New Podcast After Patch 4.2

Hey Everyone! We just wanted to give you all a heads up on the Addicted To Azeroth Podcast—or more or less fill you in. We are now seven episodes in and have really begun to find our groove. The feedback is really beginning to reflect that! We have gotten nothing but positive feedback on the format that we use. We are the ONLY World Of Warcraft Podcast that routinely has at least four people on each episode. We do this because we have found that with this format we can give you, our listeners, much more information from many more brains than we could if it were just two of us talking.

In the near future we have lined up some great guests that we are incredibly excited to record with! We believe that we will be able to give you guys some fresh new ideas that haven’t been written about before. With the group of people that we have we are now able to talk about things that go beyond just making gold; yet we still know that making gold is an important and interesting concept to most people and it is something we will never go away from. We’ve actually found that by talking about PVE and PVP we have even increased our knowledge of ways to make gold and are confident that you will too!

I am happy to announce that Addicted To Azeroth will soon be featuring daily episodes in addition to the currently weekly podcast!

Each day we will pick our favorite post from any one of the many blogs and give you the audio version of it as well as a short discussion about it from some of the best gold makers around. This won’t be a complete episode, but a quick 10-15 minute daily discussion devoted only to gold making.

Keep up to date with Addicted to Azeroth by going to our website or following us on twitter @addictedazeroth we will begin involving all of you fine readers and listeners here at JMTC more and more as we continue to put out new episodes! Be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes and if you enjoy the show shoot us a review. That’s the only way we know if you enjoy what we are doing.


Rich Fisher @HFLPodcast

Alto @Altosgold

Chris Imme – PR A2A

Ruth Anderson – PR A2A

Mageshadow @mageshadow

Jaime Macclay – PR A2A

Adam Doll @dollada06

2 comments: on "New Podcast After Patch 4.2"

  1. Just an FYI, in iTunes it's listed as 'Addicted 2 Azeroth' (the number 2). Searching "addicted to azeroth" doesn't return anything.

  2. Hey Anonymous

    I never noticed that before. When we first started setting up the podcast there was a little bit of a mixup between naming conventions and it shows from time to time.

    This is one of those cases. I Updated the name and the feed should change. If you just search for Addicted To Azeroth it does come up but it just doesn't autofinish for you. It will be fixed in the near future when iTunes gets it updated.

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