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Patch 4.2 Niche Market for Levels 77-79

The hard reset in itemization with the Cataclysm expansion has created a great niche market for selling BOE’s to leveling characters from 77-79. The level 80 requirement for quests in the Cataclysm zones and to queue for the new dungeons means that characters in the level 77-79 range can only get Cataclysm gear off of the Auction House. I regularly sell these items for 200g on my server, and some of the items can easily go for 500-800g.

Leveling in battlegrounds is fairly popular in this level range, and the level 77-79 Cataclysm greens are vastly superior to the alternatives. Most of the characters leveling in the 75-79 pvp bracket are still decked out in level 70 pvp epics. A few characters will have Northrend dungeon drops that are only marginally better. The few characters decked out in Cataclysm gear absolutely destroy everyone else. Winning battlegrounds in this bracket comes down largely to which team has more people with Cata gear. Aside from saving these items for the Auction House when you get them while leveling, right now is a great opportunity to get into this market.

With the upcoming 4.2 patch, a lot of people are going to be finishing up the quests in Hyjal to unlock the new content. The influx of people into the zone should temporarily increase the supply of the level 77-79 green BOE’s. Now is the time to pick up some of these items cheap if you didn’t earlier in the year. After the initial spike and tanking in the price when the expansion was released, prices have been steadily increasing as fewer people are spending time in Hyjal and Vash’jir. Based on the limited supply of these items on the Auction House, I would guess that most of these items are getting disenchanted. Even the less desirable greens sell for 200g on my server, and I sell almost all of them without having to repost. 

Barring a major change in the future to itemization in this level range, the risk is very low for buying these items cheap now. I expect these items to sell well throughout the current expansion and during future expansions. You can occasionally snatch these items from the Auction house for 20-30g when unaware players price them in the range of level 77-79 greens from Northrend, and I frequently flip Cata greens priced around 100g for 200g. It would not surprise me if the average price dropped down to 100g or lower temporarily after the 4.2 patch.

In my experience, the items that sell for the most are the level 77-78 greens with the appropriate primary stats for the majority of classes using the armor type (intellect for cloth, agility for leather, strength for plate). The level 79 gear will still sell, but not for the same premium as gear that can be used in this pvp bracket for more than one level. The blue dungeon-drop BOE’s are also likely to be a good long-term buy as more people move from the old dungeons to ZA/ZG for their valor points. Plate with strength tends to sell for the most since it seems to be more limited in supply on my server. Mastery isn’t useful as a stat until level 80, so items with mastery won’t sell for much of a premium. Although helms, cloaks, chest-pieces, and shoulder-pieces will sell well, gear for the other slots tends to sell for more since there aren’t any heirloom substitutes. Some people will sacrifice stats to keep the experience bonuses on the heirloom armor. 

The only items that don’t sell well are the rings since the crafted jasper rings are plentiful. Although the crafted blue quality rings will sell for 200g, I haven’t figured out yet if the market for the crafted green rings is worth the trouble. I’ve been able to craft and sell some of the green jasper rings for 30-50g, but too many don’t sell the first time and the AH deposits will quickly eat all your profits. 

If you aren’t making gold off of these items yet, now is a great time to get into this market. The 4.2 patch should create a great buying opportunity to flip these items in both the short-term and for the long-term.

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  1. Niec tip, I had been gaily DEing these until I tried to take my freshly dinged 80 worgen into BRC in Wrath gear inc the mass of heirlooms and found I was 100 iLevels short. 2k gold later I had learned a lesson and now regularly sell them for 150g each.

    Re JC rings, sell the blue procs and DE the greens even if the dust <5g the payback from the blues makes it worth while and in 4.2 the reduced price of green quality gems just makes it even moer viable to craft and DE.

  2. Goofyhawaiian said... June 23, 2011 at 10:20 AM

    Excellent post, particularly paragraphs 5 and 6 where you mention item stats. In my experience all the Cat greens sell well, but the ones with proper stats command a higher price. Also, I'd like to add that the best way to distinguish between Wotlk greens and Cat greens is to look at the iLevel (Evlyxx kinda touched on the iLevel thing.) I believe Cat greens start around iLevel 272 and go up from there. Really nice post. I hope nobody on my realm reads this one, lol.

  3. I think this post from early May pretty much covers most of what you're saying.

  4. I think this is a great post. I also just yesterday Dinged 80 with 3 of my guildies. We had been leveling exclusively through dungeons but were still well short of the ilvl needed for Cataclysm. We all hit up the AH and spent a fair bit to get the ilvl. I'd actually say the ones that should sell better are the ones that are replacing the old heirlooms with ilvl 1. Even if the stats were bad I was buying them to boost myself up.

  5. I was just leveling a few alts up from 75 and noticed this as well. Good tip!

  6. @anonymous, not everybody saw that post, nor does everybody go to

  7. A good read and a good tip. The only creative criticism I can offer for this article is it could use a little bit more of the author's voice. Have a little fun while you tell us the facts!

  8. Thanks for the positive feedback. I should have been a little more explicit, but Goofyhawaiian is correct, you can distinguish the Cata greens from the Northrend greens by item level (272+ for Cata items).

    I also agree with Evlyxx that the JC rings are worth making while ore and gems are cheap, even if you have to DE the green rings rather than selling them on the AH. The proc rate on the blues is fairly high (I'd guess somewhere around 10%).

    Aside from the items I loot randomly, I don't have much experience in selling the level 80+ items. That's an interesting idea, Toasty.

  9. I always sold my <80 greens, but never for the price that you listed. Usually 100 g a pop and more for the weapons. But definitely easy gold.

  10. I find that selling blue jasper rings/necklaces to be quite profitable. For awhile i was on moonrunner horde which is a very low populated server, but now i realize just how many people want these cata blues before they hit 80.

    Yes they're level 79, but people still buy them till they get to lvl 82 or so.

    In addition before i left the server my guild master needed these for twink pvping and regular pvping in general.

  11. Oh sorry it was already mentioned...

  12. For hands, belts, legs, feet, rings, weapons, bracers, and necks lvl 77 properly itemized gear will sell the best, since cata greens outstat the heirlooms.

    For chest and shoulder, lvl 80 will, since people will hold onto them for the xp bonus.

  13. scottiegazelle said... June 23, 2011 at 11:15 PM

    Read the post Faid linked when posted but it didn't sink in, for whatever reason. Enjoyed this post. Good, clear writing. A little of the writer's voice wouldn't hurt, but I enjoyed the clean, straightforward layout.

  14. This is the Excellent post, And These all the great tips.Patch 4.2 Niche Market for Levels 77-79 The hard reset in itemization with the Cataclysm expansion has created a great niche market for selling BOE’s to leveling characters from 77-79. The level 80 requirement for quests in the Cataclysm zones and to queue for the new dungeons means that characters in the level 77-79 range can only get Cataclysm gear off of the Auction House.Thanks for sharing your information.
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  15. I missed the post over at "gimpsgold" so I found this a particularly good read this morning. As for comments regarding the fact a similar post was made somewhere else, well obviously because it's a really good idea which a lot of us have been profiting from the early days of cata from. Well summed up and nice writing style. Thanks for the post.

  16. Very nice post. And I don't mind read something that might have been written somewhere else in a similar way. Simply because I dont visit that many blogs beside JMTC, I don't have time to do that.

    Hope to read more from you!

  17. Faid, if I had a dollar every time someone copied JMTC, I'd be a multi-millionaire outside of wow.

    That being said, posts here are written at least a week early, sometimes a month in advance (as is the case right now with so many submissions).

    I have no idea who wrote their article first, but I can assure you that the idea of selling items in this manner was covered by me YEARS ago. Having read the post you linked I would say that this post has its own unique voice and is not a copy of the one you linked.

  18. Well-written post covering an important gold-making topic that is easily overlooked by those of us who focus on strategies like the shuffle and other production craft feedback loops.

    Of course others have written about this before. The issue is whether THIS writer does a good job. And he did. JMTC is my main gold site. I read a few others sporadically. Frankly, given Faid's proclivity for being snarky rather than offering critique in a less hostile 'voice', I'm not likely to read that site in future.

    I'd like to see more from this author. Thanks!

  19. Niche markets are a great source of gold, but don't forget a niche can die very quickly and easily if you don't understand the reasons behind it, so when reading Buy X and Sell it for Y posts, remember to look at past post about the psychology of auctions.

    Myself, Markco, Faid, and many others have posts that you should combine with the ideas of Niches.

    Just my two copper to the discussion

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