Team Work in Wow? For Gold!?

Written by: Flea.
Team work:
You might not think it, but teamwork is a good option for making your income in-game. Similar to a business you need to find you a trustworthy friend to make your "business partner" (preferably one known outside of World of Warcraft) so that you can commune easily, and quickly.

Now you do not want to be like "Gromush and Hellscreams. Cloth emporium" bit. Your not trying to get peoples attention on the fact you and your friend ARE working together. You want it to looked like your battling each other for gold.

What you need to get started:

On my realm Lesser Celestial Essence is selling at approximately 72-82 gp each. But Greater Celestials are selling for around 70 -75. Now you are making your money back plus A LOT more if you bust up the greaters and selling the lessers. But, they sell slowly..if your working alone. So to get started, you and your partner need to invest some money to buy 3 or 4 Greater Celestial Essence. Bust them up into lesser and split evenly.

Working the market.

Now that you and your friend have argued, and fought one another over a sale whoever get the customer now has a new job. Working them over. You want the customer feel like they mean something to you, (Other than a consumer). If you make them feel like you really just wanted the gold they feel unneeded. But if your polite, so some respect and hell, even offer another deal maybe 10% off entire order? Maybe throw in a buy 5 get 1 free? Either way your making your money back plus a decent profit. but do something to make the customer feel like !: They got the best deal around, and B: They actually matter. Thats going to do two things. 1: Make a returning Customer. 2: Make that customer brag on how good of a deal he got, and who gave it to him. For example. I am a alchemist on my main toon. I perform the Transmute Trugold for 250g a cooldown plus 200g per proc (Transmutation Master) Now if it doesnt proc Ill tell them something like "Well since i didn't proc make it 150g." I mean, its their mats and like 5 seconds of my time. Who is really losing anything there? But if it does proc, Ill tell them "ya know what, make it 125g for each extra bar." And on average I make 375g a for a 3x transmute PLUS the initial 200g for my 5 seconds of right there was 575g and it took me 5seconds to make it, and I have returning customers. You have to be willing to compromise, make suggestion, and negotiate. But most of all be polite.

Thanks a lot you guys, Happy Gold making.


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9 comments: on "Team Work in Wow? For Gold!?"

  1. So what exactly do I need the friend for? To undercut me? This post doesn't make much sense to me. I never kiss ass and my stuff sells just fine.

  2. yeah sorry,
    That was alot of gibberish. 2 or 3 greater essences? Most people who read the blogs would be more inclided to think on a scale of 2 or 3 Hundred.
    The idea was intresting but the explanation was poor.

  3. Jeesh. Please proofread these posts before putting them up. I could barely read it, the English was dreadful. Plus it didn't make any sense or explain anything at all.

    Isn't the fake undercutting something you can do yourself with a second character/account anyway?

  4. I'm trying to come up with a diplomatic way of saying how difficult it was for me to follow the thought process of the author. If these articles are being reviewed prior to publication, could you please correct the grammar? This site has gone from one concerned about making gold to one concerned about making dollars. Maybe I'm missing the point of the author, but as it reads, I'd say this article has no value.

  5. I never thought I would say this but I miss Mageshadow. His posts were not easy to read but at least they mostly made sense. WTF is this?

    Why would anyone sell a Truegold Proc for less than AH prices? Yes, their mats but your expertise (profession and time to level). Selling them the Proc just cost you 600g (850g AH price less their fee to you). Now your customer can make that same 600g by selling YOUR proc in the AH.

    I have never sold a Proc and never will. Even if I buy the mats every day the Truegold price is about equal to the mats cost--procs are my profit.

    The friend thing seems unclear. What value do they bring to the process?

    The tone (working over the customer) seems antithetical to good business practice.

    Guest posts are fine I suppose but I wish someone would proof them for bullshit ideas even if proofing for grammar is too challenging.

    Cmon Marcko, you can do better.

  6. I wonder what sort of world do you guys live in...
    75g per Greater Celestial Essence? it sells for 20g on my server
    Truegold Cooldown is often sold for 60g, Kammler commented that Truegold sells for 850g? its more like 400g on my server...
    Article itself was rather badly written aswell....

  7. I had to read this 3 times, because I thought I read wrong, but I didnt. I think I make more gold on flipping Wool than you do on this...

    This is not for my Alchemists!

  8. No need to explain myself in detail after the previous comments, but this post is incorrect on so many levels that I have to put in my own two copper and ask for proof reads from now on. Cmon Marcko, putting op anything just so you can feel good about having another post is a quick way to get rid of your blogs return customers.

  9. At first I though this was just a bad copy and paste job and the author just left out the middle section but no. I found this exact same article on 2 other sites.

    This is a worthless post. I am so very disappointed. When I first read the title I thought the post was going to go in a completely different direction. Something more like resource sharing was what I was expecting.

    How much longer until we just get guides on how to buy gold directly from you?

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