How to Speed Up Auctioneer Scans

I requested the following information from Cithan, who had commented anonymously about the subject of speeding up auctioneer scans. His email was such a simple and easy to follow walk through that I am posting it here today.
" Hi Markco,
Hopefully I’ve got the right email address!
You asked me to send you details about what I did to setup Auctioneer for fast scans.

This is what I did:
1. Deleted all old Auctioneer data.
2. Installed the latest Auctioneer, which has some performance enhancements I believe.
3. Only activated the following modules from Auctioneer:
* Auc-Auctioneer (core)
* Auc:Filter:Basic
* Auc:ScanData
* Auc:Util:FixAH
I suspect this step is quite important. Before you go deleting any data, have a look at the size of all the data files for the various Auctioneer modules. You’ll see they are quite large. Auctioneer will need to write them out every time you log out. On top of that, I suspect when you do the scan it has to recalculate all of them, slowing down the scan a lot.

4. Now go into Core Options / General of Auctioneer. I get into here by hovering over the little yellow sliver under the mini-map, the config items expand and I click on the one full of gold coins.
Scroll down, and the second last option reads “Scan Retriever Time-to-Live”. Drag the slider back to 5 seconds.
The help describes what you’ll lose by doing this. As far a I can make out, it isn’t much, this feature was most likely designed for an earlier version of wow / overloaded servers / slow connections.
Before you post any tutorial on this, you should get someone to try it out. There are possibly other things different about my setup. Note that my internet connection is over 1MB / sec, and latency is 21 ms. Also I play Horde on a server that is 20% Horde 80% Alliance – there are only 14000 Auctions active today (not many people are playing at the moment I think).
On the subject of add ons, I’ve noticed Gatherer also increases log out time substantially so I have disabled this too. When you have a lot of bankers, it is important that logout time is quick!
Best of luck, and I love JMTC by the way!

  1. Lifedream of Black Dragonflight said... July 20, 2011 at 9:40 AM

    Hi guys,

    I appreciated this article very much. Thank you Marco & Chthan.
    I spend too much time making gold and not enough time playing the game. Anything/everything that speeds up AH scans and/or login/logout time is gold to me.

    Twice a day I cycle thru nine charactors, seven Horde and two
    Alliance. Plus, a couple of times each week I use another charactor from a friends account to facilitate cross-faction trading.

    Lifedream of Black Dragonflight

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