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Hey there JMTC!

Kynalla here, and today I'm bringing you a long time favorite gold tip of mine, prospecting Thorium Ore.

Check the video out :)

As I stated in the video, the reason this gold tip is successful is because the gems obtained from prospecting the Thorium Ore are used by Jewelcrafters who are leveling up. I've power-leveled many professions in my days of gold-making, and one thing that I've learned is that I'm a very impatient person, and I'm definitely not the only power-leveler who feels this way. By selling these gems, (depending on your server) you will thrive from people power-leveling their professions because of the demand for these mats, and the lack of supply.

There are five gems that are obtained from prospecting Thorium Ore:

- Huge Emerald

- Large Opal

- Azerothian Diamond

- Star Ruby

- Blue Sapphire

My server was rather shaky with pricing, and I assume many others will be too. Please make sure to check your server's prices for these five gems, and your Thorium Ore stacks before you invest in this tactic.

If you are not a Jewelcrafter, don't worry! Trade Chat is your friend! Advertise on trade that you need a Jewelcrafter to prospect a certain amount of stacks of ore, and tip them! I'm sure you will find someone, and the best part about these gems is that you don't/can't cut them! Less work all around!

I hope my gold tip helped you, and I wish you all the best of luck in prospecting this ore, and all future gold-making endeavors. If you would like to see more of my videos or read more of my posts, stay tuned to Just My Two Copper, and subscribe to my YouTube Channel! If you would like to communicate with me at all or be updated before a video releases, follow me on Twitter!

Thanks again everyone!



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  1. An old-time favorite of mine aswell, this bought me and my best friend epic flying back in the days of TBC (when everyone had to pay the full 5K)
    These days it's very server dependant whether it would still work, on my server(s) it's of no use anymore, the ore is worth more then the gems inside. Best way to make easy gold is to melt the ore and sell the bars.

  2. I also find the Gem prices near on worthless when compared to the price of the Ore. One tip though would be to use the Emeralds to craft a Emerald Lion Ring and then DE the ring for the dust/essence/shard. All are worth a pretty penny more than the ore is.

  3. Well I checked out the gems and thought, I don't know if this is worth it but I decided to go for a run around Un'goro while catching up with a friend on Vent and have already made a fortune. I did buy out the markets and repost the gems but it's working nicely for me. I know farming isn't popular for many of you guys but it suited me tonight so thumbs up for this post as a reminder to a method I starting making gold with.

  4. I like this tip aswell. Fel Iron brings better results often though. Less people prospecting that and the gems are rarely selling for less than 20-50g. The ore is expensive aswell, but the gems you get from a stack is worth 3 stacks of it, at least on my realm currently.

  5. It's a method that's been on here multiple times in the past, but hey, it's a good post. Atleast he has correct information unlike yesterday...

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