Put Your Gold To Work in Patch 4.2

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With patch 4.2 quickly approaching (June 28), now is the time to put your gold to work.  With this next patch brings the opportunity to make what I like to call "easy gold".  I call it easy, simply for the fact that it requires no extra work other then just buying things off the auction house and and reselling selling them shortly after.

Let me start with the obvious things you want to look for while browsing the auction house. In patch 4.2, the current Valor and Conquest gear will become purchasable with Justice and Honor Points respectively. This may seem like a small change, but in reality, it's something that we can take advantage of.  Many people will be purchasing this new gear and this is where we come in.  With such a large spike in new gear, the jewelcrafting/enchanting market's are likely to also see that same large spike.  By knowing this ahead of time we can begin stocking up on raw gems and enchanting materials.

Even if you don't have an Enchanter/Jewelcrafter you can still capitalize on these markets.  If you've been following your server's market at all, you'll have a general idea of what heavenly shards, inferno rubies, and other materials go for.  Picking these materials up for even what they normally go for can still net you a profit.  With demand for these products at a relatively low point, you shouldn't have a problem creating a small stockpile in a week's time.

Now for those of you that want exact specifics.  All Cataclysm Enchanting goods including Hypnotic Dust, Heavenly Shards, and even Maelstrom Crystals should be a good investment at this time.  I say even Maelstrom Crystals because the supply should go up with the introduction of all this new gear.  The gear from the Zandalari Randoms will now be disenchanted at a much higher rate due to better gear becoming more widely available.

Even with the increase in gear supply, the increase in demand should keep the price up.

As for Jewelcrafting, Inferno Ruby are your number one bet.  Expect for them to see at least one large jump in price towards the beginning of the patch.  If you are able to cut them or have access to someone that can, you will have no problem getting rid of these come patch time.  The other gems may also see an increase in price but don't expect them to be anywhere near as profitable as Inferno Rubies.

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10 comments: on "Put Your Gold To Work in Patch 4.2"

  1. I have several issues with this post.

    First, the subject matter is old news. It's been on every gold blog, gold forum, and gold podcast for quite a few weeks now. I'm fairly sure that JMTC and its readers are looking for fresh and original content, not something that has been done to death by everyone else.

    Second, the formatting of the post leaves something to be desired. This is essentially another "what to stockpile for 4.2" list, yet instead of being in an easily referred to list format, the information is strewn about in an overly verbose wall of paragraphs.

    Because of these issues, I do not believe this writer is up to JMTC standards.

  2. I'd like to thank this poster for his efforts...it's always risky to put your writing out there in the world.

    I have to say, though, that the overall content in this post just doesn't draw me in. Maybe it's that I play the AH game intensely and the information is meant to be slanted to newcomers. But I feel like this information is too much in the category of 'so tell me something I didn't already know about 4.2'. It's just way too basic/obvious.

    And if it's MEANT to be basic, then it might have been better to clearly slant the post toward those in the audience who've never experienced the crazy fun of playing the economy in the midst of a big patch. This post isn't interesting for someone like me, though I think I'm fairly representative of a lot of the folks on this site.

    Finally, I'd like to point out that if you intend to go public with your writing, please have someone edit it first. Even the best writers make mistakes, and there are several in this post. I like to think JMTC is about quality, and want to see that quality reflected in the writing...it's worth it to take the little bit of extra time to correct errors before putting your work on the web.

  3. I've read at least a bajillion other articles that express this same point, however, that was a month ago. This article did not really share anything remotely insightful. I feel like this author read a bunch of the same blogs as me and summarized a very small and uninteresting portion of that.

  4. These are the kind of articles I like to see on this site. Information that can be directly applied to the game. Bring this author back.

  5. Thank you for your informative article.

  6. To the complaining commenters: Wow, way to be appreciative of something that is free for you to use. Didn't your mothers ever teach you to say "Thank you" when someone spent time on something for your benefit? If you're already pro and have no need for the articles you see here, just move along.

  7. atleast this writter is doing his best, and trying out something, meanwhile people like oohshinyy sits and criticizes without pointing any sort of goodness of this, Yes it might have some common ideas, however its not like you can pull out `FRESh`IDEAS day and night, SO thnks for trying out something, writter, i hope to read more articles from you. New or old, ur time spent here is appriciated.

  8. It's important to remember that these posters are supposed to be evaluated. The question is whether they are a good fit for JMTC.

    If negative feedback is going to create drama, as in folks coming here to get all defensive and 'protect' their friends or whatever, then it defeats the purpose of Markco being kind enough to ask his readership for feedback. He could just make the decision (he has every right to do so).

    People who get invited to post here are given the chance to share their writing with a very broad audience, and maybe even the chance to make a little money. It is a real gift of an opportunity.

    I believe in supporting new writers! But if you're going to write here, I, as a supporter of the site, hope that you'll try to present something that represents new information, new ways of thinking about things, old information with a new twist, or timely updates. I'd also hope that you'd give enough of a damn to spellcheck and double-check your punctuation. If you don't do those very basic things, then you should expect feedback. We're not your mom, and we're not going to tell you that everything you do is just great no matter what =P.

    To be really blunt, I don't come here to suffer through bad writing. If that makes me an awful person, then maybe this isn't the right site for me.

  9. Dear Caitlyn,

    Sadly the internet gives everyone a voice and with that voice every person feels they have an expert analysis of every post that goes up here. I blast other bloggers for shoddy material all the time but only on the basis that I've blogged before and I remember seeing posts about it while I was writing.

    An opinion of "I don't like it because this has been said before..." isn't real constuctive. Personally I think we would do much better if we just has an up or down yes/no poll on each post and let it go that way. These comments are never doing us any good because there are personal arguments with people and bad blood and all that which come in to play.

    Trying to get a healthy feedback on the internet is always going to be a struggle--now add in the fact that its from the WOW community and its pretty rare to get even one person who leaves a genuine comment.

    I applaud Markco for doing this and hopefully the people who give worthless replies are overlooked completely because I've seen some pretty good writers post already and they have gotten thrown into the ringer--sad isn't it.

  10. To the "be thankful because its free" poster: a used condom is also free, but I'm not going to use it, nor be thankful for it.

    Not everything that is free is worth being thankful over.

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