Best Frostweave Cloth Farming Spot

Writer: Alisha.

Frostweave Cloth is an item that is always in demand. Tailors need it for power leveling (and many prefer to buy it rather than farm it). Not only that, but the bags are still extremely popular and sell extremely well around the 175g-275g (more or less) price range. I have even seen on one of my servers the price of these bags being equal to the price of the larger Embersilk bags (because Embersilk is so prevalent in our markets at the moment and easy to farm). Many people believe runs through Utgarde Keep to be the place for farming Frostweave Cloth, but I have discovered another place that not only is easier to farm, but more plentiful with the Frostweave drops. So get your tailor and head on over to Icecrown.

That's right, Icecrown. Specifically the Northwestern field (highlighted with a pretty pink circle around it). The Northeastern field in Icecrown is filled with ghouls that don't drop anything (with the exception of the Foot Soldiers and Stitched Brutes near the gates, but I haven't found farming them to be as profitable). The same goes for the Southeast and Southwest portions. The mobs are few and spread out so farming the Frostweave here is not a good option.

Northwestern field, however, once you get past the Skeletal Reavers and Vargul Wanderers you will find a vast plain filled with Frostweave-dropping mobs in groups of 6-8. The mob you will be farming are the Converted Heroes. Typically, you will also pull the Scourge Banner-Bearers, but they go down easily and drop the Frostweave Cloth as well. As a priest, I typically Holy Nova them to death. I put it on 1, run in, spam 1, collect oodles of Frostweave Cloth. In an hour I can typically pull in 7-10 stack depending on how much I slack between mobs (I do a fair bit of slacking) and the random drop rate. You can farm Frostweave here if you are not a tailor as well, but with a high level tailor, you have Northern Cloth Scavenging which gives you more bang for your buck.

“So why is this location better farming than Utgarde Keep?” You might be asking. For starters, none of the mobs are elite. They melt like butter, even when you're killing them as a Holy Priest. Second, you don't need to run back through an empty instance and reset it to obtain more mobs to harvest. The spawn rate of the Converted Heroes is very quick and by the time you work your way to one end of the field, you are able to trek back down killing more Converted Heroes on your way. This is also great if you have competition in the area because the re-spawn rate can handle 2-4 farmers. Third, you can fly here. We all know flying is faster than walking. Mount up, fly directly down into a group of Converted Heroes, kill, collect, mount up. Lastly, there are no mobs in this area to fight through that don't drop Frostweave cloth, which means less wasted time for you!

So...why are you still reading this,? Put on some great music (or a show!) and get to Frostweave Farming!

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  1. Farm? For real? heh... kids

  2. This is a very good place for cloth; however I think I know of another one and its not that far away from this spot. The place I speak of is Onslaught Harbor. I remember farming there on my tailor and I easily farmed 200-300 cloth an hour. I also got a ton of vendor trash, coins, as well as greens to disenchant.

  3. This is a very good place for cloth; however I think I know of another one and its not that far away from this spot. The place I speak of is Onslaught Harbor. I remember farming there on my tailor and I easily farmed 200-300 cloth an hour. I also got a ton of vendor trash, coins, as well as greens to disenchant.

  4. Farming is so inefficient / tedious...but I guess there's nothing else to post about these days.

  5. Farming may be inefficient and many players feel that it is tedious, but for some it's something they enjoy. I think those folks would enjoy hearing about different places to farm.

  6. You can also pick up a daily quest for these mobs from the Tournament grounds. Free Champions Seal.

  7. Hello mate, to be honest, this is a good spot in farming, but the question is, real money? With 2 or 3 professions you can win real money without farming mobs or ore nods, in my server prices are going down at the lightspeed, and soon i discovered that is better to buy ore for example, than to farm it, hours spended in Elementium nods to make 13/15g for stack when i can buy all the stacks at this price, take JC and nuke all of it, send the lower gems to make gear to nuke with Enchanting.... all of this without leaving Stormwind city. Sorry about my English, is not perfect, but for sure, you guys got the idea.In my opinion, what really counts, is the fight between time and money, the fast and easy ways out to make it work and fast.

  8. If you are trying to level a crafting profession, there are 3 options - farm it, buy it, get it for free from guildies. Buying it depends on there being any stock available and at a semi-reasonable price if it is there, I am not buying frostweave at 150g a stack when you need at least 20 stacks. Go farm it especially if you are still leveling for the XP.

  9. Come on guys, I know you all feel superior because you spend five hours a day sitting infront the AH feeling like you're doing "no work," but it was a decent post.

  10. @Taël

    One of the things about making money is that everyone gets to do it in their own way. Even the beggers in trade chat asking for 10g or more.

    Personally, I don't farm. I don't have the attention span to sit and go in circles and kill the same mobs. But others do, they can sit in front of a tv on their laptops and just kill mobs and loot while watching their tv shows.

    I've never felt that I came off as being superior in any fashion because I can make money on the AH. Or even able to write about it by putting two words together in a sentence that people choose to read.

    Sure, I can make 8k if I go and produce an epic from mats I've bought, crafted the item and dropped it on the AH. Or even just flip an item on the AH continually. But then some are not willing to take a chance with their gold. They want an easy way to make money, and farming is pretty well guaranteed money one way or the other.

    Also, should remember that for the AH crafters, if it wasn't for farmers, we wouldn't be producing anything. Which is why I reward my farmers from time to time with extra cash or even the occasional profession bag.

  11. Farming is a tough job but someone has to do it. If nobody farmed, we wouldn't be able to do anything til someone did!! Keep that in mind when you talk about just buying your stuff from AH. :P

    Also, *mumble grumble* using my first name instead of my WoW handle.

  12. I found Aldur'thar (seen on the map above) to be a better place to farm. Mainly because it's a smaller area with a ridiculously fast respawn timer. I could kill something every GCD as opposed to having to travel to the next pack.

  13. far better than those fields are the very quick respawning mobs west of the argent tourney, constant killing, even at 85 and great droprates. (big pulls and single shot kills at 85 help speed the grind up)

  14. Hey guys, I have a MUCH better farming spot, seriously I mean it, I struck gold with this mobs.

    You know when you first get sent to "The Black Vault"? There is a place where Vrykul are battling in two's just behind.

    It's THERE. You kill these things, they rise in seconds and I killed them constantly for about 1 hour and got 240 Frostweave Cloth - 370 Frostweave Cloth. They also drops greens, a fair amount of silver and the very valuable grey item "Heavy Fur Scraps" or something like that, which in a stack sells for 20g.

    Seriously, try it out if you want Frostweave and you want it fast.

  15. I've used this spot for a while now, works great. In about 30 minutes I can farm up 8-10 stacks of frostweave and sell them on the auction house. The best part about this area is that it seems to be unknown to anyone on my realm. More for me. :)

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