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Kynalla here, and today I am proud to present you with my new video displaying an enchanting gold tip that I have been using for a little while now. This is the Enchanted Lantern.

The Enchanted Lantern has been in the game since Cataclysm launched, and while many of us primarily use Enchanting to disenchant items as our main means of making gold, this is an excellent addition to our arsenal of techniques. While there are people who create these lanterns, many are not aware of the gold making capability of selling this pet. I personally love making the Enchanted Lantern, as it is very very simple to create, and also profitable.

Enchanted Lantern Materials:

Hypnotic Dust x8
Heavenly Shard x8
Maelstrom Crystal x1

Magic Lamp Materials:

Heavenly Shard x8
Greater Celestial Essence x4
Maelstrom Crystal x1

As stated in the video, there are two versions of Enchanting pets in the game. The Alliance have a pet named the Magic Lamp, and the Horde have the Enchanted Lantern. What does this mean? Well, if you were around for Trial of the Crusader pets, I'm sure you can guess what I'm about to say!

The. Neutral. AH.

Yes, the neutral AH is an excellent way to sell these pets. Whether you're listing these on the neutral AH, or transferring them to your opposite faction and marking them up, the neutral AH remains an excellent tool in selling this pet. When I transfer this pet to the Alliance side, there are generally none on the AH which allows me to set the price. Pet collectors are everywhere, and they will pay very high amounts to get the pets they need. It is our job as goblins to take advantage of that.

I hope this gold tip helps you, as it has made me a lot of money. If you would like to see more videos, stay tuned to Just My Two Copper, and check out and subscribe to my YouTube Channel. If you would like to communicate with me at all, here's my Twitter.

Thanks for reading everyone!

9 comments: on "Enchanted Lantern Gold Tip"

  1. Hey Kynalla I really like your gold guides. But I have one request. I'm subscribed to the youtube channel you post these videos on and I know that the JMTC blog updates at 8 o clock every morning American time, so I always check the website at 8:01. But I already watched your lantern video a couple of days ago when you uploaded it on youtube. Dyo reckon you could upload it on the day it's posted so I don't feel left hanging? I don't think this is your fault btw. Love your videos.

  2. I guess this will be a valuable tipp for many people as this fact is not well known. Actually this is the only way to make gold with theses recipes.

    Magic Lamps are selling for 6-700 g on my server. The mats cost
    Heavenly Shard 80gx8
    Greater Celestial Essence 50gx4
    Maelstrom Crystal 100gx1
    = total of 940g

    Everybody selling this pet for less than 1k should be .... argh

    Let's introduce a new group to our therapy...the chronic undercutters...anonimous overhealers get out of here...

  3. So... your tip for making gold is... craft something you can sell for profit.

    Can you make one for us engineers who need help? I don't imagine the process is nearly the same.

  4. Hi Kynalla,

    I love your videos, very nice gold making tip, going to give it try. I just have to watch the heavenly shard prices to catch them when they are down.

  5. I wish someone could sell some lanterns from the opposing side. Lots of gold to be made, even if just reselling after purchasing from the neutral AH :)

  6. Dream Shards are 125g+ on my server

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.
  8. @daniel.stewart1993 The video I post is embedded in the post from my YouTube channel, when my posting is uploaded is out of my reach unfortunately. I do appreciate you subscribing to my channel though, thanks for your support and I'm glad you're enjoying the guides!

    For everyone who is having trouble with mat costs being higher than the actual product, try transferring it to the opposite faction, you will get more hits for a higher price most likely.

  9. The neutral AH takes a 15% cut from your sales price. To maximise your profits, try transferring the lantern (or lamp) to the opposing faction and sell on their AH.

    I only use the neutral AH for transferring, and never for serious sales.

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