was. Perhaps listing materials for the recipes on a per item basis would have been better. After all, a level 84 or under Blacksmithing mule can't make items requiring Chaos Orbs! This list has limited usefulness for me because of that alone.

    Felesity, I can only speak for myself but I try to be honest and objective when commenting. If I do criticize something I try to make it constructive by pointing out ways it could have been improved.

    I'll be glad when 4.2 is here and the topic du jour will be something else! Fun fact: as this comment is being written, there are five posts on the JMTC home page with "4.2" in their titles. Lol :)

  11. @Bignick. Yes, i recently discovered for myself that there is a large queue of articles to be published. As i tried to say in my comment- your article shouldn't have been posted after the last one, since you have similar content.
    As for your comment about every blog covering the same thing at some point, yes you are correct. The issue is that everyone is covering the same topic at the same time.

    Instead of being all talk in my comments about needing something different, I've submitted something myself. You can critique me in 2 weeks time when it goes live, the difference is that i revisited topics that are regularly forgotten about or overlooked, instead of jumping on the band wagon and talking about 4.2. Yes, what i say in my article will have been covered at some point, but it doesn't appear to have been done at this point in time in the game.

    I apologise for sounding so b*tchy, but you have a fun, individual voice to write with that was completely lost on this topic.

  12. Well I didn't want to list the materials by posting them alongside the recipe, as you can find that all on wowhead, thotbot, etc. I wanted to break down exactly what it's gonna take to craft just one of each of the new items. There are some of these items that will/wont sell and you'll make more/less of them I'm sure, but my point was just to show you the sheer vast number of mats that are gonna be needed in 4.2 craftables, and how to best take advantage by stocking up on them now, before prices spike.

  13. I'm getting consistently annoyed by the critical anonymous viewers who have a desire to find something to QQ about. Obviously you only read JMTC, otherwise you would see this kind of post on all the decent blogs out there, thus you wouldn't be moaning at every post that has something in common with another. So I have a challenge for all these anonymous critics. Two actually: 1. Make your own post, and 2. Stop being anonymous by hiding behind a brick wall you ungrateful vultures.

  14. I enjoyed the article, and as a non-blacksmith the mats list is great, as I'll be the one selling the mats to all you Blacksmiths.

    Quick question, is it true that the mat costs for the upgraded PvP patterns (the ones that are changing to 358) are the same?

  15. Heh, nevermind the newb, she looked at the available resources and answered her own question.

  16. It would have been nice if it mentioned that some of the recipes have been confirmed to be sold by a vendor that requires 30 day's worth of dailies to get to appear. In other words, some of the recipes aren't due out for a month. These are mostly the ones that require Chaos orbs.

    It might have made sense to sum up the mats for each of the new pvp sets, although other sites had done this last week. What's the point of summing up the mats for recipes that will only be acquired one at a time over a long period?

    Another thing that might have been useful would have been a breakdown of which collections of items need what mats; for example the recipes believed to be either bossdrops or rep-purchasable require the fire orbs, the 365 gear needs the chaos, etc.

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