Bracer Enchant Goldmine

Author: Ashley.

Right now the high end bracer enchants are selling like crazy for massive profit
margins (on my server at least) I put this down to lots of people getting the new BOE
valor point bracers, so I thought I’d share my little tip for all of you out there.

I am going to concentrate on Enchant Bracer – Mighty Intellect since I managed to
pick it up for 1k early on in Cata. However the same principle will no doubt apply for
the strength and agility ones as well


  • A max level enchanter, alchemist (preferably transmute spec) and jewelcrafter.
  • Preferably the bountiful bags guild perk (for extra enchanting materials).
  • A high level bracer enchant, such as Enchant Bracer – Mighty Intellect.

My process for the Mighty Intellect Enchant:

  • Shuffle obsidium ore into jewellery for disenchanting. Make sure to make carnelian spikes with those carnelians, you’ll be needing the GCEs.
  • Buy Maelstroms when they’re cheap. Monitor your market. I was able to pick up 30 at 70G each the other day. They are going cheap because lots of people are running ZA/ZG for the valor points.
  • Transmute volatile life into volatile water every day. I also farm volatile water in twilight highlands sometimes and even buy from the AH if it’s cheap enough.
  • Create scrolls and list.

The Math

Considering the following assumptions:
  • Volatile Life: 2G
  • Obsidium Ore: 30G per stack
  • Maelstroms: 100G per one

I used an obsidium shuffle spreadsheet to work out that it takes on average,
approximately 36 obsidium ore to get the required hypnotic dust and GCEs for the
mighty intellect enchant. For arguments sake I’m just going to say lets assume you
need 2 stacks of obsidium to get the materials to make one scroll. Therefore the cost
to make one scroll is: 30*2 + 100*2 + 2*15 = 290G.

This means you can make 1 scroll per day at a cost of 290G. On my server I am
currently selling them for 1350G each! That’s an increase of almost 500% and I am
selling 3 or 4 a day! Now imagine you farm the volatile water, or get the maelstroms
and ore even cheaper. The profit margin is huge.

No brainer to me.
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10 comments: on "Bracer Enchant Goldmine"

  1. * Volatile Life: 2G
    * Obsidium Ore: 30G per stack
    * Maelstroms: 100G per one

    Holy crap, what server are you on?

    Volatile life is about 10g, obsidium ore 50g at least and maelstrom's about 150-200g on my server.. I wish i could get v life for 2g D:

  2. I had noticed over the past week or so I had been selling the bracer enchants Mighty Int and Mighty Str more, not a ton of them, but more often that I had been moving them.

  3. I agree about the pricing assumptions. When making a tutorial post like this, please use the undermine journal scatter plot to pick a price that is in the center of the cluster. 2g for life is in the least 5% of the realms.

    It doesn't negate the profit that you can make but makes it more relevant to 90% of goblins.

    Good format and great idea.

  4. Yikes. Yeah... like the @likeitmatters said, these numbers don't relate at all to most market conditions.

    It can definitely still be profitable but the margin is much lower on most servers, and it's not a no-brainer slam dunk.

  5. "Now imagine you farm the volatile water"
    Please, please, please, do not tell me that you believe that farmed mats are free, do you ?

  6. Ero, I know that time = money, but I feel that for some people farming can be 100% profit if they weren't spending that time usefully anyway!
    For example, i list my auctions then i run around in circles on my wooly white rhino trolling trade and yelling at people... That's clearly not a good use of time to make gold.. If i went out and farmed some volatiles instead (perhaps farm life by herbing and level an alt at the same time), then I'd be making a profit i wouldn't usually make. I think it's a case by case issue, time management is important in everything, gold making included.
    Just my thoughts..

  7. Im on a small pop server, and have only managed to sell one for 999g, im posing int and agi bracer enchants, 2 times a day, for like the past two weeks, i get the feeling I'm doing something wrong, anyone else having a problem with this?

  8. Thanks for the comments - I'll try to take them all on board when writing any more articles.

    I admit I don't use undermine journal. I was under the impression it was only for US servers, whereas I am on an EU server. Either way I can lookup average prices and see the average profit margins. Although I didn't use undermine journal I have actually increased the price of the materials from what I buy them for. I bought maelstroms for 65G each and obsidium ore 20G a stack at the weekend so i guess i'm just on a very "farming heavy" server.

    Dicci - agreed prices are cheap on my server, but the price of everything is cheap so it all normalises in the end.

    Ero - Of course I don't in terms of gold per hour. I don't go and farm anything more than 5 volatile waters at a time (which takes about 2-3 mins for me) if I am just short of the 15 required. I don't mind doing this since it doesn't take long and it saves me the 15-20G each that volatile waters are currently going for on my server.

  9. nice post.
    But you need volatile life, not water. You have to substract this from your cost. You could also just transmute the life to water for a 20g x 15 profit, that is 300.

    Still, it is a great idea to make bracer enchants, and definitely worth a fortune now. I tried, and waiting to see the results.

  10. I managed to pick up the Agility one for a 1k. However it took me 4days to sell one:(

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