Every Wow Server Varies

Written by: Brandon.

We all know that on EVERY server the price for items varies. One week the items can be so outrageous and then another cheap as dirt. There are lots of ways people take advantage of this, and I would like to share mine.

My strategy is sorta different than most, but I guarantee it to sell stacks of product at a time! It all revolves around the fluctuation of the market. And by my strategy you do all your work at once, and sell it at once instead of stockpiling.

When the market is cheap and prices are low, people say that is when you buy mats....IT IS! But in my eyes, it is also the time to sell. Do not let that sentence fool you as I will further explain later. When prices go down, everyone buys mats and so forth, then wait for prices to go up and sell right? Well, that is a good strat. but it just takes too much work having to undercut so often or using tricky marketing tactics that require a lot of work just to sell a few of that item.

Now back to that sentence earlier "But in my eyes, it is also the time to sell." How do you think the prices of stuff gets out if its whole and magically resets to sometimes 3 times its normal price? High end bankers that need to sell and can't if the AH is down so they buy out all the item is a certain market and post them for higher. That is our chance!!! When the market goes low, you buy mats, turn them into finished goods and sell them, slightly above normal price. Put them in stacks even if the item is usually sold in 1's. The rich banker will buy out the items because they are low, and yours too! In his mind he isn't going to buy everything that is below normal and then just sell at normal? NO, he is going to buy EVERYTHING and post for 2-3 times more than normal price. Let me show you an example.

Say you are a JC ok? Normal price for Ember Topaz is 40g each, and the cuts sell 50-60g each. Not bad for making money. But when the market goes down, the Ember Topaz is only 15g each and the cuts 20-25g each. This is when I post. I will buy out stacks upon stacks of Ember Topaz, make them into different gems, and post them 75g+ each. Usually in stacks of 10. So I spent 150g for 10 cuts and am going to turn around and sell them all for 750g the same day! And even more, that is just counting one stack! I can post up to 5 stacks of 10 for each gem that is low! And sold the same day, rarely the next.

So simple it is hard to screw up. No complicated stuff that will send you into a frenzy, every morning look at the price of what you are selling, when it goes pitfall, buy, sell in stacks for above normal, and wait. So much profit in so little time and effort!

Hope you liked this tip and I will try to right more if you liked it!

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11 comments: on "Every Wow Server Varies"

  1. I'm a little confused. You said your strategy was to buy low, sell middle essentially but you are selling your gems for more than the normal price which the people you target would know because they are waiting for it to drop below that price level. Why are they buying your stacks at above normal prices when admittedly they are waiting for the drop not the rise? The economics of how you've presented it don't make sense so a little clarification would be useful.

    Oh and I think you have a typo 10 cut gems at 25g isn't 150g.

  2. It's like the guy that typed this post doesn't speak english as his first language. Or he just speaks strangely. This wasn't explained all that well and I'm skeptical of his tactics.

  3. Doesn't make much sense to me. Won't be doing this.

  4. You have misinterpreted the author, he says 15g per raw gem. And he is buying a stack of 10, cuts them himself for free which means he then has 10 cut gems for an initial rice of 150g.
    I agree the post needs more clarifying.
    My take on it would be the author is suggesting a micro- monopoly (for want of a better phrase) while the Market prices are low he buys ALL the uncut & cut gems for a specific gem type and dictates the Market for a short period of time.... Which is why he overprices the items.

    Some buyers aren't bothered about paying high prices for gems/items at that moment and time, either because they don't know the regular price or are in a rush. This is what the author seems to be suggesting.

    Dictating the Market like this Is risky but if you learn the Market and know your numbers you will get quick gold and likely have stock to sell again next time round....

  5. Markco, do you even proofread your guests' posts? The grammar is not strong with this one. This was pretty much a useless fluff post, I can't believe you paid this guy to write this. I should start writing for you I guess.

  6. I am sorry about the broken English, but I will clarify some things you asked about. My strategy is to sell middle. Because doing it this was will allow you to sell 10-20 gems at a time and make more profit if you were only to sell a few a day at a higher price.

    The people I target will buy them! I don't just randomly post for above normal, I wait for the market to go down to where it will be reset in a few days. Then I post my stacks of gems for slightly above normal price. It works because these people are not going to just reset it to my price slightly above normal, they will reset it to much more than the normal value.

    And that is no typo, it is just worded weirdly. What I meant in that sentence was that I got the mats for 10 cut gems for 150g (Previously said Ember Topaz 15g each)

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask, and once again sorry for the bad english ^.^

  7. Makes sense to me.

    This article makes the good point that you don't always need to undercut to make a sale.

    Prices often go low for a fast selling item since everybody is rapidy undercutting each other.

    But the market goes thin. Why? It goes below the threshold of some people so they stop posting.

    A few people are fighting it out and the prices go lower - but they are not posting enough to satisfy market demand.

    The next demand spike happens, all the cheap stuff is bought out and suddenly there are only your items with no competition!

  8. Okay this is why I find it confusing and Morwind I appreciate your attempt to explain on the typo but he said cuts (twice now) and not raw, but his cuts are 20-25g not 15g. That's why I was curious where the typo is.

    But more importantly, the people you target won't reset the price to what you posted at, but they won't also be buying at your posted price. Your targets are people who would buy it at the reset price, because the people who would buy it low wouldn't buy at a price above normal. You're undercutting the reset before it shows up which means you're setting the reset incredibly low.

    Why would you undercut the reset price when you can set the reset price higher and make the profit that way? Your target is the same group of people you're simply selling so low to move the stock and not to make the most profit. This is riskier than being patient and selling batches at appropriate intervals. The only difference is that I'd have more income tied up in assets than you would, but I'd have a higher net worth.

    Things don't add up here. You either have a different target than you think or something else, but this is ostensibly the monopoly strategy. Buy it so you set the price and then sell, but just don't make that price really unreasonable.

  9. Never thought of it tht way thank you for this helpful tip. You should make more :D

  10. I agree with the author of the post and often do this same thing using the truegold market I pick them all up at 850 and below and then post them in stacks of 10 so that I make a fast sell at 1k each to make around 3k profit for the stack.

  11. reading the above comments and OP i have to say this is more high risk than anything! you are buying mats for no guarantee return short term! people will undercut your already high to mid priced gems. Are you cutting one particular gem? or are you spreading across different cuts? my experience is markets will hold there low value for a while before going back up. chosing the right time to enter is hard to predict, soz too much risk!

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