Let's Shuffle Eternals! Yes, Eternals.

I talked about learning a different jewelcrafting market nearly a week ago. Today I'd like to cover a different but similar jewelcrafting market: The Eternal Shuffle. This market is insanely good right now and requires less time than any of the ore shuffle as you're literally skipping an entire step.

I'll explain for those of you who didn't play during Wrath of the Lich King. You're going to be buying Eternal Earth and Eternal Shadow whenever it's cheap. What you're going to do with both of these is craft either one of two jewelcrafting rings: Shadowmight Rings & Stoneguard Bands. Once you've done this, disenchant the rings and sell the dust at the auction house. Currently Infinite dust is in high demand but the supply is rather low due to Wrath of The Lich King not being farmed as much.

As you can see below, on most servers the price for dust is in the 4-5g range, each ring you disenchant will yield anywhere from 4-7 dust or 2-3 essences and sometimes more if you have the Bountiful Bags Perk.

The great thing about doing the ' Eternal Shuffle "? There is little to no competition in the market! Enchanters need roughly 600 dust to level their enchanting from 350 to 425, that's roughly 30 stacks, if each stack is sold at 100g/stack every enchanter will spend 3,000g!

Enchanters need their dust, will you be supplying it to them or simply standing there losing out on an excellent gold making opportunity?

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  1. I've been doing this consistently since wrath. The trick is to find the earths and shadow when they're low, which for me hasn't been all that often. I've found that shattering abyss crystals is also extremely profitable as the price for abyss crystals can sometimes go quite low and in bulk. I have been able to find low priced abyss crystals more consistently than low priced eternal earths and shadows, but every server will be different.

    As always, patience helps with both finding the lowest priced mats and the highest sell price for the dust and essences.

  2. should the eternals be expensive, remember to check out frozen orbs.
    They can be traded to eternals 1:1 in Dalaran

  3. I had two guild bank pages full of eternal earths at the end of wrath. This is good steady gold. Considering I bought the eternals at no more than 2g a piece, it's also quite profitable.

  4. I bought over 7000 earth and 2000 shadow at the end of LK for 20-30g per stack. Shuffling these has made me thousands and thousands of gold in the past 6 months.

  5. I remember vendoring Bloodstone Bands and Sun Rock Rings once upon a time.

  6. Nooooo, now i'll have 'tards in my market! D:

  7. Love it Mageshadow!

  8. I reserve my frozen orbs to turn into eternal fires on my server. I picked up a truckload of orbs for 2g each and have been selling eternal fires for 20g to 30g ever since. I pretty consistently sell between 4 and 10 per day and haven't really put much of a dent in my frozen orb supply. I hate the space they take up in my bank, but the money is too good and too consistent to ignore. Oh well, not a bad problem to have.

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