Farming Embersilk Cloth [Video]

Guest post by: Resperina.
Step 1. Achieve gold cap....

well, it's not so easy. OH, but it can be.

I have a couple of tips that I have learned in the past throughout wow, and my server.

I have a YouTube channel with this guide, that should give you a basic idea.

Transmute gold, well we've already been through this, People asking WTT Transmute gold mats for Transmute gold, well simple, just trade, then keep making them. If one pops, and you get an extra, well there you have it. Free gold right there.

Embersilk, it will always be the main cloth item in Cataclysm. My video shows the best place to farm this stuff, and you can sell for about 40-50g a stack on my server. Pretty simple.

BoE Pets. If you go into SW and buy cats, put them up on the AH, it's probably the most devias this I've ever done, but it works. You buy them for about 10g, then sell them for 150g a piece. But you're limited to how many you can buy from the vendor. I think it's 1 or 2 if I'm correct. A day that is.

Get a business going with some friends, or other fellow wow players. Have an engineer, and miner, an AH expert. Mine the mats for a Mekigneer Chopper, have the engineer make it, then the AH expert sell it for the right price. Then split the Earnings three way. I did this for a while and man, did I make BANK.

I also have a video on my channel of me farming Firelands trash. It does take a while, but You should at least get 1 - 3 epic BoE's a day. I've made about 150k profit from this. Easy Peasy. Although, Hunter's are the easiest to solo with, i'm not sure which other classes are still about to.

Oh. darn, I forgot to put step 2 and step 3. >:( Angry face.


Step 2. Follow Step one.
Step 3. Bath in gold, then give to orphans in SW. 

Hope my guide helped you all!

18 comments: on "Farming Embersilk Cloth [Video]"

  1. Reposted strategys, outdated gold strategys that no longer work with a horrible format.

    I guess i should stick with Consortium :/

  2. I think it's sad that people criticize what worked very well for someone else simply because they can't see themselves repeating it.

    These are posts written by random gamers who would like to help you to be successful.

    It's OK to point out mistakes but insults are just silly.

  3. What's more silly and insulting is that you, Markco, throw these up here without any kind of proof reading whatsoever. You are no longer able to solo farm firelands trash with ANY class. The tip from the video is to use a potion of treasure finding... How many times has that been covered here anyway? The video states that it's difficult to find a good place to farm the mob in question AND that the poster gets LUCKY with the amount of drops. Trade chat has become a better gold blog than this place. That's not an insult. That's just the way it is. Markco, If you're done with wow, Then just be done with wow. Stop faking it. You're hurting your potential D3 rep.

  4. Dear Mr. Anonymous. Thanks for your comments and opinion.

    This site is a COMMUNITY site, where the COMMUNITY posts here. I no longer am the writer, so yelling at me does nothing.

    Instead, you should be writing and submitting something of value.

  5. I agree with Markco, I don't think people realize that this site is a now community driven not souly authored by Markco.

  6. Community driven is ok, but some quality checks should be done before posting. Unfortunately I have to agree that the quality of recent posts does not match what this site used to be.

  7. I was just throwing some tips out there to help the community. No one likes a hater, so please stop.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.
  9. While I agree the site is not of the same quality it used to be in it's heyday, I must say regardless of what some of us might think or say negatively about it, it does not seem to have slowed any of us down from still frequenting the site. :)

    That in itself is somewhat amusing. It is like 7-11 selling all of us stale smokes and we all angrily curse the cashier out for it, who really has little to do with purchasing the inventory, (and probably cares little) but regardless of how annoyed we might be with the situation, we dutifully keep returning every morning for our smokes, despite the fact that we already know they will be stale!

    *shrug* as long as we all keep clicking on Markco's site every day, whether or not we critique it is of little consequence to him. If it bothers you that much quit clicking, loss of numbers is more likely to make an impact than simply returning every day and whining about it.

    Personally while I am not always impressed with the quality of the posts from a useful standpoint any more, I find entertainment value in most still and that's good enough for me. Not everything needs to be an amazingly, awesome life altering tip. Some things are just fun to read sometimes, even if it's just to chuckle quietly about something spellchecker missed.

    If I really need a new idea, good tip, or current info or strat on something, I click on nerf faids blog. She is an awesome and witty writer and her vids are cool, she has a nice voice. Or that caffeine, smokes and ah fees dude, or many others.

    When I first started playing, there was like Gevlon and Markco and that was it. So far gone are those days! There is like a thousand blogs out there now to choose from people.

  10. Markco, it is clear that you have shifted your time and energy into other projects, and your site is suffering. The guest posts you're allowing need to be proofread and need to NOT BE STALE. This is outdated information. This is why I unsubscribed from your mailing list. I figured I'd check back today to see if things had improved but sadly they have not.

  11. Articles on this site will be random until enough good writers join the ranks. That being said, the newer ones have good ideas but will take some time to become professional gold bloggers.

    This is your site now, so why don't you submit your own articles?

    The day after this article, there was an excellent post on transmogrifying gear... why aren't the people complaining in this post praising that writer to the same degree as you negatively attack this one?

    Thank you for letting me know you are unhappy, but why not take some pride in the community and share your ideas here? If you've been around since the heyday, then you should have some ideas by now that your an share to help others!

  12. Thank you all for your criticisms. I will take them to heart when I accept guest posts and paid submissions from now on.

  13. Markco is a mature, intelligent and clever person. I am sure he will gather suggestions and criticisms to fix any issue.

    It's true that a bolg owner has the imperative task to double-check contents, no matter where they come from. That said, if something slips out of his control... I am confident it was nothis intention.

    @ Markco: if you feel you cannot focus on the blog anymore, consider selling it. Don't risk to ruin your reputation. That could be potentially devastating.

    Cheers and good luck from Loque.

  14. You helped teach many of us the basic steps involved in creating a foundation for making gold. Just as with making gold, there are basic steps involved with building a community-based site.

    The rich information and free-flowing conversations on the best community sites are not randomly achieved. Those sites require a TON of 'behind the scenes' work.

    Deflecting responsibility for the quality of the site by basically saying, "don't yell at me, I don't write this stuff" is denying the reality that you are in fact responsible for setting the standards here...and if you don't want to handle that yourself, or hire appropriate folks to do it, then it's probably just time to walk away from the site altogether.

    Just as you taught us about making gold, you need to do your homework when creating a community site...otherwise you are at risk of ending up with a website that is a free-for-all mess which actually discourages community rather than building it.

    The strongest community sites still utilize very strong "front page" writers. If you aren't getting high-quality submissions, then don't post just anything that hits your in-box. If you're not willing to edit, or if you don't know how to edit, or if you don't want to hire an editor, don't keep flinging random posts at JMTC's front page.

    Some of the ideas being posted are fine, but the lack of editing, and the lack of providing context for front-page posts, ends up hurting the new writers as well as your site. And that's not something for which you can, or should, place blame on your readers.

  15. Hi caitlyn. I am not trying to blame anyone for my lack of editing in this post or any other.

    I was hoping to find new rising stars by inviting everyone to post here. Perhaps I should have made those intentions clear. I also let my guard down and trusted people without checking their work.

    It's my fault. I will put a post up soon explaining the situation and offering to hire 1-3 people to take over for me.

    Thanks for your comment.

  16. Resperina, you got off your butt and made a youtube channel, that's more than a lot of others have done.

    (Including myself *blush-mumble*)

  17. The Gold Queen is right. I've had a lot of frustration over the current state of this site, because JMTC has been a really essential component in my gold-making success, AND it used to be just plain fun to read. I want that back!

    I don't regret offering feedback or expressing my frustration, but one thing has bothered me...when readers use these blog posts as a vehicle for expressing our frustrations with the site as a whole, the individual whose post is highlighted ends up in the crossfire.

    It isn't quite fair when those whose work is highlighted get burned by the heat generated by readers' overall frustration.

    Respirina DID make a youtube channel, and that's admirable. I stand by my opinion that her writing needs a lot of work in order to be front-page material, but her basic ideas are good for beginners and I'd like to see her get some support and useful feedback. Hopefully Markco's plans to involve more proofing and editing functions will help in that regard. I realize that's a balancing act...Markco shouldn't have to turn the site into an "Introductory Writing" course, either =P

    I don't know if it would help to put a thread up on the boards asking for folks to summarize concerns and suggestions about the site itself...I know there is a troll factor to deal with. But it DOES bother me that the volunteer writers end up taking harsher criticism than they might otherwise because the threads tend to veer off into discussions about the site overall rather than about their particular essay or video.

  18. ehem, he. cough cough...

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