Using Pyrite Ore to Make Gold

Guest post by Brit of Arrows of “Gold” Tips

Pyrite Ore is the uncommon ore of the Cataclysm expansion.  It can be used in various professions so it’s hard sometimes to figure out which profession would be the most profitable to use to make gold with pyrite ore.  

The first thing we are looking at is the elephant in the room, speculation of epic gems.  Is it worth it more to hold onto your pyrite ore in hope that epic gems will come from prospecting the ore or is it better to use pyrite ore immediately for your purpose. Only thing I will say about epic gems is that I personally think that they will come in 4.3 based on what happened in Wrath.  Deciding if you want to save your ore for epic gems is all dependant on how profitable the other stuff that can be made with the ore is on your server.

Prospecting pyrite ore is another way of using the ore. Prospecting the ore grants you 4 uncommon gems, 8-10 volatile earth, and 1-2 rare gems. This can be very profitable if the price of volatile earth on your server is relatively high.  You can also craft the uncommon gems into jewelry and then de it into enchanting mats or transmute said uncommon gems into rare gems which may be profitable for you.

Pyrite ore can also be smelted into bars and sometimes these bars will sell for more than the pyrite ore that it took to make them.  People buy these bars to trade for a few blacksmithing recipes, to make truegold with, and to make a few blacksmithing recipes with. I usually sell the bars in stack size of3 aiming for the people who use it to make truegold.

Pyrium bars can be used for a couple blacksmithing recipes which include pyrium shield spike, ebonsteel belt buckle, and pyrium weapon chain.  On my server, pyrium shield spikes don’t seem to sell at all while pyrium weapon chains will sell every so often and of course belt buckles sell like hotcakes.

Overall pyrite ore can be used in multiple ways but it is up to you to assess your server and figure out which way can make you the most profit.

That’s it for now, thanks for stopping by.

2 comments: on "Using Pyrite Ore to Make Gold"

  1. I have a few banks full of pyrite, I think I will hold onto it until we know where the epic gems come from :)

    Part of me hopes they will drop from bosses TBC style, though that would create lots of ninjas and people would be running raids with half blue-half epic gems, so it doesn't seem very likely.

  2. I have just over 13,000 Pyrite Ore in my banks. I still buy it when it's less than 5g and if the price is over 12g, I'll put up 3 or 4 singles. I REALLY hope that epics come out of Pyrite!!!

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