Patch 4.2 Pyrite Ore and No Epic Gems

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Pyrite Ore – Fools Gold?

Hello readers of JMTC I am here today to talk to you about the wonderful world of speculation.

For a couple of months or so I’ve been stockpiling pyrite ore, now there is a couple of reasons for this but the largest by far is the thought that in a couple of months time I could be sat on a stockpile worth many times more than what I’ve been paying for it now.  I am of course talking about epic gems!

Now before you stop reading thinking this is another post telling you to buy, buy, buy on pure speculation it isn’t, I am here to simply suggest just a couple of ways to give yourself a fall back should things turn sour with the pyrite or you decide you need to convert some of it back into liquid quickly. (By the way as a little side note, if you didn’t already know, the mineral pyrite, is in real life is also known as fool’s gold and that is defiantly worth noting)

So, are we fools for stockpiling now, maybe... However come patch 4.2 if you decide to off load some of your ore to reduce your risk then I have some good news! It’s not a bad time to do so. With the demand for gems, belt buckles, the new introduction of crafted epics (Requiring 8 true gold each) along with an increase in active players which generally follows a major patch should increase the demand for pyrite ore to higher than usual levels.

My first observation when I looked at the PTR version of wowhead was that pyrium bar will be the currency for the new blue crafted pvp epics. That’s 6 new recipes each costing 10 x pyrium ore and so I think bars will sell like hotcakes come patch day. Especially since the set itself only costs elementium bars and a selection of volatiles, this means even the laziest of blacksmiths will be able to craft from AH mats, so where do you think they will buy the pyrium bars used to buy the recipes?

Now as a raw mat pyrium bar is pretty exclusive, you only have four options. The first option comes from alchemy, in the form of your truegold transmute, demand is going to rocket approximately 36 days into patch 4.2. It will take 31 days to unlock the first of 3 recipe vendors and a further 5 days to unlock another. Which means that by day 36 some people will have unlocked 2 vendors others just one but why is this so important?

Well that’s simple they sell recipes which require a staggering 8 truegold each, note to self that’s 48 pyrite ores. I would suggest you use your own truegold cooldown now and take a visit to outland to make sure you are a transmute master because for a couple of hundred gold it’s well worth the visit. It’s not difficult simply visit the trainer who taught you your current specialisation and then fly your backside up to Netherstorm and speak to the transmute trainer.

If you’re not lucky enough to have an alchemist, and your too lazy to level one which by the way costs no more than a few thousand gold and is well worth it, your other options with pyrium bar are dependent on blacksmithing, you have 3 options, first up the classic ebonsteel belt buckle, the recipe uses 8 x pyrite ore, 8 x elementium ore (AH Bots I thank you) and guess what 4 x Volatile Earth which I am sure you have got plenty of from prospecting all that pyrite ore you decided you no longer need. Not much needs to be said about this item, demand will increase with all the new gear 4.2 brings and they are already big sellers with an average profit so it’s a great way to use up some of your stockpile but expect established competition if you are new to this market.

The last two items are questionable, pyrium weapon chain, it’s used occasionally in PVP, don’t expect demand to be massive but on the up side it is cheap! Costing just 2 pyrium ores you should be able to make a hell of a lot more than you will sell so be careful.  Finally we have the pyrium shield spike, again not a massive seller and costing a lot more, 10 ores to be exact. However neither of these requires any other materials and so if you’ve got a glut to clear then this is the best option as it requires no further investment, plus the added demand from the acquisition of new shields and weapons which are included with patch 4.2 will help boost sales.

Ok so we’ve covered most aspects of pyrium bars, it’s up to you where to go from there if you have alchemist available then make good use of the transmute in the 31 days between the patch and when the recipes hit the live servers.  If your lucky enough to also have a blacksmith I suggest you attempt to corner the buckle market, look at the pyrium shield and weapon enchants but be wary if you have little experience of this market and remember you don’t have to craft 200 to see if they sell, go easy and test the water by crafting no more than 1 stack.

Now let’s look at raw pyrite ore, so as we discussed earlier the belt buckles provide a good use for some of the volatile earth which you will receive from prospecting the ore.  The demand for volatile earth will increase quite substantially in the first month or so of patch 4.2 for the following reasons:
  • Demand for the new leg enchant for tanks, produced using leatherworking which requires 25 x volatile earth this should therefore cause the price to rise slightly.
  • The new leatherworking PVP cloak requires 4 volatile earths to craft.
  • The new jewelcrafting PVP jewellery costs  8 x volatile earth each to craft but it also requires 4 or 5 inferno rubies so this is likely to reduce the effect as the limited factor here is more than likely going to be the rubies.
  • The new mining bag also requires 20 x volatile earth however demand for this will not begin for at least 31 days into patch 4.2 but you should be prepared for this.
The demand for hardened elementium will increase and each bar smelted requires 4 earths, there are an incredible 15 new recipes which require varying amount of hardened elementium, however some of these come from the new raid instance and others from the new vendors so expect demand to be staggered a little depending on your server progression.

Moving on from volatile earth let’s look at the rare gems which you will receive whilst prospecting, there’s around a 3% higher chance you will receive a rare gem when prospecting pyrite compared with elementium. This coupled with the demand for rare gems come 4.2 should give you a healthy supply to cut. You should expect the sales of red gems to increase dramatically along with a less exciting increase in demand for ember topaz and demonseye as people attain the new gear.

Also bear in mind you will receive carnelian which can be used with an alchemist transmute and will provide you with a great source of inferno rubies during the spikes of 4.2 so stock up heartblossom now. The gems which are not profitable to transmute can always be used to produce enchanting mat,  which if sold as scrolls will lead to further profits, this has actually one of my best sources of income during 4.1(from prospecting elementium of course), and inevitably with new gear the demand enchants will only increase.

So there you have it a variety of uses for the pyrite which is stocked up in your guild banks all around Azeroth, now for me personally the “prospect” that patch 4.3 might finally bring us those epics we have been craving and our “fools gold” might suddenly become the most in demand item in game is too much for me to sell up now. My plan is simple I will use some of the pyrite ore I have stockpiled and I will turn it for a half decent profit come patch week, the next 2 months however will be spent using the profits from this endeavour  to buy up all the cheap pyrite ore that becomes available between now and 4.3/4.4?

And who knows maybe blizzard will throw a curve ball and come patch 4.4 pyrite ore will be exposed as useless and drop to 50s each on the AH and I will have lost almost everything! Oh well at least it’s only a game...

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20 comments: on "Patch 4.2 Pyrite Ore and No Epic Gems"

  1. Hey Jack,

    Thanks for the info. I definitely feel like there's some good information to be mined from your post (see what I did there?). However, if you're planning to be a regular JMTC writer (or simply a regular blogger on being a Goblin), I'd recommend applying quite a bit of polish to your writing skills. There are spelling and grammar errors throughout your post that are consistent enough that they become distracting. I totally understand that throwing yourself out into the JMTC blog is a courageous and exciting occasion, so please don't think I'm being hyper-critical. Like I said, you've got some good ideas that just need to be communicated with a bit more polish.

    On another note, Marcko, I'm surprised you're letting a post like this through in its state. It's a reflection on JMTC even more so than Jack. Consistently seeing grammatically erroneous posts is going to drive me off. Are you coaching your guest writers at all or publishing content as-is? I'd suggest some coaching if you're truly desirous of hiring a new writer. If you're just looking for people to fill content regardless of quality, that's another story.

  2. Way too long and full of hard to read, run on sentences. Thumbs down to this guy.

  3. @Matt

    Hi Matt thanks for your comments your totally right I should have taken a little longer polishing this post, in future I will try a different approach and have someone read through the article I have written before submission.

    I've always found checking my own work for mistakes more difficult than checking others, I suppose this is because in my head I know how the sentence was suppose to appear.

    In defense of Markco he did offer me advise regarding the final article and encouraged me to make sure I had checked my work correctly.

    @Karrok I will try and simplify things for next time.

  4. Thanks Jack

    I agree with the constructive comments above. However I enjoyed the info and the overall style.
    Thumbs up here.

  5. None of the "new" pvp items will be required to purchase. all patterns already purchased will simply upgrade themselves.

  6. @anonymous

    Thanks for the tip regarding the new recipes, I was a little unsure about this and didn't have a fully leveled blacksmith on the PTR to test this. It's a shame but I'm glad I haven't change any ore to bars yet.

  7. I thought it was very informative and gave readers lots of options when considering their pyrite ore. It definitely reminded me of some of the things I can do post patch.

    At least it wasn't another "What to stockpile for 4.2" post right?

  8. "None of the "new" pvp items will be required to purchase. all patterns already purchased will simply upgrade themselves."

    As you said, the already purchased will update themselfs. However there are still people out there who have not hit 525 BSing yet or haven't purchased the patterns yet. They will require the mats to purchase the patterns.

  9. After reading it twice, I still can't find the spelling errors that Matt mentioned. However, I did notice two words utilizing the proper British/European spelling of them. I'd not count them as mistakes.

    Overall I felt the grammar and spelling was fine. I'll give it a thumbs up, simply because I learned one tidbit of information I did not know prior, and I learned it early into the read.

    I felt it was way too verbose though.

  10. I found it to be a very informative post.

    I liked that he gave info such as the estimated time to expect a spike in sales based on progression. And he covered each possibility rather thoroughly.

    I realize that signing on to be a columnist requires a certain level of perfectionism in you work. And grammatical errors are something that's supposed to be frowned upon. But in all honesty, so long as they aren't horrendous errors, and the info is still top notch, I have no complaints.

    Thumbs up.

  11. Ooh! I see one of the spelling blunders now. -definitely-early on, lol though it wasn't so noticeable to me cuz he had defiantly which was at least a word,even if not the right one. :P (spellchecker on word didn't catch it even)

  12. @Skorpsy

    I did consider changing the dictionary on my PC to American rather than English.

    I love the word Verbose, but in future I will try and tune that down a little.

  13. Great tips, I have been prospecting a portion of my pyrite stock and was wondering what to do with the 3,000 volatile earths I had on hand.

    As others have stated great information you just need a bit more polish. Have someone read your work beforehand and you'll be fine.

    Thumbs up

  14. Hi Jack,

    Thanks for the effort to make this post, you obviously spent a lot of time on it and I always welcome that. As for the content I'm quite enthusiastic. There are some new thoughts and ideas that make this post worth reading.

    As for the format I'm not too happy. It's a matter of writing skills combined with proof-reading, as others have pointed out.

    The second part is easily fixed. The first part might be harder. Although you are correctly recapping paragraphs, the post seems to ramble on at some stages, to the point where I find myself losing interest in what you are writing.

    My suggestion is to force yourself, after hopefully writing your next post, to shorten it to 50% - 75% without giving up content. A short examples about the alchemy / blacksmith part of your post.

    The section spans two long, verbose paragraphs. The first part can be omitted, since you've already mentioned there you need alchemy. Furthermore, stick to the point you're trying to make. This means you can completely leave out added sentences like

    "...and your too lazy to level one which by the way costs no more than a few thousand gold and is well worth it..."

    Besides distracting from the point you're making, it also hurts readability of your post.

    These are just two small examples of issues I have with your writing. In general, it seems like you have just typed whatever popped in your mind, relevant to the point or not. To avoid this in your next post, try this simple writing aid and see if it helps you.

    Formulate a statement
    This is ALWAYS one statement per post. In this case, it might be: "There are many ways to profit from Pyrite ore in patch 4.2". This statement and an explanation is the first paragraph of your post.

    Argue your point
    Here you present all your arguments. As soon as a thought pops in your mind that has little to do with your statement, write it down for future reference. It does not belong in your post. This section consists of one or more paragraphs.

    Formulate your conclusion
    This is where you use your arguments to prove your statement. This is always one paragraph, no more. In this paragraph you can repeat certain parts of your post: it helps to sell your line of thoughts to your reader and convince them of the validity of your statement.

    Good luck on your next post, I'm looking forward to it.

  15. I love that he said "blue crafted PvP epics". Is 'epics' the term for loot nowadays?

  16. I found Jack's post very informative, with a plethora of information on pyrite ore, volatile earth, and PVP gear. After reading it over several times, I did not find any spelling errors in his post at all. Overall I really enjoyed reading this post, it has an easy going relaxed style about it that made me feel like I was an old friend in the same room with him. I would really enjoy more posts from Jack in the future. Thumbs up from me.

  17. An informative post, and I liked the overall approach and style.

    There are a few spelling errors -- nothing outrageous, though once again, there is no reason to let these get through.

    Two issues kept the post from being really enjoyable to read: Multiple errors in grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, and the fact that the post was too lengthy for the content. It could justifiably be edited down by a good 50%, which would make it more readable.

    I do like this author's take on things, and believe he has potential. I'd be tempted to say I'd like to see more of his writing, but I just can't quite go there yet. I guess I am just getting a little tired of feeling like I've arrived at a writing workshop when I come here to simply relax and read interesting information about making WoW gold.

    Markco, if you honestly want to encourage these new writers, then hire yourself an editor to work with them.

  18. Come on guys, he's a freelance writer! Surely you aren't expecting someone that gets paid by the word to be BRIEF, are you? lol

    Overall, an informative article although, yea... just a little long for what was covered.

    Thumbs up from me ;-)

  19. scottiegazelle said... June 29, 2011 at 3:02 PM

    As a (professional, nonblogging) freelance writer who gets paid by the word - quality is everything lol.

    The wordy, runon sentences were most distracting for me. My advice to you (and all writers editing themselves): read your piece outloud. It's amazing what you'll catch that way.

    /considers applying for editing position for JMTC

  20. @scottie - drop Markco an e-mail. /wink you never know.

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