Guild Banks for Beginners

Hey JMTC! Kynalla here, and I'm proud to present to you a gold tip for all of the beginners out there which discusses the necessity for guild banks!

In my years as a dedicated gold-maker, the guild bank is a tool that resembles that of epic flying. In The Burning Crusade, epic flying was considered by some as unnecessary which was mostly due to its price. The guild bank has been voiced by some as unnecessary, but in my experience it is the best investment that I, or any aspiring gold-maker could possibly make. 

The guild bank provides storage for both gold and items that is unmatched by your personal bank. With up to eight tabs up for grabs in total in the guild bank, and 96 item slots at your disposal per tab, the guild bank is a weapon in your gold-making arsenal matched by none. Whether you're storing your items for later use in an upcoming patch, or you need somewhere to store your massive stocks of materials, the guild bank remains the supreme way to store one's items. Isn't it ridiculous that you can't store gold in your personal bank? What kind of a bank is that? This is one reason why guild banks excel when it comes to organization and keeping track of your gold. 

Not only are guild banks brilliant for storage purposes, but they're simple to create. In my video I show each faction's respective guild vendors in the two main cities Stormwind, and Orgrimmar. The next steps consist of finding three people to sign your guild charter, and then buying your tabs at your own pace. 

Thanks a lot for watching my video and reading my post, and I hope that it helps you all. 

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P.S. I'm very sorry to all of you experienced gold-makers out there, this tip is not directed towards you, but towards our new aspiring gold-makers who are learning the ropes. 

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2 comments: on "Guild Banks for Beginners"

  1. Although his target audience was very specific, i think Kynalla did well in showing the basic concepts of creating a guild bank and its uses. I'm sure this was beneficial to those who are thinking about involving themselves in gold making and don't know where to start. Video is always a great tool for teaching also, so good work on that.

  2. This is a very good starter look at setting up a guild bank. the video definitely adds to what is needed.

    I would say that if you expanded on this idea talk about the tab costs vs just watching trade and purchasing a previously made guild.
    Also some of the tricks of the trade such as if you don't like the name of the guild, have a friend "report" it and then you will get the normal request to change. Especially if it's an offensive name to you.

    Very very good post. I look forward to more from you.

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