Finally Defeat Your Wow Competition

What They Don't Know Will Hurt Them...

Hey everyone, it's Markco again. Here today to tell you that what your competition doesn't know will hurt them... and possibly help you. That is, of course, if you have your hands on what I'm about to share with you...

Dominate Your Competition!

A new, informative chapter has been added to the Cataclysm Gold Guide. Chapter 16 is the long awaited strategy walk through for beating your competition. This impressive addition to 20k Leveling looks at using database tools to manage your sales, predict trends, combat opponent auctioneers and much more. You'll know instantly when your competition is posting, has posted and will be posting their auctions.

This kind of edge is worth it's weight in gold.

This addition to 20k Leveling will arm you with the statistical information you need to dominate any would be competitors who might have read gold tips from various websites or forums on the net. When people go running to the auction house with new tips that they blindly follow from these sites, you'll be able to predict trends and take advantage of their aggressiveness. What's more, this guide is BIGGER than any guides published by small time bloggers (it's an impressive 10 pages in word at 11 size font). Think about that... and it's just an update to the massive 325 page guide.

Finally you can buy items and know that their price is going to rise in a few days, regardless of how rare the item is. What's more, you'll be able to predict cross profession prices and really take advantage of the data available around the internet these days. Doesn't matter what server you play on, there are untapped markets waiting to be exploited and they will be easily accessible to you once you read this chapter.

Have Competition? This Makes You Unstoppable.

Featured examples and walkthroughs will help you build up the analytic skills required (don't worry, we're not talking rocket science here) to dominate your competition. With the help of these tutorials, your server's economy will not be able to stop you from earning thousands every day on the auction house.

In addition to publishing this incredible chapter, the Cataclysm Gold Guide is going on sale for the rest of July as a "Christmas in July Special." You'll be able to pick up the entire guide, as well as all future updates for a single payment of $27.

Don't hesitate or else this deal is going to pass you by and your competition is going to continue to dominate you on the auction house.

6 comments: on "Finally Defeat Your Wow Competition"

  1. I have been enjoying this plug for several months now. I have read a number of helpful things on this site.

    All i get to read today, however, is another info-mercial about 20k leveling...
    I can understand the occasional shameless plug, but I don't read this blog for advertisements and that has been the vibe you've been giving fairly frequently lately. I read it because I'm interested in the subject matter. I hope you write less of this type of post in the future.

    Maybe, if you plan to post something like this, you could ALSO post something that's not so advertisey on the same day so you can fill your marketing quota as well as keep the customers happy.

  2. I hardly ever see a post relating to 20klevelling anymore. And even if the posts did waht do you expect? the sites are directly linked. You expect him to not share his guide on a blog about the sort of things his guide is about. Not a very good marketing stretegy is it, Hombre?

  3. I'd like to see you on the call to auction podcast again Markco I miss that show.

  4. Maybe be a bit more subtle. Rather than say, my guide is awesome! Go buy it! Trust me!

    Am I to read a blog that teaches me nothing and interests me not at all? I guess the blog is just pointless and buying the guide is the only thing of value on this site anymore?

    Where do you draw the line between what to expose on the blog and what to "save" for the guide? Surely there's a middle ground. All saying is that I read this blog for good reading, not advertisements. If I read blog posts that are not good reading and just say "it's awesome, go buy it!" I might as well not pay as much attention to the blog.

    Anyways, I know it's not like this every day. I just felt like posting about this type of article and how I felt about it. Just my opinion I guess.

  5. Hombre this discussion has been intelligent and respectable, a far cry from the typical comments I have to remove. We value your opinion and appreciate the way you presented it.

  6. Jesse Seymour said... July 28, 2011 at 1:13 PM

    I have been enjoying the gold making guide since I purchased it at the end of WotLK. One thing that would make it really super valuable though would be releasing an iPad app for it as well so I don't have to switch out of WoW to reference the guide... that and an iPad app for TUJ but that is neither here nor there.

    Having to switch out of the WoW to look at the guide is a bit of a pain and having an iPad app that displayed the text and graphics that I could reference would be the bee's knees.

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