Making Gold From Shadowmight Rings

Hey there JMTC,

Kynalla here, and today I'm going to be bringing you a video on making gold from Shadowmight Rings.

Shadowmight Rings are rings made by Jewelcrafters at level 390. In this gold tip, we will be making, and disenchanting these rings in order to sell the raw materials.

To make these rings, you will need:

  •  Eternal Shadow x1
  •  Eternal Earth x1
As stated in my last video, the Thorium Ore Guide, raw materials are needed by power levelers and they will pay crazy amounts for them. Around 400 infinite dust is needed to power level enchanting during that phase, along with a plentiful amount of greater cosmic essences. 

As always, your server may differ from mine, but I found the materials for these rings to be very cheap, and the wrath of the lich king materials scarce, and expensive. That's what this gold tip is all about, and that is why I have been going back to previous expansion's crafts, because they really are excellent to make gold with, and they often have little competition within their respective markets.

I hope you enjoyed my gold tip for today, and good luck making tons of gold!

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3 comments: on "Making Gold From Shadowmight Rings"

  1. Wonderful post, don't forget to think about Abyss crystals with abyssal shatter, you get anywhere from 9-11 infinite dust or 2-5 greater cosmic essences for each abyss crystal.

    I can usually pick up abyss crystals for 40g or less, but sell stacks of 5 infinite dust for 20-60g. People run old Northrend heroics for the achieves and dump their crystals for cheap.

    If you need the eternals, pick up cheap frozen orbs and trade them with Frozo. Since blizzard put an org port in dalaran, most of my toons are re-stationed there for easy access. Use it to your best advantage.

    Don't forget about solo'ing old dungeons, I've solo'd H UP on my mage in hopes the mount drops, and gotten quite a few greens/blues. Great post overall though :) Very informative

  2. Pretty sure you featured this same tip already a few weeks back. Not exactly original material.

  3. Can also make Stoneguard Band (2 Eternal Earth) - or better yet, Bloodstone Band (1 Bloodstone, 2 Crystallized Earth), Huge Citrine (1 Huge Citrine, 2 Crystallized Earth) Necklace, or Sun Rock Ring (1 Sun Crystal, 2 Crystallized Earth).

    Eternal Earth should really be 5g or less to make this profitable - and the gems below 2g. Trading Frozen Orbs probably isn't viable for this.

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