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Hello folks! I'm Imperiexo from "News 4 Newbies." Since I began playing WoW while living in the desert sands of Las Vegas, I was left to figure things out for myself. My goal behind starting my blog, News 4 Newbies (#N4N), was to educate newer gamers on how to be Newbies instead of a N00B. In the first month, I wrote several posts about how to get going and how to slowly immerse yourself into the World of Warcraft (without getting burnt out or frustrated). In the future, #N4N plans to delve into the many, many ways to make GOLD in Azeroth. I hope you'll all give us a read! We enjoy helping others and making the WoW community a little more fun and friendly. /salute!

Since the arrival of Patch 4.2 not too long ago, I have been “reconfiguring” my daily routine which I first developed after my main, Imperiexo, reached Level 85.

After first reaching the level cap, I began to level my reputations in order to get all the reputation enchants by reaching Exalted with each faction necessary for DPS. It was back in this day that I began to develop my daily routines which I will discuss in #N4N’s first installment of:

The Cool “HWHIP”—How/What Have I Played—a little tribute to our friend, Stewie Griffin.


Since I almost ALWAYS wake before my fiancée, I’m the one responsible for making coffee each morning. I wake up my computer, first, and load up a little WoW. I like to run two scans, daily—morning and night— on my auctioneer alt to make sure my pop-up tooltips accurately reflect the market’s condition. I use this time to run my first scan, and check through a few things I’ve learned from 20K LEVELING GUIDE (Sorry; to be fair, you’re going to have to click one of the banners next to this post and get the guide for yourself—I’m not one to share other’s material freely!)

After my 20K Daily Routine is run (the options I choose to incorporate with the number of high-level alts I currently have; or lack thereof), I look to run my dailies.


Since I am currently developing an army of alts for the next expansion, my second goal (after making gold) is to level my guild. Currently, the fastest way for me to do that is to run my only 85 through the Firelands Dailies. Depending on which quests I am able to pick up on the Molten Front, this typically takes between 20-30 minutes. I unwisely chose to run my dailies after work, today, when the scheduled maintenance completed around 2PM. Unfortunately, everyone and their 2nd account (now, FREE!) was camped out which made healing those that can’t-die-soon-enough quite a tragic feat. That quest literally took 50% of the time of all my “dailies run,” today. Annoying! I think I may try and find a better time to run those…


My next goal is to get my 1st alt up to Level 75 so that I may max out another profession or two, to increase my overall gold-making ring. I went back to some of my old “tips and tricks,” mentioned in previous posts, to get out of Outland as quickly as possible and into Northrend. Currently, since I have been picking up a ton of cloth along the way, I’m leveling a second tailor so I have access to a little more Dreamcloth per week. I have found the prices of higher level gear for 85s is selling quite well on my server, so I want to see if I can really corner the market on Tailoring.

When I first ventured into the market, as I said, I went after being the top bag-seller; a feat The Undermine Journal’s website has shown, statistically, I achieved. I truly wish I had taken a screenshot of the times my (first) auctioneer was listed as the Top Seller! Unfortunately, after a while, people began targeting me and I chose to delete my auctioneer and create an unknown.


My “army of alts” has been one that is forever changing in the recent past, however; I am hopeful that the ones I currently have created are here to stay. All ten are on the same server, and, are all in my guild of which I am the GM. I have it this way so that I can max all my exp gains towards my guild’s advancement. We are young (only four months old) but are leveling quickly as we are currently 83% of the way to Guild Level Three.

I intend for my army of alts—whoever makes the “final cut” in the future—to be masters in a wide variety of professions; the order of which I will level them is still to be determined. I had been leveling my 1st alt in Jewelcrafting (JC), but the market on my server is pretty overrun by all the blog readers ;) so I made the decision to attempt to excel at Tailoring.

My army of alts (not including my 1st alt) is being run in a system to teach me all of the dungeons, since I had never entered one before creating my guild.


I still stand by what I said in an earlier post: DPS is the way to go for learning dungeons. I freely admit that healing is an acceptable option that fits all the “pros” I list for DPS; however, I hate healing and have no desire to fill that role in a group!

I like to run my warlock, rogue and feral druid through the appropriate-level dungeons. I feel I have mastered the early level dungeons, like Deadmines, Wailing Caverns, SW Stockade and others. I almost have all my DPS alts up to Level 20, at the very least. When I run the dungeons, I make SURE to set my focus on the Tanks. I have a macro that allows me to easily /follow them to learn which ways they take and how they interact with the dungeon and us, as a group.

While I’m DPSing, I’m training myself to Tank…


My long term goal for the next expansion (assumedly coming in 2012 or late 2011?) is to have a different main than Imperiexo. I know, I know; it’s a great name! But figuring out a way to get Superman was a greater achievement!

Superman is my future-main Paladin. I truly enjoy playing this class as a tank and love the Protection Talent Tree. At the present time, I am running several tanks—Superman and a warrior—through the early level dungeons to master them as a Tank. Once I get to the higher level dungeons, I also have the option of rolling my feral druid as a Tank with Dual Talent Spec.


If you’re like me, an altoholic, you’ve got plenty of toons you can play at any given time. As I said, I run mine on a system so that I’m leveling them through the roughly the same content but on a daily rotation so that I always have an alt fully rested and waiting.

If you think about it, if you devote only one day at a time per alt, you’ll always have the others resting in an inn. For example; if I play Darkseid on Monday until he is no longer rested, I will not play him again until 9 days later (as I have 10 alts I rotate between) when he will be, once again, fully rested.

At first, this may not seem like it will pay off (in the early levels) but I guarantee you when your army of alts is completely rested around Level 65 you’ll thank me for helping you out of Outland faster with this system!

My goal by running this system is to train myself, and my toons, for raids and endgame content once my guild is sufficiently leveled. I do my very best not to jump the gun just because Firelands has a raid (I want my fiancée to marry me, not be pissed if a raid takes 3-6 hours). I also am conscious about avoiding burnout. I have friends who were former hardcore raiders. Occasionally, when new content comes out, they poke me a little and mention I should gear up for them, but I try and remain focused on my system because I am confident it will benefit me the most.

Besides; since they’ve been playing since the Vanilla Days, it’s possibly how they learned…

Are you creating an army of gold-making alts? Do you have a system? If you are a Newbie to the game, how are you teaching yourself?

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  1. Nice post I really liked it and will check out your blog time to time. I don't know who I should be aiming this at, maybe Markco, I don't know, but there is an advertisement for dhgate on the website, it's quite fraudulent.

  2. I take these kinds of complaints very seriously and will look into it. Thank you.

  3. This seems like more of an autobiography of the author to me. Author still knocked it out of the park just hooked foul for me.

  4. @Daniel: Thank you for the compliment and for following news4newbies! I'm not sure about the "dhgate ad?" Is that on my site or

    @Adam: First, love the baseball reference (GO TWINS)! Second, you are correct that my post is rather autobiographical. As a new blogger (six weeks, maybe?), a lot of my initial posts are rather "introductory." I plan to share my tips, theories and practices I have put into place in building my bankroll and gold-making ring of alts. Future posts, of course, will be geared towards higher level content and professions as I work my way through it. I appreciate the comments and follows!


  5. I really liked your post, it was very entertaining, going to check out your blog too. I am rather a noob too, as I started playing around the middle of the Lich King expansion.

  6. @Felesity - Thanks! If you look through my first month's posts (June 2011), you'll see that's right about when I joined! You're exactly the audience I was trying to write for. :) Enjoy!

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