Saving Gold In Azeroth Tip #7

Do you really need that?
Always ask yourself this question when buying an item. Do you really need that item? Will that item affect your gameplay in a positive manner so much so that you're willing to spend "time" ( gold ) on said item?

You need to put things into priorities, needs and wants. "Needs" are items that you simply need to enhance your gameplay such as the difference between a 150% flying mount and a 280% mount. You're questing faster, you're gathering faster, you're spending gold to do things faster resulting in a net gain of time which can be converted into endless possibilities.

On the other hand you have things labeled as "wants" such as that shiny new piece of gear that is simply a 6 ilvl upgrade, yet will cost you 5,000g. Or that shiny new enchants that is simply a +15 haste extra but will put a 2,500g dent in your wallet. Things in this category are small improvements, while they will affect how fast you do things, the time gained is minimal and typically not worth it, especially if you're saving gold.

There are of course exceptions to the named set of rules. When you find a bargain on an item, the rules don't apply. Did you find a rare mount listed at 30k when it's real value is at 100k and you've "wanted" it for a while? Buy it! It's a bargain and you will probably never find that mount that cheap ever again! When dealing with absurdly low prices, regardless of what category the item falls into, go ahead and buy it if you have the gold.

Before you go out and buy a big ticket item such as a BOE, an enchant, a mount, ask yourself; Do I really need this? Or can it simply wait? If you wait and decide not to buy X item at this moment you might find it down the road even cheaper. If there is one thing I've learned in playing World of Warcraft for four long years is that patience is virtue.

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  1. Well said. This is a philosophy that I've lived with for a long time. I have 6 85 toons; all of them have super fast flying. 4 of them have 3 person mounts. But I've only bought a few cata purples for them. Most of my purples I got from rep or from justice/valor points.

  2. You are totally right that waiting for the right time to buy some really expensive items can save you thousands of gold.

    In such cases I have a little greedy goblin on one of my shoulders and my raiding mainchar on the other. The goblin is telling me that the DMC:V for 12k or new bracers for 15k or new crafted ilvl378 shoes for 20k will be much cheaper within a few weeks. While my main is telling me that these items will help me and my raid to get Nefarian or Ragnaros or whoever down earlier. Usually the goblin is going to lose.

    When I got Chelleys Sterilized Scalpell during a random trash raid 3 weeks ago they both had very good arguments. After considering them all I decided to choose both possibilities. I put it in the AH for 24 hours for 750k. When I checked my mail the next day there was the weapon waiting for me. I took it out of the mailbox enchanted it and equipped it. Can't imagine how I would have reacted if some idiot had bought it for 750k.

  3. Silverthorn said... July 21, 2011 at 1:05 PM

    Tip #7.1 Don't forget to have fun. What are you saving all that gold for?

    Chances are, you're not a total goblin, simply accruing gold just to watch the pretty numbers climb. It's what you do with it.

    Will you have significantly more fun buying some item? Maybe not, if it will simply get replaced in the next tier of raiding. Some items transcend the iLvL treadmill, though.

    For example, Vial of the Sands and Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth are nice mounts -- multiple passengers vehicles are great for moving low-level alts around, but they're also just flat-out more fun to play.

    We're all here playing to have fun, right? So, if you haven't tried them yet, think about spending a little of that hard-won gold for a little R&R.

  4. scottiegazelle said... July 22, 2011 at 2:42 PM

    I agree with your overall philosophy about distinguishing between a "want" and a "need". However, since this isn't real life (clothes, food, shelter = needs; WoW, cable, brand name clothes = wants), your idea of "needs" and mine may be different.

    For instance, I love playing the AH. But I also enjoy raiding. I enjoy my guild. And the requirement for my guild is that to hit Firelands (which I much want to do), we need to have a certain gear level. In that case, that shiny new piece of gear for 5k may well be a "need" for me. I need to be enchanted with the top of the line enchants, so the same with that +15 haste buff.

    Yes. I may be able to spend the time grinding for VP or waiting for heroic drops or loot - which I do. But if I can get there faster with that piece of gear, well, what else am I amassing my gold for?

    I'm especially struggling with this, as I found Theck's Emberseal for 50% of its usual selling price. On the one hand, it's perfect for my tank. On the other, I can flip it for serious profit. It comes down to which of my two gameplay goals I most want. And honestly? I'll probably list it another 10-15% higher than the "going" rate and see if it sells, just because I can. If I wind up needing it after it has sold, I can buy it for less than I brought home. If it hasn't sold, I'll pull it off the AH. Meh. I'm still indecisive lol.

    As Silverthorn said, we're here to enjoy the game. The trick, then, is to determine what is a want and what is a need for YOU.

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