Patch 4.2 Youtube Wow Gold Tips

Been a long time coming but JMTC finally has a new youtube owner who can create wow gold tip videos!

Allow me to proudly introduce Kynalla:

Kynalla is a established video creator who has "it." The "it" I'm talking about is the fundamental understanding of an idea that propelled JMTC to the front of the gold making scene. "It" is the belief that simply disseminating information and curating the ideas of others is not good enough. Kynalla instead likes to dive deep beneath the surface of the initial information and come up with amazing gold making strategies. He's not like any other youtube video guy I've seen regarding wow gold and I think that he is going to become a super star within the next year or so.

Due to his excellent credentials and willingness to produce consistent content on his channel, Kynalla will be the defacto guru for wow gold videos here at JMTC. Below, I'd like you to check out his most recent video on Patch 4.2 stockpiling...

Recommendations from Kynalla:

Shattering Abyss Crystals:

Patch 4.0.6:

I also have a twitter account that I do use if anyone on JMTC wants to communicate with me, I plan to use it a lot in the future.!/kynalla

FYI: Kynalla's channel is jointly dedicated to hunters and gold makers, so don't be shocked if you see pve guide videos right next to gold making ones.

6 comments: on "Patch 4.2 Youtube Wow Gold Tips"

  1. Just wanted to say thank you. These are very good videos -- engaging, succinct, and informative. Who could ask for more?

    Well done!

  2. An excellent addition to JMTC indeed. Where did you find him Markco?

  3. Great Video, nice addition to JMTC. It still astounds me how prices can differ from server to server. Volatile earth on my server are 2g - 3g, never going above above 3g50. Pyrite ore is still 90g a stack. This is on a medium pop server.

  4. I love all the blogs that keep saying Stockpile Truegold. Please continue. It has driven the price of Truegold mats to triple to the point muting it actually is nearly a 450g lose, my Living Elements CDs loves you for it.

  5. If I was still playing I would say that true gold would go up 150% and then tank for the first week. After a month the price will go back up as stockpiles run out. The real money appear to be in the mats as you are suggesting.

    But I could be wrong! That's the fun of speculating.

    I found this youtuber from a year ago when we first starting chatting on my channel about YouTube videos and wow guides. He ha improved tremendously.

  6. how frequently will he be posting videos? I would love to see more and more on just my two copper!

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