What are the Best Armor Sets to Transmogrify?

"Hi Markco,

Here's my tip: 

To transmogrify gear, you need to have the source armor in your bags. What are some of people's favorite sets that can be obtained outside of raiding, and are not BoP?
1. Pieces of the Defias Leather set: Rogues love it!

2. The Black Mageweave set, especially on female toons. I don't care to comment on people's aesthetic sensibilities, there are going to be people who would like their toons to look slutty.

3. The imperial plate set - this model is very close to the stormwind guards armor.

Farm these drops, craft a couple of sets, get mats for a few more. These will make a nice profit in a small niche market once the patch hits.

- Irver 
 This tip is awesome and I would suggest keeping your eye on these items in game. Add them to your snatch list and sell them in both trade chat and the auction house.

9 comments: on "What are the Best Armor Sets to Transmogrify?"

  1. How about raiding in a pirate outfit?

  2. according to wowhead, the defias leather belt and chest are gone from the game now

  3. Also keep in mind Tuxedo's and twilight sets (from silithus)

    And not everyone will be able to use the cloth items as they have to go with their own gear specialty.

  4. This may not make gold but i still have my full T6 pally and warlock sets plus the caster staff from illidan that was alive. i can also see buying old pvp gear from vanilla on pally as that set looks so awesome

  5. Ah, thanks music guru, I hadn't realized that the defias belt and chest are gone.

    I am a bit skeptical of getting weapons and armor with no stats (like tuxedo sets) right now. Blizzard has said that "In general, only items that have stats can be used in the transmogrification process." They have also said "...you can’t make a one-handed axe look like a two-handed axe, or transform a sword’s appearance into that of a mace."

    The above quotes mean that vanity sets like pirate outfits, tuxedos etc won't be mogg-able. It also means that there will be a lot of restriction on changing weapons - not all dual wielding classes will be sporting the dual tankards of terror look.

  6. Last I checked, Blizzard never stated if you had own the armor. Can anyone tell me when they changed it to say this?

  7. Anon, Bashiok said, "... it's necessary to have both the item you want to make look like something else, and the item you're using the 'look' of" in a post the other day.

    See here

  8. Excuse me while I go farm vanilla raids for the Judgement set.

  9. Excuse me while i go farm the Judgement Armor.

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