Patch 4.2 Preparation Questions

Hey Mageshadow/Markco
I had a few questions approaching my first "stockpile" venture!

I'm currently just messing around with Volatiles to get a good idea how a patch-stockpile "goes down" since I've never really been at a level to pay attention to it before! I'm buying small amounts of them when they get below a certain price I'm setting as "my threshold." Mostly V-Fire and V-Earth w/a bit of V-Life (since they are always cheapest).

Some of the fire I've been selling (if I buy them for under 20G and the price soars to 25G, I sell in a stack of 200 to make a good profit), and then use a percentage of those earnings to buy more low-price V-Fire and V-Earth (saving the Earth and sometimes selling batches of V-Fire).

When do people post auctions prepping for a patch?
The night before (in a 48-hr auction)?
The night the patch drops?
Or later in the week, after it drops and prices begin to rise?
How do you sell the items (12/24/48hr? large batches or small?)

Any other advice? I'm not large scale stockpiling, by any means; just a few Air and Water, maybe 600 Earth, 400 Fire, 200 Life.

A great set of questions to ask relating patch stockpiling Imperiexo! I'll try to answer them to the best of my abilities!

When do people post auctions prepping for a patch?  The night before (in a 48-hr auction)? The night the patch drops? Or later in the week, after it drops and prices begin to rise? How do you sell the items (12/24/48hr? large batches or small?

What I tend to do is post my stuff the night before the patch, I post my stuff for 48 hours so when the servers are back up I'm the only posted of whatever I posted. You can utilize this to your advantage and reset the market ( to an extend ). Post some of your stock, but not all of it as you do not want to flood the market. More on this below.

One tip I can offer you is don't sell everything the day of the patch. Try to sell items at their "high point", this might be a little difficult to determine but if you sell your items at the correct time you'll yield larger profits on everything. What typically happens on patch day is let's say a guy logs on and post his stuff, then the next guy comes and undercuts the guy who just posted X item and so on. This continues on until the price of X item is now below it's average AH value. Don't panic and sell your items at a loss instantly, prices tend to go everywhere around patch days. Try and determine when the high point of the item you're selling will occur and sell said item then.

With things like volatile in 4.2 you'll want to hold onto those for a bit, the main reason you're stockpiling them is to sell to people who will be crafting the new profession craftables. In order to obtain the pattern/recipe for the new craftables they'll first need to complete the new firelands daily area which I suspect won't take 2-3 days but instead a week or two. This also applies to other items such as Truegold, Pristine Hides, Etc. There will be a slight demand for them as people gather the materials to craft X item but you'll definitely notice when people start to obtain the pattern & recipes for the new craftables as the auction house supply will dwindle down to a couple postings. This is when you'll want to sell your stockpile as the demand will be there but most likely the supply won't be.

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  1. Ok here's my problem with what I'm seeing here... Everybody is getting all excited about the patch and stockpiling all the trade goods. But the simple supply and demand factor comes into play here now. There's currently no supply in the ah because everybody is stockpiling (thus sending prices up on my server) but what do u think is going to happen in the week or even the day after patch day? Oopse every1 dumps their stockpile and the supply is too much for the demand. Oopse again we just crashed the market with a flood of stockpiled mats (/cry now)

    Is any1 else seeing this problem and correct me if I'm wrong I would love to have this work for me next patch

  2. Hey I'm new here, but my question is about the craftable i365 weapons. My BS alt has about 20 orbs saved for the patch, so that's 4 weapons when I have the rep for the receipes.
    Do I make the 2H sword for Dk/War/Ret? 1H healing Mace for priest/druid/hpal/sham? (Bc here's 7 specs that use it) Or the Hit Caster dagger for Loc/mage/Casterdd?
    In other words, what will be the best selling weapons in 4.2?

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  4. Good post. Yet MORE 4.2-related info, but rather than dealing with what to sell (like we've all read only about a hundred times already), it's about specifically how to sell it. A good little post for those folks who are doing their first patch-haul and are afraid of messing it up by not posting the right way.


  6. @Anonymous Arghhhhhrrrr! /Ragequit

  7. Good info here, I was wondering the same thing. I was planning on buying out the truegold tonight but someone already did it yesterday and tried to reset at triple the price. Seems like he jumped the gun and there are now 3 levels on the AH, triple, double and regular price.

  8. @angry anon, Lulzors. You mad bro? You do realize we aren't forcing you to read our articles?

  9. You stated, "In order to obtain the pattern/recipe for the new craftables they'll first need to complete the new firelands daily area which I suspect won't take 2-3 days but instead a week or two."

    It has been calculated that to unlock your first vendor-available recipes will take 26 days of dailies. By this point, raiders will have been in Firelands for several weeks, leading me to believe the main market for the craftables will be alts and non-raiders. I'm not sure how different this market might be (less healers? more of a certain class?), but it could affect demand. Be prepared to be flexible, have the chaos orbs ready if you are going to craft, and look for a spike in demand of mats around the 26th day post-patch.

  10. I agree that you should hold on to your stockpiled crafting mats for a little while, but there are a few things that you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD post right before the patch drops - gems/enchants/spellthreads/leg armors/etc for new gear.

    When the patch drops people will suddenly be able to buy the current valor gear (the T11 stuff) with justice points. Many people have capped out their points in anticipation of this. Those people are going to log on and buy their upgrades right away, and then they'll need to gem and enchant them, as well as attach spellthread/leg armor/etc in the case of the T11 pants.

    I predict that these kinds of gear enhancements will sell like hotcakes from the moment the patch drops, and the market will stay strong for several weeks at least, as people save up enough justice points to outfit all of their alts in T11 gear.

  11. I have been reading that it will take about 30 days to finish getting through the Fireland content. Mageshadow, I like your advise about holding on to stockpiles until around the 26th or 30th day after patch 4.2. Good post for those of us wondering what to do with our little stock piles of goods.

  12. The first person to comment here suggested that on patch day supply will be huge and demand will be light on his/her server. Maybe you should consider selling your current stock of volatiles now (at the higher price) and in the days following the patch buy your stock back (at your projected lower price).

    People who stockpile may be poorly informed. Lots of people know what to stockpile for 4.2, but in this case when to sell is much more important as Mageshadow suggests. Be on the lookout for good deals as the week goes on.

    Good question.

  13. I personally am not stockpiling for the patch. As others have mentioned, the recipes will take close to a month to unlock, by which time raiders will have had the chance to clear content. Then we will see an increase of boe RAID gear, and crafted gear will not be needed. Not to mention that pvp weapons seem to be better than pve crafted in most cases.. by the time they're available, i think there will be a smaller market for the goods.
    Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how i see it.

  14. Thanks for answering all my questions! This was great, as I wanted to get advice on how myself and other Newbies can approach their first minor stockpiling.

    @April - I love your comments and the Tailoring suggestions! I almost forgot about those! Thank you!

    The point of these questions were to inform Newbies, like myself.

    For those of you interested, I have my own blog geared towards the "Newbie Niche," located at - you can also follow me on Twitter (News4Newbies).

  15. Stocking up for the recipes available from the unlockable vendors is a bad choice. The initial money is going to be in the new/upgraded blue pvp sets and items, enhancements for the downgraded to JP (previously VP) ilvl 359 gear, and the few new items like the new tank epic leg armor or the new shaman lightning bolt glyph.

  16. It won't take a month to unlock the recipes.. There are 3 vendors, which all requires 125 marks each. So it will take about 13 days to unlock 1 vendor. You can simply choose to unlock the vendors with the recipes you want.

  17. @Anonymous re: 13 Days?

    I was under the impression that it will take at least 31 days of full on dailies to unlock a vendor and then a further 5 days to unlock each further vendor.

    Could you link the source of your info?

  18. 26 days for the first vendor. 5 additional days for each beyond that for a total of 36 days to unlock all 3.

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