Manipulating the Market – Volatile Air

Guest post by  Brad. Check out his Youtube Channel for more wow gold tips.

Hello everyone! My name is Brad (also known as Sandboxtiger) and I’ve got a market which I’d
recommend you all take a look at. While it may have been said time and time again, the run-of-the-mill trade goods can often result in high net profit if you invest the time into learning the market, knowing when to buy, and knowing when to sell. In this case, the item in question is Volatile Air.

While its results may vary from Server-to-Server and Faction-to-Faction, it is a very simple concept which be applied to several different markets of similar demand.

In this method, the fundamental idea here is to identify a price “price ceiling” for an item. In more
relatable terms, it’s a matter of finding out how much Gold the average buyer is willing to pay. While
fairly reliable data can be pulled from The Undermine Journal, the best way I’ve found to find these
elusive ceiling prices is by having a watchful eye on the market myself, writing down prices, and testing a variety of prices to see what works and what doesn’t.

On my Server / Faction (Stormreaver Horde), Volatile Air can sell for anywhere between 15-19 Gold.
The price fluctuates often – which should be used to one’s advantage – and this allows for strategic
purchases on a fairly regular basis. After several rounds of testing (by listing stacks higher / lower than
my found price ceiling), I’ve found that (again, on my server), people aren’t willing to ever pay more
than 19g per Volatile Air, but are more than willing to pay anywhere between 17g-18g per Volatile. Once you have this information, it’s all a matter of application.
Now that a price ceiling has been established, it’s your job as the investor to constantly purchase
Volatile Air which is under your price ceiling and re-list it at / near your ceiling – even in the face of large amounts of said commodity listed below your price ceiling. That’s the beauty of it, actually. Once you’ve found a price ceiling, you can act with confidence and not worry about items not selling at the prices you were hoping for seeing as you’ve (hopefully) acquired more than enough statistical data to back up your purchasing decisions.

There have been times when I’ve invested 5k-10k in a single session in solely Volatile Air only to take in about 500g from that over the next hour. I then continued to purchase all Volatile Air which undercut my listings (Easily another 3k-5k investment). This did make me sweat a bit the first time I got my feet wet with this method; however, within the next couple days, I had made back my initial investment and sat on 2 stacks of Volatile Air which translated directly into profit.

Honestly, that’s all there is too it. Once you’ve got a feel for using this method, you can then test the
waters in other markets (other Volatiles, Cloth, etc.) to see what sort of price ceilings you can find and
whether or not a market can be manipulated. I do suggest, however, if you are to try this method, have
a good amount of Gold reserves when you first give it a shot. As you can tell from my experience, the
initial investment took quite the toll on my Gold totals without much instant return.

Hope the tips help – I know it helped me!

(p.s. I’m currently giving away a free 60-day Time Card – details are on the video featured on my
channel :D)

6 comments: on "Manipulating the Market – Volatile Air"

  1. So you invested 10k and made 800g profit in 2days?

  2. If you have a corner on the Vol Air market then get that price up. Sure, the tolerance might be 19g if there are some listed but if you have a monopoly then just list 20 or so singles at a time for 30g each. Move the price per unit by controlling supply. You also should expect a long term cycle over a few days. Other people will jump in quickly. You either have to buy them out or undercut them. Moving post price up is the only way to ensure your undercutting still nets you a profit.

    All said this strategy is high risk, medium to low return. I think you might have better return on your capital in other areas like gems or scrolls.

  3. @Anon Not quite. The profit panned out to be 800g in cash as well as having 2 stacks of non-liquid Volatile Air - which I then sold over the following days for 19g per (7,600 Gold)

    @Kammler That was how I saw it when I started, but I learned that the return is a lot higher than you might expect and the risk is virtually non-existent once you've found an efficient price ceiling.

    If you watch any of my Videos on my YouTube channel, you'll see that I the idea of diversification resonates throughout my videos - and this is just another example of that. You can only sit there cutting gems, re-listing scrolls, and scanning for prices of Potions so often. In that window of time where it's either Farm Materials, do a Battleground, or try to cap your Weekly Valor Points; I'm simply trying to highlight the fact that another option exists if you don't care to do either of those 3.

  4. I think maybe someone read this on my server yesterday... the price of volatile air on my server went from about 22g/unit to 33g/unit over the course of about an hour.

  5. Actually his profit was more like 8k gold since he said he had 2 stacks of Volatile Air left after recouping his investment. 2 x 200 x 19 ~ 8k

  6. I like to buy your Volatile Air and sell it on my faction (Stormreaver-Alliance). If you haven't tried Arbitrage, you'll find that the Alliance auction house is huge compared to horde on our server, and easy to rediculously overprice, err.... adjust lol

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