The Undermine Journal Supports EU!

Ever since the dawn on The Undermine Journal one thing has been requested more than anything; EU support. If you folks haven't heard already The Undermine Journal now supports EU! Read the post at the Undermine Journal Devblog. Christmas comes early for you EU folks! :P

Don't know what The Undermine Journal is? Check out this post here at Just My Two Copper.

While there are now several sites that do the same thing the Undermine Journal has been doing for quite some times I think with the recent addition of the EU server - people simply won't be able to compete with the quality of service the site offers.

The other sites similar to TUJ are:

That's all for this post folks, simply wanted to let the EU community know that they now have access to a great gold making resource and they should be using it 100% to their advantage. Enjoy!

4 comments: on "The Undermine Journal Supports EU!"

  1. Do a spell check before you post. Not very professional when you misspell some words on a page.

  2. English realms only. Worth mentioning.

  3. Sweet!! Nice one for the fast update. Here weeee gooooo :)

  4. Ore prices have suddenly rocketed on my server, i think its cause on TUJ

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