Saving Gold In Azeroth Tip #6

Welcome back folks! I'd like to talk to you about something that could ( it might already be! ) saving you insane amounts of gold during your entire wow "career".

Use Reputation Discounts To Your Advantage!
By using reputation discounts ( or even guild perk discounts ) to your advantage you'd be surprised how much gold you'd save during your entire wow career. Sure it might seem like you're saving a couple silver here or there, but it all adds up!

I'll give you a small example, let's say you're a jewecrafter and you're doing the obsidium shuffle. You will need 200 jeweler's settings and you're buying them in Ironforge, a faction you're not quite exalted with, but you are friendly with. You'd end up paying 255g for all 200 settings ( 5% discount from rep, 10% from guild bartering perk ). Now let's say that instead of buying the settings in ironforge you buy them at Stormwind, a faction that you're exalted with. You'd end up paying 210g for all 200 settings ( 20% discount from rep, 10% from guild bartering perk ). You're saving 45g by using reputation discounts to your advantage. Now ask yourself this, how many settings have you bought since Cataclysm's release? 1,000? 2,000? 5,000 or more? If you've bought 5,000 settings and bought them from a vendor that is tied to a reputation that you're exalted with, you saved roughly 2,250g!

The example above can apply to all vendor bought items within the game, pets, recipes, enchanting scrolls, food, etc. One of the major things that I already talked about during Saving Gold in Azeroth #2 would be that you should always aply this discount when buying mount training/mounts! By doing so you're instantly saving several thousands of gold!

It's never too late to start saving folks! When buying vendor items be sure that you're using reputation discounts to your advantage! Think about it this way, find your total gold acquired in the statistics tab, how nice would it be to have 5-20% of that amount back?

3 comments: on "Saving Gold In Azeroth Tip #6"

  1. Oh my god, so easy... yet I never think about it. I just buy where I am. Have to change that.

    Thanks Mage, very sweet post :)

  2. Aye, saving is making!

    I trim off silver here and there wherever possible. It's a good habit to get into.

    Another thing you should get into the habit of doing is asking yourself, "Do I _really_ need to buy that off the AH right at this very moment?" Consider the cost of something and whether you desperately need it right then and there. If not, and the price is a little high, wait a day or two and then get it cheaper (if possible).

    Saving silver is saving gold. And saving gold is making gold. :)

  3. Reputation is very easy to gain now, daily quest not only give reputation but also with gold :)

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