New Niche Market: BiS Agility Cloak Enchant

I simply love niche markets and this has to be one of the best finds that I've discovered in a long time. Many people are currently busy with cataclysm enchants and don't go back to wrath enchants to see if they're still selling well. I'm always looking for markets that people simply don't know about and I've found a great enchant that is still BiS for 2-3 classes.

Enchant Cloak - Major Agility
Infinite Dust (8)
Greater Cosmic Essence (2)
Dream Shard (2)

The enchant caters to feral druids, rogues, enhancement shammies, and possibly hunters ( I've had a couple buy them ). As of right now this is the highest yielding agility cloak enchant in the game, there are other enchants that fit the roles of these classes such as +50 crit to cloak, but many of them value agility over crit.

As you can see above, the great thing about this enchant is that it utilizes Wrath of the Lich King Materials. Wait, what? How's that a great thing? Infinite dust is hella expensive! By using Wrath materials, the enchant provides you with the niche market that you need! On top of this, not many people care to go back to "old" and "outdated" enchants, even further allowing you to price gouge this item!

If you're having trouble obtaining Wrath of The Lich King enchanting materials check back tomorrow for a post on ways you can obtain Infinite Dust and Greater Cosmic Essence for cheap, which also includes the "Eternal Shuffle"

5 comments: on "New Niche Market: BiS Agility Cloak Enchant"

  1. I have been farming (rather efficiently!) wrath enchanting mats and selling this enchant for a while; so I can confirm that this is a great source for gold.

    Or, at least, it was until you posted this article: now I expect a lot of players to go and try this, flooding the AH with scrolls.

    Oh, wait! If enough people on my server read your article, they'll start buying mats like crazy to make the enchants... thanks for pushing the demand on a market I own, going back to farming now :D

  2. @anon above, not much I can do here - I'm blogging about things people should be doing, it's a good post letting people know about a niche market they currently aren't in but should be. I'm sure you'd feel great if you read this post and never knew about the market.

  3. I've been making a killing with this scroll aswell. And the materials are almost free due to abyssal shatter! :)

  4. And bam there goes my market lol...ive been selling these for 115g per enchant.

  5. there is a +65 crit enchant, so it isn't quite BIS. for rogues. Good tip though.

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