Simple, Straight Forward Wow Gold Strategy

Go read and participate in the Wow Gold Forums.

This is the best resource on the web for becoming a better auctioneer. Join 8,650+ players on the JMTC forums and find out what I'm talking about.

Professions, addons, rags to riches stories, noob section for asking questions, etc. It's all there.



PS: If you think this isn't a good tip... consider these simple facts: there are 9000+ posts on Inscription, 3900+ posts on Jewelcrafting, and thousands of posts on all the other professions as well. Plenty of current strategies to dig through and places to ask questions if you're interested in patch 4.3 speculation. I've also cut back a lot on advertisements on the site, so enjoy the much easier to navigate forum even if you aren't a premium member yet.

Don't knock it until you've tried it!

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  1. See tip 401 from yesterdays post ;-)

  2. Less ads? Yay!

    Stick charging $5 to be able to use the Search feature?


  3. Actually it's 15$, not 5...

  4. It's 15$ (not 5) but does more than just enabling the search option. It's still quite a lot, in my opinion. But the forum is free anyway.

  5. I have my issues with this site, but objecting to a mere $5 that goes to support the site and enables you to browse ad-free FOREVER is really weak and whiny.


  6. It's $15 now?

    So he removed the ads, then charges you $15 to be able to use the search engine. What a sham!

  7. 8,500+ people are publishing content to the forum. It's a treasure trove of information.

    It costs $170 to keep the site going each month.

    We sell maybe 5 of those premium memberships (they have a lot more features than just search capability, like the premium members forum area) per month, so the rest of it I pay out of pocket for you. I was doing that even when the site wasn't rolling in money.

    So what's the problem again?

  8. I'm not complaining about the cost or having to pay for search, but Markco's last post was awfully misleading considering he left out ad revenue entirely (which let's remember is what he offers to people who do trial/guest posts so it must be something substantial).

    Also, saying "8,500+ people are publishing content to the forum" is an overstatement as best. Typical percentage of registered users who are actually active is about 20-25%. So, that's maybe 2,000 active users.

    Again, not complaining about the price of the premium membership or the paid-search on the forums or anything else, just saying if you are going to tell people to stop complaining about it, you should get your own facts straight first.

  9. I really wish TUJ would filter out these useless premium "gold making" website links. The information to make gold is out there and readily available to anybody who browses the profession forums on MMO-CHAMPION and And it's FREE, might I add.

  10. Yeah I have to agree with Loque and Caitlyn--setting up a premium service is perfectly fine. You get essentially the same experience if you pay or choose to use the free version. Sure you lose out on a few small features.

    No one likes shelling out money month after month so how it is so wrong that he try's to offset the cost a little. At least Markco is honest an up front about it. You have to remember he pays for the forums, he pays for the URL, he pays for us writers and he paid for Mageshadow. Business 101 is trying to offset spending costs so really he would be a fool not to try. Its not any different than the other bloggers with their guides.

    #1 they want to make money, if they say otherwise its a complete lie.

    #2 They are paying for many things on their site and they are trying to offset costs.

    Some people, mainly the anonymous posters, are really enjoying bitching at any chance they get about JMTC. A Spelling error here and there, a post that doesn't help them specifically or even things completely unrelated to the website.

    JMTC is a massive service that costs the reader nothing. If you're bitching about that its pretty sad. Its like winning a new car and bitching about the color.

  11. At two anons up: believe it or not the forum has horrible addenda earnings, to the tune of only $20-$40 per month. Probably because the ads are not appearing for members.

    Blog can make that same amount in a day.

  12. @anonymous ""I'm not complaining about the cost or having to pay for search, but Markco's last post was awfully misleading considering he left out ad revenue entirely (which let's remember is what he offers to people who do trial/guest posts so it must be something substantial)......""

    Seriously man..or woman? Out of everything on the entire site and all the information he provided and now hes trying to direct you to the forums THAT is what you're going to whine about lol? You don't feel AT ALL that you are nit-picking even a little bit?

  13. On a non-site specific note, $170 a month? If you really pay that...

    from a business perspective, that's bad management.

    I run a site of similar size (unrelated to WoW) with significantly more traffic and staff and running costs are well under $35 a month.

    I don't pay staff, they contribute their time for nothing by their own choosing, because they are part of a community they care about.

    I don't care what you make to be honest, as the point of running communities like yours is to make a little money, or at the very least have it pay for itself, but costing you $170 a month? Sounds bogus to me.

    If you're including any other costs involved, like paid staff.. well consider this for a moment, it's a WoW-based community.

    If anybody expects to be paid for their input about gold making strategies (which is all very widely available information for those with no economic sensibilities), they're just greedy people that think they're special with their recycled tips, and self-imagined epiphanies (that thousands or others also had).

    They've forgotten what communities are for.

    In that vein, why do people put average people like Mageshadow on virtual pedestals? I'll tell you why, because people are sheep.

    I'm not necessarily saying that he asked for that. I don't know the guy personally, but there are many like him that do expect that sort of attention.

    In any case, genuine community-minded people don't care about being well-known on the internet simply because their real life was nothing special before 12 million WoW nerds came along to worship them because they don't know any better. :)

    Anyway, my business advice - stop paying people for nothing, and find people to write content because they want to. Find cheaper, better hosting options and focus your ad syndication better.

    Also, nobody cares if you run things for money. You're the one paying for everything. You don't have to justify everything to your users.

  14. You run a site with over 200,000 hits a month? I doubt it.

    You run a forum with 20 pageviews per visit? I doubt it.

    Thanks for your advice, but you're completely wrong about why some sites cost way more to host. It comes down to database and query calls, not hits. A site with 1000 queries takes up more data transfer than 10,000 page views. Eventhough hosting is often unlimited, your database calls are not.

    Many of those common gold strategies you speak of were made common by this site.

    Thank you for your opinion but it is extreme and lacking in factual backing. I honestly could care less, I've seen a thousand uneducated people tell my the same thing over the years.

  15. really it`s nice blog post and we could collect more information from there.

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