Saving Gold In Azeroth #4

Today we have a tip from Jack, who's got several tips on ways you can save gold in Azeroth, read the e-mail he sent in below:

" Hi, I read your email this morning and it prompted me to think about ways to "save" gold during leveling.

1. I always make sure I have an add on such as Auctioneer which will add the vendor price to an items tooltip - This helps in 3 ways, whenever I complete a quest which rewards 3 items  which i I don't need to improve my gear it allows you to select the most expensive vendor item to sell on. For example if a quest rewards a cloth belt, leather chest or a fist weapon and my twink needs none of these items I will always pick the the one which Auctioneer tells me in the most valuable to vendors, generally speaking weapons will be more expensive by a long way followed by legs, chests and heads.

Secondly, if I have no choice but to destroy an item (I know I know always make sure you have bag space when questing), it allows me to see which item is worth the least, either using auction price or vendor price for greys. 

Finally it shows you which items which you would once consider vendor trash are worth mailing to your AH dump character. For example taking the time to check Spider's Silk value whilst questing in Tekorra Forest allowed me to spot that an item I was about to vendor to mere silver was in fact worth at least a couple of gold, and the fact that Auctioneer has seen 50 of these items for sale shows me it's well worth listing it.
2. Low Level rare drops - Looking back it's amazing how many times I must have let a rare recipes slip onto the AH and a stupidly low price. Any recipe that drops should be checked to make sure it isn't super rare! And if it is then have patience if a rare enchanting recipes comes up for sale there will be many people with it on the their snatch list, and many crafters who regularly check for these patterns manually, take advantage of this, shout about it in trade, without spamming, and generally build some hype about how rare it is and how good the price is and you will sell it for what its worth or at the very least with a little discount you should be able to get someone to buy it just for them to flip it later.
3. Balancing Questing with Grinding - Now this might be the most effective way to level or even the best way to make gold but I have found that when I am griding quests sometimes it reaches a point where I need to close the gap slightly before moving onto the next zone, I used to trek about finding quests I have missed, however I now take a look through my bags and check which items are worth the most at Auction, or indeed any items I know will sell well such as volatiles, eternals etc. I will then set myself a couple of hours aside to grind level approiate mobs which drop these items. It's a great way to fill the gap left by any missing XP from quests and it's an ideal way to top up my gold by selling the items I have been grinding. "
- Jack

These are some great tips! I especially liked the third tip. It's a great way to make gold while also leveling up efficiently. It's also a nice change from the typical questing. One thing I love doing is AOE pulling a giant amount of mobs ( okay more like 6 ) and mowing them down on my feral druid. It's fast, efficient and a great way to earn some gold.

Remember folks if you have any tips and or tricks that you'd like to share be sure to write up a post and get paid for it! Send in a post to Markco and if it makes it past the initial screening process then I will publish your submission on the blog. JMTC pays 50% commission to writers on the day that their post goes live. 

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  1. The last part of #1 is good, but Auctioneer can be memory intensive. The game now shows vendor sell price in the tooltip within the default interface now, so there's no reason to have an addon just for that anymore.

  2. Oh fair point, however to be honest it's been a long time since I played the game without Auctioneer and it's major benefit comes from being able to check the price of rare drops more than vendor trash. But your right about the memory usage it can make a huge difference to disable it.

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