400 Wow Gold Tips

These are 400 tips from posts found on this site. I literally searched through all 1300+ articles and picked 400 that I felt you should (eventually) read for advice on making gold in wow. Enjoy your gold tips and be sure to comment on some of your favorites! They are in order from oldest to newest. This was a real treat to do and a wonderful trip down memory lane for me. It's incredible that some of the oldest posts still can make people gold today. I'm sure you'll find something in here that will help you.

If you liked these tips, be sure to try out Wow Gold Guide. New updates are just around the corner!

PS: Please share this information with as many people as possible, whether that's through twitter, forum posts, reedit, or anything else you can think of. Thanks!

1. Making Money at Level 9
2. Saronite Saturdays
3. Crystallized to Eternals
4. Frostweave Cloth Farming
5. Cobalt Gold Farming
6. 1k Gold at Level 16
7. Auction House Pitfalls
8. Buy Low, Sell High = Bad Economics
9. Video: Bid Low, Sell Normal
10. Money and Doctor Teeth
11. Dream Shards Going Up in Value (They finally have, 3 years later lol!)
12. How to Time Your Bids
13. Sell Individual Items instead of Stacks
14. Auctioneer Review: Easy Gold
15. Using and Avoiding Flooding
16. Making Bank Alt Math
17. What Sells on the Neutral AH
18. Auctioneer Resale Profit Guide
19. Vendor Items for Profit
20. The 80/20 Rule
21. The Angry Auctioneer
22. Speculation Roulette
23. Farming Runecloth in Hellfire
24. Gold to be Made in PvP
25. Tricking Auctioneer
26. 22 Steps to Using Auctioneer (The most popular post on the site by far!)
27. Farming Frostweave Cloth AOE
28. Taking Advantage of Being Hacked
29. Best Farming Spot in WOTLK
30. Auction House Psychology
31. Mammoth and Worm Meat Farming
32. Fun with Plain Letters (AH Prank)
33. How to Reduce Latency (Not for AH'ing, but good for if you need better Latency!)
34. Spider's Silk
35. The 1.5k Gold Trinket (Use the farming spot for vendor grinding.)
36. Borean Tundra (Leather farming.)
37. Suggest Icecrown Mining Route
38. A Pleasant Farming Spot
39. Boar Meat Made of Gold?
40. Who Doesn't Like Cookies? How About Sharp Ones?
41. Mailbox Mod
42. Aspect of the Auction House Viper
43. Casinos
44. Pro Gnomish Engineering Tip
45. Seething Revenants
46. Pass the Cake, It's Delicious
47. A Post for Twitter Lovers
48. The Selling Blues
49. Auctioneer Help, Where's My Data?
50. Herbs and Ore, One Not So Much
51. How to Win Bids
52. Reverse Speculation
53. Back to Basics with Auctioneer
54. Wintergrasp Farming Route
55. Do I Have to be the Lowest Priced Item to Sell?
56. Banking Again, the Importance of Space
57. Too Many Auctioneers
58. Sholozar Basin Gorillas
59. Throat Piercers
60. Putting it All into Perspective
61. Children's Week
62. Non-Enchanter Enchanting Tips
63. Only Two Hours Until Raid... Help!
64. Forum Time, Join in the Fun!
65. Smelting My Gold
66. Noob Guide to Making Gold
67. Learning to Learn
68. Cost of Buying Low and Selling High
69. Cobalt Farming Route
70. Darkmoon Faire Buying
71. Auctions, Auctions Everywhere
72. Insane in the Membrane
73. 21 Tips: Tip 1
74. 21 Tips: Tip 2
75. 21 Tips: Tip 3
76. 21 Tips: Tip 4
77. 21 Tips: Tip 5
78. 21 Tips: Tip 6
79. 21 Tips: Tip 7
80. 21 Tips: Tip 8
81. 21 Tips: Tip 9
82. 21 Tips: Tip 10
83. 21 Tips: Tip 11
84. 21 Tips: Tip 12
85. 21 Tips: Tip 13
86. 21 Tips: Tip 14
87. 21 Tips: Tip 15
88. 21 Tips: Tip 16
89. 21 Tips: Tip 17
90. 21 Tips: Tip 18
91. 21 Tips: Tip 19
92. 21 Tips: Tip 20
93. 21 Tips: Tip 21
94. Sholozar Basin Mining Route
95. 4th of July
96. Wow Popular for Glyphs
97. How I WoW Podcast (Our podcast literally shut down their site from all the traffic!)
98. Portals and Tips
99. Spring Cleaning, A Bountiful Harvest
100. Auction House Talent Points (Silly and Stupid. But Funny.)
101. Making Gold Syndrome
102. Lesson from Walmart
103. Make Money with Nothing
104. Cross Faction Trading
105. Stationary Frostweave Farming
106. Boar Rips, the Other White Meat
107. Deflation and Opportunity Cost
108. Some Helpful Selling Tips
109. Inscription Gold Tip
110. Avoiding the Auction House
111. What Makes a Good Farming Spot?
112. Pwning MMO-Champion
113. Playing the Long Haul on the Auction House
114. The Doctor is in
115. Spreading Out the Markets
116. Lesson in Supply and Demand: Inscription
117. Netherweave Bags
118. Pick Your Favorite Ways to Make Gold (Good number of comments on this post.)
119. Stop Asking How Much Gold You Can Make Per Hour!
120. 10 Tips to Leveling Professions
121. Riding the Wave of Supply and Demand
122. Scavenger Hunt (Fun little game on the blog at the time.)
123. Dealing with Saturated Markets
124. Two Manning Flame Leviathan for Gold
125. Cataclysm, The End of the Individual Auctioneer
126. Strategic Plan for the Wealthy Auctioneer
127. The Art of Undercutting
128. Farmers are Your Friends
129. How to Deal with Undercutters
130. The Art of Flipping
131. Smelting the Golds
132. Drowning in Undercutters
133. Sweet Spot for Cooking Gold
134. Artificial Ceiling
135. How I Make Easy Gold
136. 10,400 Gold in One Batch Post
137. 10 Ways to Boost Efficiency of Wow Account
138. What Does PCT Mean in Auctioneer?
139. Failing to Control a Market
140. Batch Posts, Setting Limits
141. Spore Guard Reputation Grinding
142. Making Gold After Winter's Veil
143. Importance of Being Organized
144. What Price Should I Post At?
145. Stages to Becoming a Wow Millionaire
146. Thousands of Small Auctions vs a Few Big Ones
147. Low Population Servers Cannot Make Gold
148. The Glyph Wall
149. Why Certain Glyphs Sell Great
150. 5 Reasons to Have a Second Wow Account
151. 10 Reasons to Be an Auctioneer in Wow
152. Profession Leveling Kits
153. Help Making More than 1k A Day
154. When do You Craft Items?
155. 10 Ways Internet Marketing Helped Me Play Wow Better
156. Numbers
157. Doctor EJ on Economics, Part 1
158. Doctor EJ on Economics, Part 2
159. 10 Things the Netherweave Bag Market Teaches Us
160. 9 Reasons Gems will Cap You Faster Than Glyphs
161. Renting an Enchanter
162. It's Not About the Gold, Even 1,000,000
163. Vanity Pets
164. Post One Item for Max Price
165. When the Going Gets Tough
166. Don't Play for Second Place
167. Be Careful with Bids
168. Can't Use Resale Scan... Help!
169. Mid Life Leveling Crisis
170. Gold Making Secrets
171. Golden Guild Signatures
172. What Motivates You to Make Gold?
173. Venting
174. Make Gold Like the Native Americans
175. Full Moon, Crazy Auction House Lunatics
176. No Deals on the Auction House
177. Hilarious Level 1 Competition for 20,000 Gold
178. Making Gold From the Big Guns
179. I Want to Sell Alcohol
180. Selling Outside Primary Professions
181. Suspended for Trading Gold
182. How Money Works in Wow
183. Passion
184. Teamwork
185. Bidding Just Before Reset
186. Diplomacy on the Auction House
187. Why Do Prices Fall Before an Expansion?
188. Most Expensive Items While Leveling
189. Vendor Pets
190. Automating Enchanting Scrolls
191. 1000 Gold Example
192. 3 Types of Wow Millionaires
193. Cross Faction Trading Example
194. How to Use the Snatch Tool
195. Make 1000 Gold in 5 Minutes
196. Undercutting Counter
197. Another Vendor in Stormspire
198. All My Items Sold... Why?
199. Posting Glyphs with Competition
200. The Undermine Journal
201. Inflation in Wow
202. Snowballs in July
203. Selling Copper Rods
204. Importance of Buying Mats
205. Buy on Saturday Mornings
206. Why Common Recipes are so Profitable
207. Auctioneer Stage 2
208. Cross Server Gold Strategy
209. Ant Not Grasshopper
210. Netherweave Bags Still Gold
211. Outland Enchanting Vendors
212. Why Players get Stuck Making Gold
213. Three Lessons for Playing the Auction House
214. Make 15 Gold Entering a Major City
215. No Excuse for Not Selling Enchanting Scrolls
216. Don't Treat the Wow Economy Like the Real World
217. Auction House Monster in Your Room at Night
218. RP Servers Can Make More Gold
219. 10 Ways to Level Efficiently
220. I Missed the Point of Collaborating
221. Buying Uncut Gems and Cutting Them
222. Bots Aren't Undercutting You
223. Listening Instead of Monitoring
224. Rumsey Rum for Twinks
225. Dealing with Weekend Warriors
226. Markco's Strategies Don't Work
227. Why You (Might) Not Need Auctioneer Scans
228. Organize Your Mailing and Banking
229. Learn from Mageweave Farming
230. Bean Counter Guide
231. Unusual Gold Strategy for Druids
232. Blacksmith Income Down? Try Felsteel!
233. Twas the Night Before Glyphmas (A freaking classic by Whitewolf.)
234. Excel Tutorials
235. Get Clothes off Your Back... And Beggars!
236. The Three Big Lies of Auctioneering
237. Don't Drop Professions While Leveling
238. Markco You're an Ass (Second most popular post on the site.)
239. Instantly Vendor Grays
240. Markco-vian Philosophy
241. Selling Starter Gear on Crack
242. Mercurial Adamantite
243. Auctioneer Vendoring for Gold
244. Your First 100 Gold in Wow
245. Deal with Constant Undercutting
246. Tracking Sales
247. Cataclysm Cooking Daily
248. Savory Deviate Delight  Not So Savory
249. Best in Slot BOA Cloak Enchant
250. Auctioneer Resale Scan Tips
251. Best Whiptail Farming Spot (Third most popular post on the site.)
252. Tailoring PvP Sets
253. Flipping Enchanting Materials
254. Twilight Highlands Vendors
255. Volatile Farming Guide
256. Best Savage Leather Farming Spot
257. Flipping Cataclysm Enchants
258. Fishing for Volatile Fire
259. Make a Fortune off Mysterious Fortune Cards
260. Vendor Items
261. Make Gold at Low Levels
262. Cataclysm Engineering Gold Guide
263. 0-4000 Gold in a Week
264. Best Embersilk Farming Spot
265. Arbitrage
266. Cataclysm Whelpling farming Guide
267. Best Cataclysm Profession Combination
268. Mining in Molten Core
269. Tips for Making Gold While Leveling
270. Gold with Obsidium Ore
271. Best Fishing Spot: The Desert!
272. Cataclysm Alchemy Gold Tip
273. Farming Spots in Hyjal
274. Are You Afraid to Lose Gold?
275. Selling Vanity Alchemy Items
276. TradeSkill Master
277. Cataclysm Enchanting Gold Tip
278. Vendor Items Edition #2
279. Making Gold with Archaeology
280. New Cataclysm Engineering Market
281. Best Gold Tip You'll Ever Read
282. Cataclysm Inscription Gold Tip
283. Define Your Niche
284. Selling Enchanting Pets Cross Faction
285. Your Gold, Your Decision, But...
286. Best Gems to Sell
287. Full Scale Jewelcrafting in Cataclysm
288. Thousands of Gold, One Daily Quest
289. Limited Play Time
290. Best Wow Gold Resource
291. King Author and Opportunity Cost
292. Help Transferring Servers
293. I Don't Care About Opportunity Costs
294. Cataclysm Tailoring Guide
295. I Love to Bid on Mithril Ore/Bars
296. Jewelcrafting Meta Gems
297. Best Selling BOA Enchants
298. Putting Two and Two Together
299. Enchanting's Major Hurdle
300. Buying Low and Selling High... Supposed to Be Hard?
301. Learn From Their Mistakes
302. Craft Choppers for 30% Less
303. Shattering Abyss Crystals
304. You're (Not!) Going to be Rich
305. Mageshadow's Best Gold Tips
306. Specialize or Diversify
307. 60 Gold in 7.5 Minutes
308. How to Track Your Gold
309. Why You Should Be Using Old Gold Strategies
310. Why Leveling is So Important
311. Best Cataclysm Embersilk Farming Spot
312. Making Gold With Low Capital
313. Underused Advertising Opportunity
314. Epic Engineering Gold Tip
315. Enchanting and Maelstrom Crystals
316. Make Gold with Low Capital
317. Camping Nests for Gold
318. Tailoring Unprofitable? Nonsense!
319. Alternative Jewelcrafting Market
320. Combating Khorium Supply
321. Primal Might and You
322. Great Item for Snatch List
323. Pro Gold Tips at Level 5
324. Why You Should Reset Your Data
325. Do Your Outlands Fishing Dailies
326. Stratholme Lilies
327. One of My Favorite Items to Sell from BC
328. Leatherworking Bracers
329. Alchemy Cataclysm Gold Tips
330. Enchanting Lanterns
331. Supply Profession Levelers
332. Dust of Disappearance
333. Contact the Competition
334. Why They Are So Lazy
335. 7,000 Gold from Level 1 to 56
336. Risk vs Rewards: Stockpiling
337. Gathering Not Always the Answer
338. Obsidian Shuffle Nerfed Further
339. Buying and Selling at the Right Times
340. Proper Planning and Diversification
341. Alliance Starter Gold Guide
342. The Transfer Question
343. Staying Above the AH Dog Pile
344. I Can't Get Past XXX,XXX Gold
345. Saving Gold in Azeroth Tip 1
346. Tranquil Mechanical Gold
347. Saving Gold in Azeroth Tip 2
348. Keeping Track of Your Auction House
349. Using the Time You Have
350. Wow Players and You
351. Saving Gold in Azeroth Tip 3
352. Using Pyrite Ore to Make Gold
353. Optimizing Gold While Leveling
354. Saving Gold in Azeroth Tip 4
355. Patch 4.2 Niche Market
356. Patience is a Virtue
357. Passloot Auto Looter
358. Saving Gold in Azeroth Tip 5
359. 500 Gold Per Hour Multitasking
360. IGold: Remote Auction House
361. 5 Tips for Wow Gold
362. Guild Banks for Beginners
363. Wow Rep Grinds and Gold Guides
364. Saving Gold in Azeroth Tip 6
365. 5 Stages to Becoming a Wow Gold Addict
366. Some Goldish Advice
367. Working Through Wow Professions
368. The Power of Profiles
369. Three Legged Stool
370. Twitter Educated Trade Chat
371. Shuffle Eternals
372. The Cool "HWHIP"
373. How to Speed Up Auctioneer Scans
374. Molten Front Vendor
375. Saving Gold in Azeroth Tip 7
376. Monopoly Tactics
377. BIS Agility Cloak
378. Cheap Infinite Dust
379. Bracer Enchant Gold Mine
380. Barriers to Entry
381. Cheap Greater Planar Essence
382. Frostweave Farming
383. Retro Disenchanting, Milling and Prospecting
384. AHSpy for Europeans
385. Molten Core, Hidden Treasure
386. Barking in Trade for ATP's
387. Selling Common Items on the Auction House
388. Use Decoy Prices to Make Gold
389. Wow Free Trash!
390. Anchor Prices
391. Fail proof Glyph Guide
392. Alchemist Cooldown Trick for Auctioneers
393. Every Wow Server Varies
394. Real Money on Virtual Goods
395. 5 Diablo Tips that Work in Wow Too
396. Armor Sets for Transmogrify
397. Saving Gold in Azeroth Tip 8
398. Manipulating the Market: Volatile Air
399. Great Transmogryphing for Profit

And for Tip #400...

HAVE FUN!!! Don't do something if it's not fun. Hopefully if it wasn't before, I can make earning gold in wow as fun as possible for you.

Good luck and have fun guys and girls,


4 comments: on "400 Wow Gold Tips"

  1. Tip 401: Surf to the JMTC forums ;-)

  2. I like this post. Sometimes it's so helpful to scan back over past wisdom...there's just so much information out there about gold-making strategies that it's easy to forget techniques or niche markets or even just the basics. It's good to get those reminders about things that I can easily include in my routine.

    Nice compilation!

  3. The two most important ones are
    1) 22 steps to auctioneer
    2) 17 steps to QuickAuctions

    Markco also suggested don't drop a profession , level another character..

    When I first started reading JMTC I had 60k gold.

    Now I have 2.5 million gold and I dominate both factions on my server.

  4. Thanks for the huge list.. I think I might get busy for a month or two.

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