Basic Wow Gold Tips for New Players

Written By: Patrick.

I'm pretty new to WoW (been playing for a few months), but  I have a few gold tips I'd like to share from other games I've played. For example, Runescape. There the Grand Exchange works just like the AH, so why not transfer tactics as well?

Tip number one

If you have a guild of dedicated gold makers (not likely, but it does happen), why not make it a ”Merchanting Guild”. On Runescape, there would be pretty large clans who decided on a high demand, high supply item, and buy every single one they could find. After a while, prices skyrocket. Then they sell everything off, sometimes making profits in the millions. Why not try the same thing in WoW?

Tip number two

 Now that  supports EU servers, use it! I made about 300 gold yesterday in 10 minutes of work. I noticed that dusky pigment sold for 30 gold per stack, whilst Midnight Ink sold for ~200 gold per stack. Buy the pigments, make them into ink, and sell them. This isn't as profitable anymore, the prices have gone down, but the basic theory is simple.


Tip number three

The undermine journal has these wonderful charts that I'm sure Markco has  already told you all about. But I'd just like to mention them as well. They allow you to predict patterns for example. Now, if we take a look at the Midnight Ink chart (at )  we can see that prices are quite low during the week, but all of a sudden they spike at Wednesday and the weekend. This is probably because the ink is used for Glyphs and vanishing powder, and these days are the most common raid nights, meaning people will want glyphs. Then the prices start going down on monday again, and then the cycle repeats. This can also help you in investment. Say you don't have a scribe. What you do is buy the ink during the week when it's relatively cheap, and sell it during price raises for a profit. Simple :)

I hope I have made some sense, and thank you Markco for an awesome blog!

3 comments: on "Basic Wow Gold Tips for New Players"

  1. I'm sorry to say but I think this is one of the guides that actually ends up being more harmful to new players than helpful.

    It's great that you are trying to contribute to the community Patrick, and they are good tips. Just simply not for most beginners.

    "Merchanting Guilds" almost never work out in WoW. I know of a few such guilds which are comprised of veteran wow players, all over the gold cap and whom have no interest in making gold. Their interest is manipulating the market to the extreme and simply having fun with messing people around.

    For new players in such a guild, they can so easily be taken advantage of. Veteran gold makers know their posting times, their alts, their supply lines, etc. Making it so easy for the veterans to trump those newbies by simply watching their alts, cutting off their supply lines and posting the minute the newbie logs offline.

    TuJ is a great tool, but it's something that should be introduced alongside with more information / detailed strategies / helpful guides. Otherwise in the end a newbie will visit the page and get overwhelmed.

    The third tip is fine, it's great to be able to learn and understand market cycles.

    Would like to see more posts by you, but maybe just keep in mind any new player is going to need more information. People often use the excuse of "new player guide" or "lowbie guide" to put a lack of effort/detail into their guides, but if anything those types of guides are the ones that need it even more.


  2. I see what you mean, Sinshroud. I guess I was too focused on following "The Template"... :/

    But I guess the next post can only be better in that case ^^

  3. I just thought of a way to rectify tip no. 2.

    You could use it to check if it's more profitable for miners to sell ores or bars for example. Or for skinners, if the prices of skins are going down, meaning they should wait with selling their stacks.

    Feedback appreciated btw ;)

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