With great transmogrifying comes great profit.

Written by:  Dechion of SITV.

Like many of you I have been reading over the announced changes for patch 4.3.
Now, personally I am thinking more about how it’s going to make money for me than
how it’s going to effect my playstyle.

There are two major ways I see that happening.

First up is the one that is seeing the least press. The Looking for Raid feature. Now,
say what you like about whether it’s a good idea or a bad one, it is a money making
opportunity if you look at it.

Granted, my first choice would be to stock an alt like a vending machine full of
raid consumables and then sell them to unprepared players once we are inside.
Unfortunately it looks like right now that the cross server trade of goods and money
(other than conjured items) will still be in place.

There is still money to be made there though, you just have to look a bit deeper.

There will be a lot of folks that have been unable to raid for one reason or
another. Suddenly they will be able to. Prices for cut gems, enchants, and raid
consumables should go up to reflect the increase in demand. Scribes, don’t overlook
the fact that you can compete in that market as well with scrolls that count as an

Simply put, if you stock up on a few of these now when you see them reasonably
priced, bank them until the wave of new raiders hits. There should be a tidy profit to
be made.

The second thing I am going to take a look at is transmogrifying. A touch more risk
here, but the payoff might be huge.

How the heck am I supposed to make money off transmogrifying you ask? Simple.

People are going to want gear that matches and looks good. The are going to want
complete sets to hide whatever mishmash of things they are wearing. Not everyone
mind you, but enough to make more than a few gold off of.

Now, a lot of folks are going to want to go and farm up old tier sets, old dungeon
sets, or other things that make them happy. I am more looking at those that are
wanting to have that “I have a set of gear” look, without spending the time farming it.

How do we help these poor souls?
Simply go to your favorite roleplaying gear site, I use The Visual Roleplay Gear
List, and do some window shopping.

There are over twenty different gear sets that all have the three things I am looking
for. All the pieces are BoE, all greens, and all have a complete look including
shoulders. They aren’t true sets as far as bonuses go, but for cosmetic use, who

There are other sets as well if you don’t care for the full look including the shoulders.

Start scanning the AH for pieces of these, and snatch them up for a song. I see
the prices going to go through the roof, especially if you gather all the pieces and sell
it as a whole outfit.

The particular sets I am talking about are:


  • § Resilient
  • § Silver-Thread
  • § Hibernal Leather
  • § Imperial Leather
  • § Ghostwalker
  • § Glyphed
  • § Tracker’s
  • § Swashbuckler’s
  • § Adventurer’s

  • § Ironhide
  • § Bloodlust
  • § Kahn’s
  • § Warmonger’s
  • § Sparkleshell
  • § Captain’s
  • § Sentry’s
  • § Blackforge
  • § Bonelink

  • § Glorious
  • § Sunscale
  • § Emerald
  • § Bogslayer

Now, I’m not saying they will all be wildly popular, as I’m sure some looks will be
favored over others. But, if you can snatch these up while we wait for the patch I’m
sure it would be well worth your time.


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6 comments: on "With great transmogrifying comes great profit."

  1. I don't think there's much profit in transmogrifying, except by selling that stuff to people speculating on it >:-D

  2. I hadn't really considered the money making possibilities that were inherent in LfR and transmogrification - interesting to think about! This is probably why other people get gold capped whereas I've never gone past 40k personal cash.

    I think initially that transmogrification might be a bit tough to pull in money with, but at the same time, if I was a cloth wearer, I'd totally raid in Black Mageweave, so maybe not. I'm curious how it'll work out - are people only going to snag raid gear to look shiny in? I can't imagine that'll be the case.

    Great post, quite informative!

  3. @anonymous I figure there is a risk in any speculation, but by limiting myself to items at no more than 12 - 15g each, and only banking 1500g on the project I limit my losses. Worst case I end up Disenchanting the greens and selling the mats to cut my losses. Good point though, I should relist some of what I have for 40 - 50g and see if I can get a few bites from other speculators.

  4. "Unfortunately it looks like right now that the cross server trade of goods and money (other than conjured items) will still be in place."

    Proofread much?

  5. Thats a great compilation of craftable gear sets.

  6. This post title makes no sense with regard to the content. And I'm seeing this title theme other places.

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