Barking In Trade For ATPs

ATP? What in the hell is that? Argent Tournament Pets. A while back - long before Cataclysm, I wrote a post regarding the Argent Tournament pets at my old blog, The Gnomish Coin. You folks ever play this market? I'd simply like to propose a simple gold making strategy that could in fact make you thousands by simply barking in trade while prospecting/disenchanting.

To be fair, this idea came from a post over at the Consortium Forums, so give credits to Abeni. What you'll want to do is create a macro and make it say something like this:

" Want some easy gold? Check your currency tab and see if you have 40 Champions Seal, If so I'll pay you XXgold, all you have to do is go to Icecrown and buy a pet! Takes 5 minutes! "

Change XX with your threshold and voila! Myself personally, I bark at around 500-750g per pet and you won't believe how many people will gladly fly over to Icecrown & buy a pet then sell it for 750g.

These pets are extremely rare now and are currently going anywhere from 2-3,000g per ( varies by server ). With the recent addition of the new pet achievements for obtaining 125, and 150 pets people will be looking to buy the last couple pets that they don't have. You can safely assume that most people are missing a couple of the argent tournament pets due to the pets never hitting the AH.

If you have any of these pets stockpiled from Pre-Cataclysm I'd suggest that you slowly start to liquidate these puppies, just be sure you sell them at a fair price ( I.E. Don't sell too low! You only have so many! ). They're currently going for top dollar.

What have you got to lose? You can bark while disenchanting, while waiting for a queue, while prospecting some obsidium ore, or perhaps while you're simply logging on an alt to relist/cancel some auctions. Try it out, you'll be amazed how many people will gladly fork over a per for 750g.

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  1. Been doing this for ages. I do dailies myself, and sometimes i inspire others to do dailies as well to sell them to me (or even when tanks get them free from dungeons) i buy for about 1k, and resell for about 5.
    Even if there's competition in that market, it doesn't matter, they're not easy to come by and people always want to buy.

  2. Argent Tournament pets are one of the rarer pet types on the auction house. I have been occasionally selling them for up to 5,000g.

    However, there is another source for these very rare pets, which is the Satchel of Exotic Mysteries.

    Unfortunately this stops the prices for Argent Tournament pets from rising uncontrollably. Good news for pet collectors. Not so good news for greedy pet sellers, like me :)

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