Investing in Wow Gold Research

Author: Aleithia.

I feel like I know the Jewelcrafting industry inside and out. My first character, started in the middle
of Wrath, was a JC. It feels pretty straight-forward to me, though it does have some hidden gems to
discover as well. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun!) I did a lot of research as I was learning, which led to a more profitable business.

Offline Research

Spending some time out of game can help you increase your sales. If you’re reading this article, you
already know the value of reading gold blogs. While the specific tips you learn here will last for a while, it’s the strategies and broad-reaching concepts that will serve you well over time.

The recently redesigned does shows what gems, enchants, gear and glyphs are
popular. Sites like or give gear, gem and enchant suggestions for
players. Raiders and casuals alike use sites like this to maximize their characters. Plug in some people
from your realm to see what they recommend for various classes.

Major forums and guides give similar suggestions. As a Paladin, is
invaluable for me as I look at gems/enchants to use. has gearing/chanting/gemming
guides for all classes. has profession leveling guides. Find the choke points for
various professions and try controlling the market by buying out materials and relisting at a higher rate, or spend some time farming for those hard to find skill-up points.

In-Game Research

Lately, I’ve been dabbling in Inscription. I’ve had a scribe (my bank alt) for a long time now, but I’ve
finally decided to start figuring it out. I’m not sure I’ll be in it heavily because it takes too much time for a casual gold-maker like me, but it’s helpful knowing the industry. I’ve probably spent 5-6k leveling the profession, plus another large sum in end-profession inventory (Darkmoon Cards, Glyphs, Fortune Cards, etc.). Eventually I’ll make that back in profit, but I’m in no hurry.

More importantly, I’m getting a sense for how the business works and what sorts of things are valuable. It’s worth it to me to lose money on items because I thought they’d be big sellers but weren’t. It allows me to focus my efforts more effectively. I’m also able to learn where competition is just too fierce for my liking.

What sites have you found helpful for researching what consumables, enchants, etc. people need? What was your biggest investment loss? (Mine was an ICC pattern I foolishly picked up and crafted to sell, only to discover there was a badge alternative that was much better. I ended up with an abyss crystal and about a 3k loss.) What investment had a surprise pay-off?

Do you want to write for JMTC? Send in a post to Markco and if it makes it past the initial screening process then I will publish your submission on the blog. JMTC pays 50% commission to writers on the day that their post goes live.

7 comments: on "Investing in Wow Gold Research"

  1. My biggest loss? When they were allegedly removing the cooldowns on wrath epic gem transmutes and I stockpiled mats.

  2. My biggest investment loss was buying a design cut fir the new meta gems in catalog for 7k only to see the entire gem market destroyed by one guy with lots of inventory, I've sole maybe 1k worth of metas and now that market barely moves:P ahh well, learned from that(:

  3. @Grump: If you still have some of that stock, you can craft gems to sell. I regularly sell Brilliant, Bold, Delicate, Rigid, Solid, Sparkling, Subtle, Mystic and Quick gems for 60-70g with almost no competition.

  4. You can demand a lot more than 60-70g for your wrath epic gem cuts. Tanks especially won't hesitate in paying over 200g.

  5. My biggest loss as a scribe was purchasing (in bulk) the mats to make several of each new ilvl 358 relic - I found out a few thousand gold later that they do NOT sell.

    One surprise profit was in Adventurer's Journals. No one my realm sells them, and very few players know what they do, so I can mark them up to 80g+ (my cost is 1-2g). Made close to 6-7k before other scribes started catching on.

  6. I just remember before when I was starting, that I sell a Deviate Scroll at NPC for few coppers coz I thought it was just a junk and I found out the next morning it can be sold for 500+ gold..

  7. I prefer for trade skill leveling. The guides are far more accurate and detailed

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