Molten Core: A Hidden Treasure

I've told you folks that farming Molten Core is a gold mine and I'm going to go ahead and remind you once more. Why? Because I recently made ~10,000g for an hours worth of work.

It all started off with me being bored, thus I did what anyone would do, go back and do achievements ( I was on my alt ) so I decided to do Molten Core and pray for a Sulfuron Ingot drop. I flew to Molten Core, went inside and ran straight for the bosses. First boss kill what drops? Enchant Formula: Spellpower, a formula worth anywhere around 2-4,000g. I carry on and don't get another decent drop until I'm at the 3th or 4th boss, which happens to drop Recipe: Major Rejuvenation Potion - another rare recipe worth roughly 2,500g. I then continue on to Golemagg who proceeds to drop a Sulfuron Ingot which I will later turn in for the Sulfuron Hammer Plans which sell anywhere in the 3-4,000g range.

I ended up selling the Enchant Formula for 3,500g, the Major Rejuvination Potion for 2,250g and the Sulfuron Hammer plans for 3,500g. 9,250g made in under an hour farming Molten Core. Do keep in mind this doesn't account for gold drops, rares, enchanting mats and anything else gained.

Below is a list of every rare pattern you can obtain from Molten Core:

As you can see there is a nice chunk of BOE recipes that can be sold at the AH. There are some BOP recipes in there, but the things you craft are BOE meaning you could the crafted item at the AH.  On top of all this you also have the Sulfuron Ingot which is used to craft the Legendary Sulfuron Hammer. You can either sell the ingot on it's own as the Sulfuron Hammer needs 8 to be crafted, or you can go to Blackrock Depths and turn in the Ingot for the Plans of the Sulfuron Hammer. I find that the recipe itself sell much better than seling the ingot raw. Beware, you can only turn the ingot in once per character, you can easily counter this by creating a Death Knight once all your alts have turned in an Ingot.

But wait there's more! If you farm a mob named Molten Destroyers you also have the chance to make several thousands of gold! They drop an item named Blood of the Mountain which is used to craft the Sulfuron Hammer, these things go for insane prices at auction houses.

All in all if you're bored and are looking for a way to make gold why not go farm Molten Core for a chance to make 10,000g in under an hour? It's a nice change from camping that auction house! :)

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  1. I like MC farming also :) I mainly farm the Molten Destroyers and keep resetting the trash, unless the instance is expiring soon. Can usually find one BOE pattern in 5 weeks of farming though :(

  2. those prices are inflated

  3. anonymous comments are overrated

  4. The prices look about right on the undermine journal. They are not quick sales though.

  5. so hope for lucky drops and you too could be rich!

  6. Prices are WAY too high, cut them 1/2 and thats a very very good sale. 1/3 would be more realistic.

    And don´t forget you are playing with RNG, which means you can run an entire Molten Core and end up with Nexis Crystals only.

  7. While there is some profit to be made, as always, I feel the truth is exaggerated once again in this article.

    1) Enchant Weapon: Spellpower has been surpassed by the much easier to obtain +22 Intellect (Mighty Intellect) from Thorium Brotherhood Exalted rep (Spend 200g on Turn-ins and hit it easily). Prices, while they used to range as high as that, have dropped to around 1k or so across most servers (even less on my own).

    2) Recipe: Major Rejuvenation Potion, aside from being useless at this point in the game, sits currently at around 750g or less on most servers.

    3) Sulfuron Hammer Plans, while they do sit at your given price on average, do not typically sell. Why? Anyone with half a brain playing the game does a little research if they want to be ambitious and pursue a legendary weapon, and likely see how easy it is to purchase them. So weighing the 800 or less gold for a Sulfuron Ingot vs. saving 5 minutes and instead buying the plans for 3-4k is a poor decision at best.

    Overall, not only are the inflated prices here over exaggerating the truth, but in all likelyhood youll be sitting on these drops for many weeks if not months before you settle down with much less profit than advertised here (this is assuming you get all the low chance rare drops in one run). All prices I have referenced come directly from TUJ. Don't get me wrong, Molten Core can still be a good chunk of change for an hours worth of work, but less glamorous than this post implies.

    PS- @Markco: Anonymous posting does not reflect immediate loss of its validity.

  8. @anonymous

    Except the enchants can be used on lvl 1 items, such as heirlooms, while the +int enchant cannot.

    Twinks pay big money for these enchants.

  9. Why all the hate?

    While I agree that Mageshadow probably got lucky in his run it doesn't change the fact that there are some pretty profitable drops in the instance. Personally I have found that the Sulfuron Ingots tend to drop at around a 1:3 run ratio, while the patterns drop at around a 1:6 run ratio. You might get more, you might get less - that's the nature of Blizzards filthy RNG beasts!

    With regards to concerns over the values of the items you also need to remember that it always comes down to the individual realm you're on. Anonymous certainly might be correct in saying the prices are inflated for his/her realm but you should check for your realm before dismissing the post. A quick look at the BoE items from the post on the undermine journal for two realms shows just how much the value of an item can differ between realms:

    Pattern: Bottomless Bag: : 2399g : 90g 0s

    Pattern: Core Felcloth Bag: : 89g 0s : 1407g 6s

    Recipe: Major Rejuvenation Potion: : 59g 90s : 300g 0s

    Enchant Weapon: Healing Power: : 698g 5s : 876g 83s

    Enchant Weapon: Spell Power: : 300g 0s : 6153g 80s

    Sulfuron Ingot: : 359g 38s : 900g 0s

    Point is, it's a tip. It worked for him, it might or might not work for you. Have a quick look on a site like The Undermine Journal ( or AHSpy ( for the average prices on your realm. Have a look on Wowhead ( to see if the drop rate is high enough for you to profitably farm it. And hell, if you're running it anyway for friends or for the achievements then just remember to loot :P

  10. Wrong, doesn't have a level requirement and is BiS for twink characters.

  11. 22 int to weapon can be used on heirloom weapons.


    is usable on heirloom weapons. They buy what is best, and currently 30 spellpower is not it.

  13. The +22 intellect enchantment can be applied to iLevel 1 weapons. It's a pre-BC enchant. Since the great int/SP change of 4.0, the spell power and healing power enchants from MC have indeed been greatly devalued.

    I also find some servers have more "collectors" than others - willing to pay high prices for obsolete items and recipes for the sake of completion. Others do not. I think it's older servers that have more collectors, since a recent player has probably missed too many opportunities to acquire no-longer-obtainable items.

  14. Molten Core was definitely better pre-cata. It's bandwagon now that basically anyone can steamroll through. It's caused a lot of the drops to devalue greatly. You can't give away stacks of Fiery Cores and such now and even Bloods are tame.

  15. For those miners running through MC, do not forget to hit up the dark iron nodes for a (slim) chance at another "Blood of the Mountain".

    Disclaimer - The following is anecdotal experience:
    Yes, +22 int is a superior enchant over Spellpower. It is also more expensive to craft, significant enough that there can be a large variation in their posted prices. Some people are a lot more willing to buy a Spellpower enchant over the +22 int enchant due to these difference in prices, or not being fully educated on what is the best enchant. It comes down to knowing your market, the customer isn't always right but they do give you their gold.

    Are you going to be stubborn and stick with +22 int, or are you going to be ready to take that gold?

  16. I just have to wonder how your getting into MC which is a Raid without having to be in a raid group. I tried to go and get in but was not able to get it to do it. I have an 80 pally and have been doing all inst I have not done yet. Is there an addon I can use to overstep this??

  17. Have a friend or guildie jump into a group with you on one of their alts. Once you have converted it to a raid group they can log off and continue playing on one of their other characters and you get to keep the raid group :)

  18. or create a trial account (now they are permanent, no expiry after 15 days), open 2 wow clients, log you regular account and the trial one, form a raid and head to your preferred raid.

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