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Today's post and video covers the Potion of Treasure Finding! This is a potion made by Alchemists at level 525 which is an excellent gold maker in two ways! In my video, I will demonstrate both of these ways, and give some tips on how to make best use of this potion!

The magnificent thing about this potion is that it caters to two distinct types of gold makers. Farmers, and Manufacturers. Farmers can make, and use these potions to get some extra volatiles, gold, cloth, and even ore while going on farming sprees. Manufacturers can create, and sell these potions to those farmers, or even people leveling who would like to get some more gold out of their leveling days.

Make sure when you are farming with this potion that you use a solid AoE (Area of Effect) class. I used my Shadow Priest because Mind Sear is excellent right now. There are many other classes including Hunters, Warlocks, and Mages that can put out some awesome numbers. Even tanks can AoE grind these mobs.

Potion of Treasure Finding Materials:

  • Cinderbloom x8
  • Heartblossom x6
  • Stormvine x4
  • Whiptail x4
  • Crystal Vial x1

If you're not an Alchemist, you can either hire one, or buy these potions from the Auction House! Each potion has a 60 minute duration, so if you make use of your time you will certainly make your money back. In about 15 minutes of farming Troggs in Deepholm, I received 6 Tiny Treasure Chests.

I wish you all the best of luck in making gold with these potions! If you would like to see more of my videos, stay tuned to Just My Two Copper as I will be posting every new video here, or subscribe to my YouTube Channel and receive updates on YouTube every time a new video releases! 
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3 comments: on "Potion of Treasure Finding Video Guide"

  1. Worst spot to farm with that.


  2. I agree, i farm the ones not far from there though, normally getting mobs of about 10 or so and down them all in seconds and that's with an undergeared druid, DK or hunter. The idea is good though.

  3. Not the worst spot. A million troggs, drops 200g per hour without the potion aswell, and alot of Embersilk cloth, i'll make about 500g per hour from that, thats not too bad, thanks alot for the tip!

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