Example Low Level Gold Strategies

Written by: Flea.

Here is a guide to help you make a bit of gold at lower levels. Now remember, items do not always sell instantly. It may take some time, and some bartering, but everything sells, And if you  getting good at what your doing you'll know what the bottom dollar is you can take so that you break even at the VERY LEAST. But with the release of cataclysm have come new potion, armors, weapons, glyphs, guns,(not to mention the new cooldowns of some transmutations) ect ect. And you don't even need to be level 80 for all of them. You can do all sorts of new recipes that were not in WoTLK. But these are considered "minor" recipes. but they can still make you gold. And for the prices of the things you need to make some of the recipes are cheap.


Ok Im an alchemist, so if you like my articles, and continue to read them, Most of my examples will be from alchemy, but can be easily applied to any profession.  Anyway, On my server Iron bars sell for 25-30g a stack. Not to bad right? Now for a lower level, 25-30g seems like its alot and its hard to make. But its not. You can run a few dungeons, sell everything you dont need as quickly as possible, or even get an investor. (Investors are wonderful things. We will go over that shortly) But all you need to do, is get your gold and get a stack of Iron bars. Now if you divide,we will say 27g by 20 iron bars you end up paying 1g 35S 0c per bar. Now is where your money making profession rolls in. In this case, Alchemy. You get a Transmute: Iron to Gold recipe from any alchemy trainer in the game. And on my Server gold is selling for 187g per stack. that 9G 35S now if we round to the nearest Gp we spent 1 Gp on the silver bar, and turned around and made it into 9g per gold bar. Thats 800% PROFIT! that means for every 1 bar of gold you sell you make 8gp from the initial cost of materials for the transmutation. Also remember, You do not want to over flood the market, so watch how much you do it and ALWAYS watch the AH price fluctuation to know when the best time to make and sell is.

So with a cast time of  8 seconds you could make 7.5 bars an hour. that about 75 gold per hour of work. now granted that is not a whole lot for a level 85. but for a level 35? (when you can make and use a Philosopher Stone) and with alchemy lele of 225, thats some pretty good cash. You've more than doubled your original investment of 27 gold. The basis of this example is taking a lesser needed material, and using your profession of choice, to mold it into some of greed. in this case, cruddy old rusty iron, into pure shiny and sleek gold bars.


Investments is another way to make gold in the World of Warcraft. Investing your gold WISELY can make you a millionaire. (over time of course)

But I mentioned earlier that lower level level players may need to get a investor to get things on the ball and rolling for them. A investor is usually a guildy, or a friend that may have brought you into the World of Warcraft. But just like real life they can make you out a loan for you to pay back later. Now the Transmute Iron to gold is the easiest way to get ont he ball. because if you had to borrow 25g, turn around, make it into 74 g you still have 49g that is yours (you always want to pay back your investors AS FAST AS POSSIBLE) and you can buy new materials and do it all over again. And dont ever just pay them back what they gave you. always give them a little bit more so they make some sort of profit. So if they loaned you 30 gold, give them 35 or 40 back. that way they feel like the loan was appreciated it, and that you are a trustworthy person. Merch happy my friends.

- Flea

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9 comments: on "Example Low Level Gold Strategies"

  1. It wasn't a bad little tip, but the grammar was atrocious.

  2. Cast time 8 sec surely that is 7.5 bars a minute not an hour. You are talking of iron to gold transmute and then refer to the price paid for a silver bar... Suggest proof reading in future, unfortunately this wasn't a case of being able to overlook errors like that due to fabulous content. Minutes of my life wasted, oh well

  3. Lifedream of Black Dragonflight said... August 24, 2011 at 10:20 AM

    Hi guys, once again we have a blogger making GREATLY exagerated claims. On my server gold bars sell for 87 silver, iron bars sell for 1 gold 61 silver. Across all Horde realms, gold bars sell for 1 Gold 27 Silver and iron bars sell for 1 Gold 18 Silver. These prices come from The Undermine Journal (TUJ). It is really depressing how many gold bloggers make erroneous or exagerated claims.

  4. Since when does metal transmuting not have a cooldown?

  5. Your basic ideas are fine and would be worth sharing, but there are so many typos in your post that it was really unpleasant to read.

    As someone who enthusiastically supported this site, and who would honestly like to see it remain viable and become more active, it is painful to say this -- please know that I am not saying it to flame, but rather as honest, though difficult, feedback:

    Markco, it seems like you don't really care about the site any more. I actually found myself wondering if you are just flinging random content at the front page without caring about its quality simply to keep us checking in here so that you can promote selling your WoW guide or whatever Diablo3 guide you come up with.

    Is that really what the site has come to? I LOVED this site and referred people here all the time. Now I never refer folks here, and don't see myself looking to you for Diablo3 info because I question whether you'll be careless about it. I always felt like you were one of the good guys in the gaming world. But it looks to me like you are dropping the ball here and just don't want to acknowledge it for fear of losing business. You're losing business by not confronting this, though.

    I may get accused of being a jerk for saying this. So be it. It isn't what's in my heart. I have really been saddened and frustrated to see the front page here deteriorate so much =/

  6. As someone else has already commented the price of gold is not necessarily higher than the raw materials. The best way to make gold out of gold ore/bars is probably to make them into the rods needed by enchanters.

    It is not a great market though, just better than selling the ore/bars.

  7. The basic premise of your article was wrong. You said that there are lots of recipies for low level players that weren't in WotLK, and then cited Iron to Gold as an example.

    Iron to gold's been in the game for years, taught from a scroll recipe purchased in Tanaris, the same vendor who sold the alchemist's stone recipe.

    The lowest skill recipe added for Alchemy is 425. The only profession to get even lower level skills is Inscription, which got some different glyphs and vanishing powder.

    Had there been any new recipes, a better article would have been to list them before, or instead of, giving an example.

    AFAIK, the only transmute recipes that have no cooldown are the ones to make Arcanite, Titanium, uncut meta diamonds, rare uncut Cata gems, and Primal Might.

    The elemental transmutes can never be taken off of cooldown, as you could transmute them back and forth allowing them to proc until you had thousands of the things from just one item. This is a valid way for a lower level to use their cooldown to make money, but it's slow.

    The other metals transmutes could theoretically be taken off cooldown, but are unlikely as that'd affect the economy for no reason. If you'll remember, the saronite to titanium was ostensibly added because Saronite Bars were so unneeded that people were vendoring them, and the advent of new recipes using just titanium was going to make it worse. The Arcanite recipe is of course the only way to get Arcanite, so it is unique among the metals.

    The non-meta WotLK epic gems could also have their cooldown removed, but I can't see any reason they would. Doing it would raise the prices of Eternals, primarily fire and shadow, and at least on my server, they're already more expensive than they were in WotLK.

    I suspect that when the next expansion comes out, Truegold will be taken off of cooldown so that players in the 78-84 range can still get it. Why waste your cooldown making truegold when you can use it to make Divineplatinum? It's mats are extensive and expensive enough that people are unlikely to produce it by the thousands, and otherwise there will be no demand for Pyrite except for a few alchemists who can't afford anything better and 3 underused blacksmithing "enchants" which few people would buy for leveling gear.

    This concludes my rant on Transmutation.

  8. I'm stunned that someone would turn 1.35g into 9.35g and report it as 800% profit.

    Division IS taught in elementary school, and most operating systems have a calculator for those who can't do simple math in their head.

    It's approximately 593% profit.

    Oh, and it's 425-450 transmutes an hour, depending on lag, not 7.5 .

  9. There's a 24 hour cooldown on that transmute, so it's not 8 per hour (or per minute), it's 7 PER WEEK.

    And yeah, I have to chime in with Caitlyn and call Marcko on this. Are you even doing anything for this site anymore? You used to have such great insight. Now it's mostly random gold bloggers who don't even seem to understand the markets as well as I do. Please pick up the reigns again. It's hardly a good marketing tool for your gold guides when this is the content you promote it with.

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