Saving Gold In Azeroth #8

Today I bring you a simple yet effective way to save gold. Don't always post your auctions at 48 hours!

Don't do it! Trust me you'll be throwing away thousands of gold, especially if you're posting items such as gems which have insanely huge posting fee's. On things with low deposit fee's always post them for 48 hours, that'd include things like glyphs, scrolls, recipes etc.

Other than that if you're listing gear or simply something you know you're going to be undercut in under a couple hours, don't list for 48 hours! List for 12 and save yourself some gold.

There are several advantages and disavantages to using all AH posting times. I'm going to go ahead and outline them below:

12 Hours:
  • Cheap
  • Use if a heavily undercut market
  • Also use if you will cancel within a couple hours to save gold
24 Hours:
  • Semi cheap
  • Use if market has some competition but item being posted won't be undercut for 12+hrs
  • I use it to post on Monday nights for Tuesday morning maintenance, so when servers come up my stuff is still posted; wouldn't have of been if I used 12 hour listing time
48 Hours:
  • Expensive
  • The "post and forget" listing time
  • Use if market has 0 competition and item will sit at AH for a long time
That's all for today folks. Remember to not always post at 48 hours, you'll be amazed at how much gold you'll save over a span of a couple weeks or even months!

Only 2 more post on ways you can save gold in Azeroth, and I'm saving the best for last! Watch out for the next Saving Gold In Azeroth folks!

3 comments: on "Saving Gold In Azeroth #8"

  1. I have to disagree. My auctions are nearly always 48 hours and I get a lot of extra sales because of this.

    Often if all the fresh stock either expires or is bought out then my 48 hour auctions are all that remain and I get a lot of unexpected sales that I wouldn't get if I posted for shorter durations.

  2. Anonymous--

    Mageshadow didn't say ALWAYS post them at 12 or 24 hours. He just said in certain cases it makes more sense to post them in short durations.

    I agree with Mageshadow 100% here.

    Some readers are taking these gold tips in an "All or nothing" approach and that is never what we mean.

  3. Said to use 48 hrs if there is 0% competition, annon stated that he uses it for most of his posts, so he is not really taking it as an all or nothing approach just that he has a different approach to the idea.

    I do the same thing, if an item with heavy competition like Embersilk cloth is going on and I know I can sell the item usually at 30g more I will post it at 30g more and leave it, usually works.

    So I'd have to disagree with this post as well sorry, supose it is a decent tip if people are after the quicker sales and trying to get them over and done with and don't want to waste the extra copper on the deposits but hey that's just me I'd rather spend an extra 1g per auction and only sell 3 stacks of my 10 as opposed to the 10 stacks at 30g less.

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