Alchemist Cooldown Trick for Auctioneers

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"I hope I'm not interrupting when you are busy, I love JMTC, it's helped me break from
the broke-all-the-time habit that has plagued me since day one.
While in my quest to reach gold cap I've discovered a simple trick, not sure if
you already know it but I thought I'd toss it out there anyway.

All you need is one, 525 alchemist with transmute master.
While I'm trying to reach gold cap, I noticed how much I hated having to buy
materials for my true-gold cool-down. And even more so I hate just selling the
cooldown for a mere 50-150g on my server. I noticed people in trade ask
for either a true-gold CD or willing to trade the mats for a true-gold.
I took up their offer, I traded a true-gold for the mats. Since my CD was already
used. The next day, I used those same mats to make another truegold. I
proc'ced 5 with my transmute master.

The tip is, that if people instead trade mats for a true-gold they never have to
buy the mats. BUT if they proc they get to keep all
those extras for themselves. As long as you get one true-gold you can make sure
you get it on cool-down everyday without spending a single copper
on mats. But still making tons off those extra true-golds.

This tip has probably racked me in 10k gold now in about... 6-7 days.
Maybe I just get lucky with proc's but I'd thought I'd share.

Hope it helps! Thank you so much for JMTC!


7 comments: on "Alchemist Cooldown Trick for Auctioneers"

  1. This is exactly why people tend to look for an alchemist that hasn't used his/her cooldoown. They feel like they're entitled to the procs for their mats.

  2. Some people mentioned this before on a jmtc meeting. Probably going to get some rude people saying that in a nasty way underneath me. More On topic though, am I the only xmute master doing living elements? I love diluting the market of one element and switching air and water prices around, can make some right gold. Is there much different in profit between the two xmutes?

  3. Agree - your procs are yours. The best way to handle it is to just trade for mats. I've switched to Living Elements, too - small-cost units like the Volatiles always sell well.

  4. Lifedream of Black Dragonflight said... August 17, 2011 at 9:04 AM

    Hi guys, I think our author has missed a point. He has paid one Truegold for the mats. On my server Truegold sells for 500 gold. The mats cost about 425. So, good author, you could have achieved the same results by buying the mats yourself and saved the 75 gold. You still get the procs. But, don't give away your transmute, .... sell it. If your customer asks for the procs, simply say no, and if they insist, just walk away from the trade. On my server we routinely sell the CD for mats + 100 Gold. I certainly would not sell one Truegold for the mats. That is just bad math.

  5. I never allow someone to purchase the Proc too. The provision of the service is like cutting a gem--their mats plus tip. I charge 100g. Some people will prefer to find an Alchemist out there who sell process too. There are sure enough of them out there. I just refuse. Procs are mine as my reward for being smite master. Btw, I see process about 15% of the time only.

  6. There is no way you made 10k in 6-7days. This would mean you proc'd 18extra truegold's @ 550gold each. Unless you got multiple transmuters no way you getting this amazing proc rate. As well as this in general is just a horrible must have a high school education cause you are losing profit every time you are trading. I have no problem selling truegold. it goes as quick as i can make it. Best to buy your volatiles in bulk at a discount rate then just proc away. I make 200g with every cooldown and proc's are pure profit.

  7. I disagree with the Anon on the bottom. I've checked multiple times, and on my server, the cost of the mats to buy, are higher then the cost of the Truegold. That being said, I do a Living Elements transmute, and a Pyrium Transmute to get all my mats, and then do the true gold Transmute.

    If I need everything, then it takes 4 days of Transmuting, with a Truegold on the fifth day. So that's one Truegold a week for me, which is about 500-600 gold.

    If I did a Truegold transmute every day, I'm sure that at least ONCE it would proc even just one extra, which would would still net me my usual amount of gold earned.

    Chances are, after 7 days of Transmuting Truegold, I'd get at least 2 extra's, which would double my current Truegold out put.

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