5 Stages to Becoming a Wow Gold Addict

Regardless of how much experience you have playing World of Warcraft, the moment you start exploring the auction house you will begin the following 5 Stages to Becoming a Wow Gold Addict.

Stage 1. Find items and sell them on the auction house for the lowest competitive price. Makes sense at the time but then we begin to realize that it's foolish.

Stage 2. Cancel and repost items to beat the competition. Everyone can do this, most do it too often.

Stage 3. Investigate addons and unique gold making methods. Most players adopt a rudimentary understanding of addons and use them incorrectly.

Stage 4. Understand the concepts behind market cycles and mass buying of materials for crafting purposes. Most players simply buy high and sell low because they don't understand how the market cycles actually work.

Stage 5. Make consistent earnings that eventually lead to becoming a millionaire. If you're at the point where you simply have to be consistent and stick to your daily routine... you should be writing guest posts and commission articles for this blog.

Where most people falter is on stages 3 and 4. They run into proverbial walls when dealing with addons as well as the harder to understand concepts that truly run the auction house and determine prices. No matter how smart you are, it is going to take you a very long time to work through the experiences (successes and failures) that lead to truly understanding the inner workings of stage 3 and 4. That's where Just My Two Copper's 1,000+ blog articles and 59,000+ forum posts have helped you thus far. Why not get into the mind of the man who developed, nurtured and pursued the collection of so many helpful tips aimed at getting you through the two hardest stages on  your road to becoming a millionaire? Why not learn from the one person who seems to understand the entire picture of gold making; the grander concepts that truly make the auction house work?

While you're pondering those two questions, think about the following statement:

"3 Years, Over 6,000 Happy Customers"

If you're serious about conquering the auction house and destroying the competition, there is no substitute to the "grandfather of gold"'s system. The 20k Leveling guide contains my constantly updated ideas (now good for patch 4.2 with new updates planned soon!) about gold making and the core concepts that get back to the basics and teach you how to develop your own systems for making gold. It's updated for every patch and will be updated for every expansion, absolutely free! Alto, the gold guru from Alto's gold guide, has been assisting me with the updates for each patch. Between the two of us we've come up with some kick ass information for every new addition to 20k Leveling.

Speaking of updates, I am looking for pros at using The Undermine Journal for my next gold guide update. If you feel that you are a master with this tool then please email me. I'd like to have this added to the guide within two weeks so please get a hold of me asap if you're interested.

Don't Settle for Amateurs!

Have you seen the gold guides written by "professionals" and individual players? They come in all shapes and sizes, from 8 page advertisements for their blogs (MFC Guides) to 300 pages of fluff and outdated information (Hayden Hawk, Gold Secrets and Wow Schools). What's more, they often charge you for updates and newer versions of their guides. The 20k Leveling Gold Guide is the complete opposite of the experiences you've had in purchasing gold guides so far. You will be relieved and pleased to find everything you need in one convenient and constantly updated location. It doesn't get better than this! That's why we remain the top gold guide, just google "Cataclysm Gold Guide" and see for yourself!

The fundamental difference between 20k Leveling and other gold guides is that I created it with the belief that I'd rather write better content than focus on making money. I started out with terrible looking websites but the best information around. This led to a surprising amount of success and eventually I was able to upgrade to looking the part of a successful gold guide seller. However, the belief that I should continue to write better than everyone else has never gone away.

Proof is in the Numbers

Clickbank sale numbers reflect the gold guide's growing popularity among wow players: we're only half way through the year and already we have grossed more than last year's sales. The exploding affiliate program has seen several big name sites take part in it over the past three months as well. With 6,000+ happy customers and only 128 refunds, that's a pretty good track record for you to hang your hat on! Recently I had the business appraised and it was valued at over $100,000. Woah right!? These are just my words however, and numbers can be spun a hundred different ways. Therefore, read these recent testimonials and then check out 20k Leveling to see if it's right for you.

Recent Testimonials:

Dear Markco,

I have recently bought your guide and I must say, it is truly something!
I had been looking around, and after buying a few guides and being disappointed with them, I found yours and decided to try it out. I was extremely pleased. You covered all the main strategies with using the auction house in great detail, and I loved how you were updating the guide for each patch. ;)


Hey Markco, 
Today I purchased your guide and I have to say it’s probably one of the best I’ve seen. Now I'm going to be honest here I always buy my gold, and now I need help from a master what should I be selling/buying in order for me to get ton’s of gold. Thank you!


I have to say OMFGWTFBBQ, I am loving this guide. 

I started the vendor search for a week and amassed seeding funds to finish off my engineering leveling, made him a skinner as well. So volatile airs abound, and electrified ethers amaze.  But beyond that, I took the tsm addon and used what I gleamed from you and compiled that with ages other gold blogs' info and now have practically automated my bankroll in the glyph, AH posting, and toon mailing departments.  I have never felt a synergy like this among my toons before.  Love that a lot.  As of this writing, I have not only broken through my fear of spending money to make money, but I have broken through my psychological gold limit.  I am now sitting at 9.7k in bank, with 11k in assets on top of that.  At most, I used to do 4 or 5 auctions at a time.  Now I have over 250 going on.  I have been able to focus on finishing up leveling some of my "forgotten" toons, and I am jazzed to get them into my gold making schemes.

4 comments: on "5 Stages to Becoming a Wow Gold Addict"

  1. Step 6: Burn out because the WoW Gold making system hasn't really changed in cataclysm from WOTLK and you mastered it and you have nothing to invest your several million gold in.

  2. Stage 6: Help others get there!

  3. My steps to a wow gold addict are as follows:
    1) I started playing in Feb 09', a warrior, and someone said to me stack strength and gold because of the cost of plate
    2) Two guys ran me in a dungeon an epic cloth chest piece dropped and they let me keep it..I sold it for 300g on the auction house
    3) I daily quested, mined, smelted and skinned my way to 60k in October 09.
    4) I googled 22 steps to auctioneer
    5) I read JMTC every day, and learned QA auctions and now Zero Auctions
    6) I now have 2 million gold.
    True Story

  4. Step 6: KTQ.
    Step 7: Millions.

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