Wow Gold and Leveling Tips (Part 1)

Author: Leo.

Did you ever wonder what you would do differently if you would have to start wow all from scratch? This could happen to you when you open a new account, a new server, a new region, or maybe you just want to give a newbie some advice. Of course my advice will include some tips on how to earn a decent amount of gold on the way as well.

Leveling is not as lengthy as it used to be, but it is still very long. Up till level 12 or so everything is great fun, but between level 13 and level 85, questing becomes boring as hell. Luckily these days you can easily use the dungeon finder to find a random group, and do some battlegrounds in between your quests. The road till 85 is still long, but it will give you a wide variety of content to enjoy.

Get started.

Up till level 5 you are in your starting zone, just follow the quests, vendor most items, don’t worry about anything yet, usually this takes about an hour only. At level 5 you walk to the nearest city, buy a mining pick / skinning knive and start the real game. 



Most important, get bags, first thing. If you are out of gold, get some 6 slot bags, save up for some reasonable 12 slot or larger bags. Aim for a total of 50-60 slots by level 10. This will save you time and effort when leveling up. 6-8 slot bags will cost 10-80 silver. 14 slot bags cost about 12 gold. Still out of bag space? Don’t forget in your city bank there is more storage waiting for you. Also, use your mailbox as extra storage. Send items for a few copper to an alt, and back. Or leave expired auctions a while in your mailbox. It will stay there safely for 30 days, but after that it will be gone. Use the Postal addon for checking your mail quickly.

Check back tomorrow for more tips in this three part series!

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