Wow Gold and Leveling Tips (Part 2)

Author: Leo.


If you are wondering how to get those 6 gold for those bags, you probably choose the wrong profession. If you are leveling up, and want some gold, choose 2 out of these: herbalism, mining, skinning. Use them and these will give you instant profit. You sell the herbs / ore’s / bars / leather on the auction house for decent amounts of gold. Keep the skill up to your level, so you won’t get to a situation where you can’t pick that flower, or mine that node because your level is too low. Unless you have gold to back you up, don’t level up with a crafting profession, because it will eat up all your mats. Rather get to your target level (85), get 5000 extra gold, and then change the gathering professions for crafting professions. If you start from beginning with a crafting profession you will find yourself without gold, and stuck not being able to level that profession up somewhere in the middle. (This is only true for 97% of us)

There is also cooking, fishing and archeology. I always found these not really necessary, but these are nice to level up as you go, and will give you some gold, at least for daily quest rewards.

Use the auction house to sell:

When I first played, I loved the wool cloth drops because they sold to vendors for 6 silver. Wow I thought, but how stupid I was. Each item’s tooltip has a color in it, which will tell you what to do with it. In general, everything gray you sell to a vendor. Everything white and green you sell on the auction house. Post it for 48 hours (you are leveling, not playing undercutting games with end level players). Auction everything you can. That wool cloth I sold for 6 silver to a vendor, I could easily have sold for 1 or 2 gold on the auction house.

You won’t sell everything, and very quickly you will learn what sells, and what doesn’t. You will end up selling some stuff to vendors after all. These sell best (in this order): Cloth, leather, ore, bars, green items, meat. Once you get the hang of this, use the Auctionator addon for this.

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2 comments: on "Wow Gold and Leveling Tips (Part 2)"

  1. I find it curious that no one comments on Leo's articles. He does make great points for beginners, but most that visit JMTC have at least advanced to the point that these tips are irrelevant. Most beginners don't even think about the aspect of gold making. They are just playing to have fun in any manner it comes.

  2. it could be that these tips are more for people who are leveling an alt for the first time after already using some other gold making techniques on their main once they hit 85. If you enjoyed making gold on your 85 and had a lot of spare time and no alts then you may well want to make as much gold as possible while leveling.

    but yes good points nonetheless.

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