Optimizing Gold While Leveling

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I recently started leveling my bank alt again. Usually, this happens because I need to get to a certain level for some benefit. First it was Level 20 to get a mount. Then it was 40 for a faster one. Supposedly Netherweave Bags are a good item to sell, so it was off to 50. Cataclysm hits and I need to fly around Stormwind; level 60 here I come. Patch 4.1 drops, opening the new recipes to level 75s, so I’m off again. Slowly, I started looking to optimize and speed up the process of earning gold while leveling.

Maximizing Quest Rewards
Always grab the highest value reward if there’s nothing to improve leveling speed. For me, the threshold is a 10+ increase in my primary stat (Str, Agi, Int). An Addon like Vendor Bait highlights the most valuable item to vendor.

Automated Vendoring
The first problem I faced was all the grey quality items in my bags. Enter Sell-O-Matic 2. Any time I hit a vendor, it sells all my greys. In addition, it can also sell any BoP items that your class can’t use (great for clothies!). Over time, this adds up in both time saved and money earned. Every time I find a vendor, I click it and sell junk, freeing precious bag space for more items.

Auctioning Drops
Once my bags are clear of the junk items, it’s time to hit up the Auction House. After a leveling session, or when I’m low on bag space, it’s time to prep for the AH. Thankfully, Trade Skill Master has us covered. You’ll need to have been using it for a week or so, getting several complete AH scans a day to have a good average price for items for this to be effective, but that shouldn’t be hard for auctioning types. If you need help with TSM, check out Basil’s basic or advanced tutorials.

Initial Trade Skill Master Setup
I don’t want to re-list random items frequently because it interferes with my regular AH business, so I price things to move. The first thing I do is make a few categories based on the stack size I want to sell items in. I use “Market 1″, “Market 5″ and “Market 20″ for my categories. All of them use the same settings except for stack size. My settings are generally:

  • Minimum Price: 75% of AuctionDB Market
  • Maximum Price: 150% of AuctionDB Market
  • Stacks of 1, 5, 20
  • Click “Per Auction Cap”. This will allow TSM to post up to your stack size. For example, if I have 7 medium leather selling in stacks of 5, it will post one stack of 5 and one of 2 if I check this. If you don’t check it, it will wait until you have at least 5.
Creating Groups
Finally, create a group for each item. Navigate to the screen for creating groups, then drag an item into the box where you would type the name. TSM will automatically create a group with the item name and add the item. Do this for all the items you wish to sell.

Before heading to the Auction House, add each of the groups to one of the categories. Click on a category, then choose the “Add Groups” tab. Make a best guess for which stack size to use—you can always change it later. I put rarer items in Market 1, meats and frequent drops in Market 5 and farmables (ore, herbs, leather, volatiles, cloth) in Market 20.
About That Banker…

New recipes in patch 4.2 you say? Guess we’re off to 85…

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10 comments: on "Optimizing Gold While Leveling"

  1. Great post big thumbs up from me.

  2. Useful info, but the wall of text critted me. Should put some spaces aswell :)

  3. @Kuja: I thought so too. I contacted Mageshadow and he was quick to fix it. The HTML I sent for the post did not translate to Blogger as well as I'd hoped. Big kudos to Mageshadow for the fast fix tho!

  4. Love your writing style. Two thumbs up for me.

  5. A much easier way to vender all your greys is to just use this macro:

    /script for bag = 0, 4 do for slot = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(bag) do local name = GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot) if name and string.find(name,"ff9d9d9d") then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Selling "..name) UseContainerItem(bag,slot) end end end

    all grey items will be vendered with the click of this, every time.

    note: if you click this macro while you're not at a vender, it will equip any grey item that can be equipped, so just be wary of that.

  6. @Dugley: How I that easier? If you get a addon like Crap Away or the one listed you can just right click the vendor and it'll all sell, that way you don't have to hit any extra key or have a macro icon take up extra space on your screen =)

  7. @Dugley: I use Sell-O-Matic 2 because of the automation Anonymous mentioned, but also because you can add additional items to an auto-sell and never-sell list. During the prime months of the Obsidium Shuffle, this was great as I had one cut of common gems in the useless colors that I could craft and then automatically sell.

    I also add low price, non-vendor trash items to my auto-sell, like Fish Oil, Shiny Scales and a few others that I can't be bothered to auction.

    Plus, while macros are great, usually the people who need help making gold while leveling are at a point where they aren't going to be making macros. This is a simple install to help facilitate some easy gold.

  8. Two thumbs up. I like your writing style also.

  9. I loved your tip on setting up the groups to sell at market value. I often vendor stuff that I know I could auction for more since I can't be bothered setting it all up.

    Thumbs up!

  10. I love seeing 'basic skills' posts like these on a site that is also geared to the gold-making 'experts'!

    The writing in this one is clear and the author provides good examples and practical tips.

    I would be glad to see more from Aleithia.

    Somebody kick me if we already have this on the forums, but I'd like a section for posts specifically targeting those who are leveling up, whether it's alts or first-timers.

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