Frostweave Farming in Cataclysm Patch 4.2

Author: Leo.

The Frostweave farming season has started!

Bags always sell well. We all want them, we all need them, and we always want bigger ones. No surprise that frostweave bags are one of the easy to sell items on the auction house. With easy I mean that you won’t be undercut and are stuck with them for a while. Post them, they sell. Not much competition if you just undercut by a few gold only. They sell like hot cakes.

After Cataclysm came out, the drop rate of frostweave cloth was lowered immensely, you know, to the they-just-don't-drop-anymore kind of rate, and the price of this frostweave cloth has sky rocketed.

In my opinion, with vendors, bank access and mailboxes everywhere, no-one really needs the bigger overpriced bags. But paying 100-200g for a 20 slot bag is definitely worth your gold. At the moment they sell for 200g on my server. The thing is that they stay just under the price of 22 slot embersilk bags.

With patch 4.2 the drop rate of frostweave cloth is very high again, and it is time to farm and sell cloth & bags before the prices start dropping. Also, at the time of this writing, frostweave cloth is really in low supply, and you can easily farm these for huge profits. Farm these with your tailor to get the extra pieces of cloth, a great activity whilst waiting in the queue for a battleground random heroic dungeon.

Of course, get rid of your stockpiled cloth and bags now the prices are still high.

Long term considerations: prices of frostweave will go down, this will only accelerate the prices of embersilk going down, by a lot (spiral effect + people be stuck with unsold bags / patch effect is over, not much left to craft). They can even go down enough to make DE for shards feasible in the foreseeable future.

By the way, if you want to be nice to new players, you can buy 14 slot Draenic Leather Pack
from a vendor in outland for 12 gold. Give 4 of them to a new player (48 gold) to get started, this will be very helpful to them. If you low on gold, buy the Runecloth Bags from the auction house, when you upgrade to bigger bags, you can simply resell these or send them to your friends / alts (not bind on equip)

Happy farming.


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13 comments: on "Frostweave Farming in Cataclysm Patch 4.2"

  1. Bags on Drak'Thul are outrageous. Frostweaves go for 350g and Embersilks go for just a little higher at 370g. The supply is really low too. Right now on a Saturday morning there are only 2 Frostweaves and 14 Embersilks available on the AH.

    I really need to lvl my tailor alt...

  2. So uhh...where do you suggest farming?

  3. "After Cataclysm came out, the drop rate of frostweave cloth was lowered immensely,"

    What? Source?

    I never found a lower drop rate. Proof as well as a suggestion for the person who asked for a farming spot:

  4. You can also buy 14 slot bags (Thick Hide Packs) from a vendor named Gotri in The Drag in Orgrimmar. Same price as the vendor in Outland, just that you don't have to go as far. With exalted rep (or a goblin) they come to around 9g each. There is a vendor that sells the same bags in Stormwind named Alyssa Griffith.

  5. The Thick Hide Pack is an excellent choice, I didn't see that one before, this is definitely easier to get.

    Regarding the farming: Converted Heroes in Icecrown is good, but really anywhere in Northrend is fine (except dungeons). They just keep on dropping atm, and the prices are still high.


  6. About the drop rate: it was very very low. I am your souce :-) I tried to level tailoring in this period, it cost me a fortune. I was also leveling in Northrend. But if my experience is not good enough for me, you can check out the comments on wowhead as well. Blizz doesn't tell you about every drop rate they change.

  7. Saying "I didn't get a lot and such the drop rate is clearly nerfed" is not a valid source.

    I checked the comments on wowhead, as you suggested, and went back one patch: "Leveled up a new mage and read all the post. My 3rd group of Fallen Hero's Spirit I got lucky and got a book. After reading it I counted how many I got in 30 mins. End count was 254. 500 cloth an hour. So in about 3 hours you could knock out all the cloth you need to get to Cata level Tailoring."

    Sounds like it's always been pretty good to me. I still want to see a real source about changes in drop rate.

  8. See, i do my Argent Tourney Dailies and get loads of cloth from the mobs i have to kill. In killing 15-30 mobs I'll have at least a stack of cloth most days.
    Sales on these bags are different on each server, i actually find it easier to sell the cloth as it is, then work on netherweave bag sales. NW Bags sell like hotcakes!

  9. Why should anyone farm Frostweave? It's almost a perfect example of an item that should NEVER be farmed.

    The only exception is if you need it and no one will farm it for you.

    I'd like to see the gold per hour case that farming Frostweave is worth it, please.

  10. Mmh, a interesting idea. What is the official drop rate of items? I don't know if there is a source for that other than peoples experiences.... Do you have any better suggestions?
    In any case, check these out:

    But the point was that they DO start dropping like flies now, and you can benefit from this.

  11. Mooncloth bags I think are a great buy if you can find felcloth on the AH.

    They are 16 slot non-BOE bags so you can purchase them for your alt and then transfer to another alt or sell them on the AH when you are done using them. Should be able to get all of your money back and potentially make some.

  12. Best place to farm Frostweave cloth IMO is in Icecrown where you must duel against vrykyls. They respawn very fast.

  13. I've been farming Cathedral of Darkness in Icecrown on my 85 warrior without Northrend Cloth Scavenging. Your mileage may vary, but they're 80 elites that drop greens pretty often as well, proc my victory rush often enough that even though you pull 20+ of them I don't really die, spawn so fast there's really no downtime if you take looting into account, and drop enough greys to pay for whatever repairs I need. I'd say I get 100-160 pieces / hour. IDK how much more that would be with the tailoring cloth drop buff.

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