Easy WoW Gold at Level 5

Author: Yoni.

Hey guys, Yoni here again, bringing you another gold making mini-guide. This is specifically geared towards low level players who don’t have access to maxed out professions. This method is accessible from level 5 and up. To start up, only a few gold are required.

Step one: Create a human character. Level him/her up to 5 and run him into Stormwind. (let some mobs kill you so you spawn at the graveyard, a much shorter walk)

Step two: Sell all your gear and either ask a friend or a guildie for 5 or 10g. (you can start from scratch, but it just takes a lot longer to start up)

Step three: Train Tailoring and Enchanting.

Step four: Level up Tailoring. Level it as far as you can by creating bolts of Linen Cloth.

Step five: Once you reach level 35, start making [Heavy Linen Gloves] with the bolts of Linen Cloth.

Step Six: Disenchant the Gloves, sell the [Strange Dust] and [Lesser Magic Essence]. People buy lots since players leveling up Enchanting need over 120 [Strange Dust].

Rinse and repeat. If the price of 1 [Strange Dust] is equal to 4 Linen Cloth this is more than worthwhile.

I started with a level 5 with 10g and within 7 days and less than an hour of played time I turned it around into 1000g.

Also, a useful macro for the disenchanting is:

/cast disenchant

/use Heavy Linen Gloves

Any item can be inserted in this macro for disenchanting.

Note: As with any gold making method it depends on your server's economy.

Good luck and enjoy!! 

10 comments: on "Easy WoW Gold at Level 5"

  1. Seriously? On my realm this is never gonna work, ever. 1000g selling strange dust for 1 week? Come on...

  2. Not a very good post. There are just simply too many inconsistencies in this post. Here are a few:
    1) If you have guildies and friends they can get you up to level 20 FAST so this post is not that useful
    2)Step 4 says to level tailoring, I presume that means playing the AH for low level cloth which you could gather again much easier by just killing mobs (while your getting to level 20 remember) than just sitting around SW at level 5 trying to play the AH with 10g starting capital; and 3)finally in step 5 you mention 'LEVELING" to 35 - WTF? If your going to be leveling the toon (which is the BEST way to earn gold at low levels) then why did you run him to SW and then sell his gear?!?!

  3. @netgalore, he meant lvl 35 professions i think?

    Also agree with the strange dust = shit for gold.

  4. NETGalore he means level 35 in tailoring. but yeah I doubt this would work on my server...

  5. Oooohhh! Crafting gear and disenchanting it for materials to sell?? WHY didn't I ever think about that!

  6. Alternatively get mining level this up to skill 65. Use the profit from selling Copper Ore/Bars to buy cheap Tin Ore/Bars and make Bronze Bars. Bronze bars are required by Blacksmiths, Engineers and Jewelcrafters.
    You get 2 bars for each bar of copper + tin and these can go for up to twice the price of the materials. I have done this on a few realms when starting out.

    You can gather a stack of copper ore pretty quickly.

    Copper ore can easily be farmed in Durotar at level 5 with very little risk. It is trickier for the Alliance but with a little patience Elwynn Forest can give a reasonable amount of ore. Remember you will level from gathering as well making the rest of this zone easier as you go.

    In the first week you should easily make 500-750 gold for a couple of hours effort.

  7. I have been really frustrated with this site for awhile so have tried to stop commenting, as I don't think my perspective is welcome. But honestly, a post like this is not front page material. Or maybe it is considered good enough these days, which is a shame.

    I can't tell who the intended audience is. It isn't really helpful to a true newcomer, but neither does it provide the sort of information that would be useful for a more experienced player who has a low level alt.

    If you're going to address the topic of "easy WoW gold at level 5", strange dust is sure as heck not a great choice on many servers. But if that's really the best you have to offer, then providing some depth to your explanations would have made the post more useful to more readers.

    Broadening the topic itself would have made it far more useful to far more readers. Adding a throw-away comment at the end like "it depends on your server's economy" does not fix things.

    I used to genuinely look forward to the front page here. I looked at it first thing every day because I enjoyed the information so much. Now I come here with more of a feeling of "oh, god, I wonder what sort of weird stuff will be there now". I've gone from being hungry for the information to being just a drive-by spectator who wants to sneak a glimpse at the wreck. Even though that is a harsh assessment, it has really left me sad and missing the kind of material I used to so enjoy here.

    I keep hoping things will get better, but it's probably time to step away entirely and leave the site to folks who are satisfied with it as is.

  8. IMHO, if you want to make gold at as a level 5 human (I'm assuming you pick this race in order to get to stormwind asap) then I would recommend ignoring the author's advice. Strange Dust just doesn't sell...for whatever reason on my server.

    My advice to you is to take that 10 gold the author suggests you obtain and go over and buy the pet cats. Go find Donni Anthania a vendor in Elwynn Forest. There are four of them available for 50 silver. The price will be less if you have a high level guild. Then throw those little kitties in the auction house. You'll get a lot more money by doing that than trying to sell Strange Dust.

    After you make a little gold doing that. Then take that level 5 character and run over to the Inn in Old Town and buy up the recipes from the vendor on the 2nd floor. Throw those in the auction house. This is my strategy for getting starter gold when I head over to a new server. It has worked on every server I've played on.

  9. One more thing... if you can't find anyone to give you the 10g for startup capital, buy a few copper rods. There will always be one sucker that will buy those in the auction house for a couple gold. Easy way to get your start up gold with out begging your guildies. Copper Rods can be purchased from a vendor for right around 1 silver.

  10. i like how simple and specific this advice is. at the very least, i shows how disenchanting makes money. i think the line about cloth vs dust prices needs to be bold or highlighted. i only dislike that it relies on mooching gold of a friend/guildy (which makes it less useful for rolling on new servers).

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