Molten Front Vendor(s) Unlock Today + Honor Compensation

If you don't know already, today is the first day people will unlock the molten front vendors if they've done their dailies every day since 4.2's release. I'd like to give you a couple tips and tricks that you can utilize to make yourself a nice chunk of change:
  • Truegold should and will skyrocket - it will go even higher as people unlock vendors ( I know for a fact people might of missed a day or two, or picked the wrong faction )
  • The recipes will be craftable right away, they do not require Living Embers, but instead use Chaos Orbs.
  • If possible be the first to sell these items, they will sell BIG - they're ilvl 365 weapons which caters to the casual crowd.
  • Volatiles should see an increase of price along with Truegold
  • If you find yourself stuck with Truegold, try to make the Vial of Sands drake, it requires 12 Truegold and still sells for a nice profit.
  • With the recent 4,000 honor compensation gems & enchants will be selling BIG - people are able to get 2-3 pieces of honor gear and they'll want their gear enchanted ASAP. Gems markets skyrocketed as of yesterday for me, purple, yellows, blue were all selling 100g+, Inferno Rubies were at 200-300g and Meta gems rose from 150-200 to nearly 350g per. Sell, sell, sell folks!
Right now the servers are down - use this to your advantage and "soft reset" the market for Truegold and any other item that you want. No one was prepared for this weird & out of place Wednesday maintenance so use this to your advantage and get ahead of the competition.

If you want to look at the new patterns coming from the 4.2 Molten Front Vendors go ahead and look at this post here at Just My Two Copper.

This will only happen once! Use this gold making opportunity and make as much gold as you possibly can folks! Do you have anything to add? Drop a comment below!

13 comments: on "Molten Front Vendor(s) Unlock Today + Honor Compensation"

  1. I don't even have the plans, and paid other Blacksmiths to make me the items at 500G per Orb (2500G per item).

    I depleted the supply of Chaos Orbs on most Blacksmiths with the plans so far, and flipped 4-5k profit on each item within 20 minutes of crafting, regardless of which it was.

    Love Mal'Ganis - US.


  2. Our market exploded yesterday with people getting their recipes. True gold went from 600 gold to over 1k gold. Our gem market also took off, specially Inferno Rubies. Uncut, they were selling for 275g. Pyrium ore, Pyrium bars, Elementium Bars, Elementium ore, Obsidium Ore and Obsidium bars all more than doubled in price.

    I expect volatiles to jump in the next day or two, with prices at all time lows right now, people will be suddenly transmuting Truegold due to the demand.

  3. Our truegold only climbed from 450 to 675 but I still sold 50,000 gold worth and believe I may have done an unknown soft reset with an 800 posting of 40 bars on a 48 hour cooldown last night.

    With regards to gems, I really regret not doing a big shuffle this weekend, but I've felt a bit burned out and things have been okay without it.

    Thanks for posting about truegold a few weeks / months ago. I was nervous with 250 - 300 bars when the price was tanking, but now I'm quite happy I held out.

  4. Slightly incorrect post...

    The vendors have been unlocked for some players since Monday already. There was a bug that wasn't resetting the dailies correctly the first few days, which allowed some bug exploiters to do multiple sets of the daily quests the first few days.

    These cheaters have been selling the new items since Monday and anyone who was trying to race to be first is already screwed since Blizzard didn't roll back the Mark totals of the bug exploiters.

    Way to go Blizz!

  5. Yesterday was one of the best selling days I've seen in a while. I was selling volatile water stacks of 30 for 900g and they were sold as soon as I posted them. Sold lots of earplugs bars, pyrium bars, and truegold was up around 1k each. Even sold alot of raw green gems for 100g each. I made at least 25k yesterday. Thanks for all the tips. Love this site!

  6. The link you post to the new recipes, doesn't link to the new recipes, but instead just a post saying there will be new recipes.

    That's less than useless, it's misleading and timewasting.

  7. @anon above me, I apologize for incorrectly linking the wrong post. It has now been fixed.

  8. Inferno Rubys have tripled in price:D

  9. In weapon enchant scrolls I totaled over 20k alone! Also many other enchants were selling!

  10. Actually Tuesday (yesterday) was the first day to be able to open the vendors without taking advantage of the reset bug at the beginning. You should have had 127 on tuesday if you did everything perfect. A lot of people ended up at 124 due to a) missing The Protectors of Hyjal daily the 1st time it was available [-2] and b) doing their first faction's dailys on the day they got 150+ before turning the marks to recruit the other side and only getting 25 that day instead of 26 [-1 for a total of -3].

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.
  12. They unlocked yesterday.

  13. On my realm the first weapons were found in the AH on Monday. But that was only one guy always posting just 1 of each. Don't know how many he sold that day, but there was always 1 of each available. Since yesterday the AH is flooded. About 2 pages of ilvl 365 weapons ranging from 10k to 30k.

    Prices of volatiles and gems didn't change at all. Truegold went from 500g to 700g. There must have been some guys with huge stockpiles. Saw someone post in tradechat that he wanted to sell 37 stacks of truegold. Right now there are 198 truegold available in the AH. I assume that on my server they are currently trying to sell more than 1.000 truegold.

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