Twitter: Educated Trade Chat

How important is social media when you play a social game such as world of warcraft? Say, for instance, twitter and following fellow wow players? I'd say it's about as important as your auctioneer addon.

How to Use Twitter to Make Gold

  • Step 1: Get a Twitter account.
  • Step 2: Use Twitter search to find other gold writers and wow players alike.
  • Step 3: Follow no more than 50 people per day.
  • Step 4: Discuss gold making with the people you have followed.
  • Step 5: Repeat!

That's how simple twitter is. Search, Follow, Discuss.

Don't forget to follow @Mageshadow as well for his gold tips!

So what's so great about following these strangers and discussing world of warcraft with them? Think of it as an educated trade chat channel. Sure, there's still the occasional trolling, but with Twitter you have control over who you follow and don't follow. You can look for people who give you good tips and are also willing to discuss upcoming patches with you. All in all it's easy to use and incredibly effective.

Just remember not to follow more than 50 people per day, or else twitter will delete your account for spamming.

Also consider the IRC and gold forums for your gold making discussions.

  1. It seems easy, I will have a try

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