Cheap Greater Planar Essences

I'll go ahead and get straight to the point, while poking around wowhead trying to find an item that is cheap to craft I found a number of items that can be bought from the AH and disenchanted to sell for a profit.

Any of the below item will disenchant into greater Planar Essences but before you go and craft any of them do a simple search at your auction house and you should find 10-15 of any item listed for cheap. Why? People are levelign their profressions and list the items they use to level for cheap because they're trying to get back any gold they possibly can.

With Greater Planar Essence at 29g/per on my server, I can afford to pay up to 30-35g per item as each item has a chance to give me 2-3 essences. Try to buy the weapons over the armor as weapons have a higher chance to yield essences. Check out some of the deals I found today while doing a couple of scans.

7g Netherweave Boots!
Multiple LW Items for under 15g/ea!
23 Cleaver at 20-25g/ea! What a steal!
 One last thing, you could also go to Halaa and buy some vendor items and DE them, but you don't always have Halaa and taking it back own your own can be a pain. On top of that you have to find a way to get to Shattrah then fly to Nagrand, it's simply too much work and it really isn't "campable" as like I said, you don't always have Halaa, but still a good way to obtain some cheap Greater Planar Essence. That's all folks!

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  1. imo Halaa is the best strat. Strangely that strategy has never gone out of style. I have an alt that has literally been parked there since BC. Though that is probably server dependant. I'm on a very small predominantly Horde server so, it's a rare fluke when we don't have Halaa.

    Sometimes you can randomly find those items on the ah as you said if someone was leveling something, though for crafting them, most of the mats for crafting them are also quite often a thriving (and overpriced) niche market of their own, so I'd be sure to check the prices, because like adamantite ore often goes for a lot, (though that is probably very server dependant)

  2. Just wanted to point out that your post is talking about Greater Planner Essences and yet you are listing things like boots, robes, chest, if your spending 30-35g on any of those items your doing yourself a dis-service. Those items will mostly disenchant into dust.

    weapons will with a greater degree of accuracy disenchant into essences, though occasionally you get some more expensive dust.

    If your looking for Essences look for cheep weapons, if your looking for dust, look for even cheaper armor.

  3. I did state within the post that you should buy weapons over armor - as weapons have a higher chance to yield essences instead of dust @ Tamed Lion

  4. i wish you posted this yesterday lol. i broght loads from AH for 40g per

  5. I like to use the disenchant searcher in Auctioneer.

  6. Unfortunately, GPEs run at about 9 gold on my server.

  7. Because Cold has so far decided not to approve my comment on his recent article regarding this post. I would like to repeat my request here if I could. Does anyone know how to post the price of GPEs on mage's server during the 3 days leading up to this post.

    I would hope that JMTC can let Cold have the last word and concentrate efforts here instead of wasting space on this war of words. It does not help anyone make gold.

    Also just wanted to comment on this post. There is no doubt that many Gold tips depend on many variables and do not always work on all servers 7 days a week. However there are times that crafting gear for GPEs and other enchanting mats can be profitable given the right conditions. Mage has pointed out when it worked for him. His post reminded me to be watchful for little opportunities like this. Thank you for the post.

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